Step 5: Teardown your Keyboard Connector!

Picture of Teardown your Keyboard Connector!
After ripping apart your keyboard/trackpad, your adrenalin is probably pumping and I bet you can't wait to tear down the next piece! Well, calm down there son; this step requires a steady hand and a ton of patience!

The FFC keyboard connector you put to one side in the last step is our focus now. The connector which fits into the motherboard is a hybrid of a USB hub and the Power Button. We need to be able to solder our wires onto the connector in order to start the computer and hook up a USB hub to it. That means we have to desolder the connector from the cable. 

First, remove the black tape around the connector. Turn the connector upside down so that you can see the surface-mounts for the pins. Using solder wick, remove the solder from the PCB and the pins and pry the connector off the board. Do not touch the connector with the soldering iron! Hopefully, once the connector has been removed, you will have 10-pins inside the housing. Remove these one-by-one using tweezers. We will be soldering our wires to these pins, and then fitting them back into the housing!