Greetings again everyone!

I made this Mach 5 from Speed Racer cake for my friend's birthday and took some photos along the way so I wanted to share how I made it. :)

The cake is alternating layers of classic yellow cake and butter pecan cake, with cream cheese icing with chopped walnuts in it in between the layers. It's covered in marshmallow fondant and then hand painted with food colorings. The tires are made from rice cereal marshmallow treats and covered in the fondant and painted. I also had the car lifted so I could fit in the tires and have it look as if it was really sitting on the tires and not the cake board.

Continue to the next step for the supplies and recipes.

Step 1: Supplies and Recipe Links

Here's a list of supplies that I used. There are also recipes or links to recipes used. A lot of the supplies are general cake baking and decorating supplies.

• Cake pans for baking the cakes. I used a quarter sheet pan for both boxes of mix.
• General cake decorating supplies: Mixer, spatulas, turn-table, carving/clay/fondant tools, mat to roll fondant on*, fondant rolling pin, gel food colors, knife, cake leveler, toothpicks, food-safe paintbrushes, small containers to mix food color "paints" in, 3 quarter sheet cake boards, Exacto knife, hot glue gun, tape, foil to cover cake boards, etc.
• Ingredients to make cakes, fondant and to mix food colors with (you will mix the food colorings with something like vodka or clear vanilla extract, not water.)
• A disposeable clear plastic container, like the Glad or Reynolds containers, to cut up and use as the windshield.

*The photos here are of the vinyl mat I use to roll my fondant on. The cake shop I took some classes at suggested this mat for fondant and they sold it there for only $6.00 and it works so great. A lot better than the name-brand mat I had bought before for $20.00.

Here's the link to the alterations made to a box cake mix to make it a little stronger to better support sculpting. I used 2 boxes of cake mix to make this cake. Both were quarter sheet cakes.

I used store-bought cream cheese icing for this cake instead of making buttercream because the friend the cake was for wanted that type of icing.

Here's the link to how to make the marshmallow fondant, which is pretty yummy, although very sweet! Pre-made fondant can be bought if you do not want to make the marshmallow fondant but beware that some of the pre-made doesn't taste very appetizing.
<p>i love this cake &lt;3</p>
Where is the detailed instruction on making the red seats and inside car panels??? You did an awesome job, but I would need to see how to make the inside. Interested in making this for my grandson TY.
Finished! It's not nearly as smooth as yours is but I'm really happy with it. Thanks again for posting this instructable!
That's awesome! Your welcome and thank you for sharing! And I love that wavy-dotted background it's on, what is that? It goes perfect with the car!
Thank you! The surface it's sitting on was created the last time I made a cake that was too big for any board I had. It's made from wrapping paper covered in contact paper. I slide a big baking sheet (with no edges) under it if I need to move the cake anywhere. When I'm done with the sheet, I wipe it off, roll it up and have it ready for the next party (and you can have several different ones made to fit whatever party you're doing)
Wow, that is a great idea! I never would have thought about doing something like that, genius! I always see cool wrapping paper I like. Going to have to try this!
I do believe you just supplied me with the design for the next cake I'm making. My husband will LOVE THIS (and the kids, too)!!! Thank you so much for this instructable!
Awesome!!! Thank you and your welcome! If you have any questions please feel free to ask... and I will try to remember! :)
i hnave no respect for the mach 6, SO THIS CAKE WAS AWESOME!<br><br><br>HERE HE COMES, HERE COMES SPEED RACER, HE'S A DEMON ON WHEELS!
he revin' in the powerful MACH 5! and when he's out numbered, theressssss dangerous work to do! *car goes !boom! like the car was a bomb*
LOL! GO Speed Racer, GOOOOO!
ohh man i would start tpo cry cutting a beautiful cake like that
i would say, sorry, its the cake 5 the mach 5 is over there -&gt;
here he comes! here comes cake racer, hes a cake on wheels
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you are my hero
Very good job. It woulb be not good to eat such a wonderful work
i love the cake and i did on that looked like a fire truck for my twin boys. Its fun to make the cake, but its is a real pleasure to see the light in your kids eyes when they get to see it for the first time and then get to tear into it.
Thank you all! <br> <br>When I first started making these cakes I thought I'd be sad to cut into them but I wasn't and that surprised me. I kind of like to see them get cut up and eaten. Cake is made to be enjoyed!
You did a terrific job- the picture really looks more toy than cake!
<br><br>do you have any suggestions for making fondant taste better?<br><br>
Hi there! <br> <br>I use homemade marshmallow fondant so it actually tastes very good, just very sweet. <br> <br>All it takes to make it is marshmallows, powdered sugar and a little water. Here's the link to the recipe I use: <br> <br>http://www.wilton.com/forums/messageview.cfm?catid=7&amp;threadid=137541&amp;FTVAR_MSGDBTABLE= <br> <br>It's really easy to make and very inexpensive, and of course tastes good, unlike some of the store-bought fondant out there. I usually end up using more powdered sugar than the recipe calls for though.
OH MY GOD I just had a friend tell me we should try marshmallow fondant and I was like &quot;What the heck is that?&quot;<br><br>I HATE the way most fondant tastes (ESPECIALLY the kind you buy at a craft store), so I'll have to try this.<br><br>BY THE WAY....this is such an awesome cake. I want one for myself!
Thank you so much! <br> <br>I'd had some not-to-great-tasting fondant in the past and when I saw that recipe by bunnywoman (who is awesome!) on the Wilton forums I tried it right away and just love it. It's so easy and fairly quick to make too! Took me a little longer the first couple times I made it but I've made it so many times in a relatively short period that I think I've got it down.
thanks, awesome, after I read this I found videos on marshmellow. Do you add any &quot;flavor&quot;? I was thinking a bit of vanilla or something else.
Hi there! I haven't tried adding flavors to the fondant yet but it sounds like it would be cool to. I'm going to have to try that soon. Could get some very cool combinations of cake, icing and fondant flavors.
If you put extracts in it, such as vanilla almond or peppermint you would taste the flavor. I suggest using a colorless extract because it will dye the fondant and if you want white it will be no good.
Fantastic job!! You do very impressive work. Have you turned pro yet? I have mady my own fondant using the recipe in The Cake Bible and it is fantastic! I gained 1.5 pounds noshing on leftover fondant so I had to put it in the freezer. A girlfriend went to Mexico and bought me the most fragrant bottle of vanilla that I've ever encountered. Even though it is brown I still use it in my fondant. <br>I'm curious to learn about the vinyl sheet that you use to roll out the fondant. Can you include a photo? Keep up the great work and writing your instructables. You inspire all of us to push ourselves into trying unfamiliar techniques. For myself I would never have tried fondant if it wasn't for your instructables. Great Job!
Hi there! Thank you very much! <br> <br>I'm not pro yet :) but I'm working toward it! I live in Texas and it's not legal to sell food you have made in your regular home kitchen to the public. You need to either have a separate kitchen that you don't cook your regular home meals in and that has a separate entrance to the outdoors to use, or rent a commercial kitchen. To rent the kitchen I need to get my LLC and liability insurance. That's the part I'm currently saving for and in the meantime I'm going to continue to make more cakes for friends and family and just for the fun of it, to build a portfolio. <br> <br>I haven't tried adding flavor to my fondant yet. I want to soon to see how it tastes! <br> <br>The mat I use I got at the area cake shop that I took the beginner and intermediate cake decorating classes at. They suggested it and sold it there and it was only $6.00! It's just a plain clear piece of vinyl and it works a lot better than the name-brand mat I'd bought earlier for $20.00. Can probably find some of this at a fabric store or maybe even a home improvement store. I added some photos of it to the first step of this Instructable. It has become one of my favorite supplies with all the fondant work! <br> <br>And wow! I'm so honored that you think I'm an inspiration! I just see techniques on shows and try to do them and then wing it the rest of the time trying to figure out how to do stuff and hoping like heck it works! Especially with the support systems for some of the stuff, like the tombstone and this car. I'm going to try some new stuff in January, like whole limbs. I have no idea how I'm going to pull that off but it's going to be fun and definitely a learning experience! <br> <br>Thank you again! When I made that first cake on a whim I never thought I'd have gotten into it so much, or enjoyed it so much.
Oh wow, that's fabulous!
Awesome job!
amazing, and delicious! I want that cake to drive right into my mouth
Great job!
That really was a big surprise! Good job on the cake! Always looking forward to the next one!<br><br>That guy looks familiar... does he do anything on Instructables?
Thank you! It was a big surprise to him :) When he first glanced at it across the room he had thought we'd gotten him a toy Mach 5, hee hee! <br> <br>He hasn't done anything on Instructables that I know of, but he's an amazing artist!
I wouldn't want to ruin it by cutting it. Awesome job.
it looks awesome and delish as well<br><br>5* great work..
great job on the cake! <br>looks like there was a bit of an accident in the last pic of step 7... <br>5*s
That is very good.<br> (They all are)<br> <br> L<br>
This is awesome! Good job :D

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