Step 3: Making the Layers

Picture of Making the Layers
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Once you have your espresso shots, and frothed milk, take out your glass cup and chocolate syrup.

The first thing you pour in is your milk, on the bottom will be your milk, and on top will be the foam.
Then pour in your espresso shots right down the middle, you will notice it stays in the middle.
Then take out your chocolate syrup and pour it in until you can see it at the button, and then put a thin layer of chocolate on top of the foam. (make sure not to make it too thick or it will sink.)

And you have your finished product, a 5 layer macchiato.

This is a great example of density. Looking at this drink we can see that Chocolate Sauce is very dense, and the foam is not.
Density is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given unit volume (density = mass/volume). Put simply, if mass is a measure of how much ‘stuff’ there is in an object, density is a measure of how tightly that ‘stuff’ is packed together.
Cool post, I like the layers...I usually pour it so that it mixes. I have worked for may years as a barista, making awesome coffee for the masses, and the drink you make above would be more accurately called a moccachino. With layers. Fenimore is correct--a true macchiato is a demitasse cup with a shot or 3 of espresso, topped with a spot of froth. Alternatively you can 'stain' the espresso with a few drops of milk. In different places they call different coffees by different names--In Western Australia they serve a double shot in a small glass and top it with steamed milk and call that a macchiatto. Here in New Zealand we serve the same thing in a small cup and call it a flat white. I see starbucks is selling instant coffee now...
Fenimore6 years ago
I have been employed at coffee shops/espresso bars, and coffee is something that I adore and take very seriously. So reading this, there's something that sticks out to me immediately. Though, one that I can not truly blame or feel anger towards the consumer society for. A macchiato (in the sense described above) is only what people commonly know it as in Starbucks, entrepreneur (mom and pop) style coffee shops do not serve the same. traditionally, a Macchiato is simple, and a rare order for Barista. A macchiato is a shot of espresso (usually a double or triple shot) with milk foam placed upon the top. Thus, the Italian meaning for macchiato, which is "to mark" My only point to clarify is that when ordering a macc. at home owned coffee shops, you must be specific. When a barista gives you a true macc and you are angry, please be angry at Starbucks for making the mistake of changing a beautiful and delicious drink in its entirety. For Barista's as a society. Thank you.