Step 4: Teardown your Keyboard!

Picture of Teardown your Keyboard!
If you've followed the steps so far, congratulations! You've done some pretty hardcore modifications to your lid, and we're going to continue with some hardcore, irreversible modifications to your keyboard and trackpad!

First thing to do is to remove the FFC (flat flexible connector) which connects the keyboard to the motherboard. Put this safely to one side, as we will be disassembling this cable and connector in the next step. 
On the back of the keyboard, you will see the metal heatshield/EMR shield is connected to the keyboard by a series of plastic welds. Using a Dremel, a drill or a scraper, remove all of these welds, so that you can separate the keyboard top from the heatshield. On the trackpad heatshield, Apple have kindly used some strong adhesive to make sure you have a horrible time separating the two! Use a big blunt knife and working slowly from one side to the other, carefully pry the two pieces apart. 
On the Optical Drive edge and the Hard Drive edge, there are two smaller pieces of aluminium which connect to the chassis using plastic clips. Take these off the keyboard too, and save them for later.

Once you've made a big mess taking the keyboard apart, the last thing we need to do is remove the Power Button. Note that we only want the plastic button itself, and none of the cables that come with it. We will be making our own button out of a tactile switch!