Step 2: Teardown your Macbook!

Picture of Teardown your Macbook!
Using this guide: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing-MacBook-Core-2-Duo-LCD-Mounts/4770/1 , teardown your Macbook until the LCD has been freed. This is difficult, so take your time. The best advice I can give is that if something isn't coming off easily, read the instruction again and use a little extra pressure! Also, stick some double-sided tape to a sheet of A4 and stick your screws here with a description of where they came from next to it (i.e. Battery compartment screws, hinge screws). Makes it easier to find out which screws go with which part!

If like me, you bought your Macbook off eBay or secondhand, clean out the dust. These laptops are notorious for getting hot, and anything we can do to lessen it will be a great help! My fan and heatsink were choked with dust, dog hairs (at least I hope they were dog hairs...) and foundation powder when I opened it up!

I also changed the heatsink thermal compound whilst I was taking it apart. Not completely necessary, but I don't plan on taking this apart for a while! iFixit have a good guide on how to do this!

Once you have the LCD free, swap the LCD mounts on the sides. For the mounts to sit correctly, you will need to hacksaw the two lugs off the iSight bracket, as shown in the photo. 

Fit the screen back into the lid (no screwing here). This is how your tablets screen will be facing for the rest of its days, so why don't we cut a hole in the lid so we can see it!
I have an old macbook (the original black model) but the screen is broken. any Ideas where I can get a new one?