Step 10: The Final Hurdle

Picture of The Final Hurdle
With the bezel-lid fitting onto the base, we need to:
-Attach and route the cables
-Power On one last time
-Switch it off, apply a little superglue here and there, and screw the bezel-lid to the base

For the bezel-lid to the motherboard we have to attach two cables; the webcam/LCD LVDS cable, and the Wacom Digitiser cable. It's best to fit these into the lid before you mount the shields. Ensure the inverter board fits nicely below the LCD, and route the extended inverter cable to the top left of the motherboard.
With the bezel lid slightly raised off the surface, plug the connectors of those cables into the motherboard. Then attach a few screws to keep the bezel-lid in place, and switch it on. This will be your last chance to check everything functions properly!

Once you've checked and tested everything thoroughly, you can apply a little superglue between the lid and the base. The best places to do this are on the right and left hand side, and along the bottom edge. It provides a little extra strength, and will also prevent dust and crap from getting through any small gaps. Also, its quite brittle, and can be prized apart at a later date without damaging the plastic too much.  All the better for upgrades!

Tighten all the screws, fit the battery, charge her up, and you should have a working MacTab! Nice one!
xbeerd2 years ago
dude that is cool!