How to Make a Mandrel for Chainmail (maille)





Introduction: How to Make a Mandrel for Chainmail (maille)

I wanted to make chainmail and i needed a Mandrel and there were no instructables for a mandrel. The overall cost should be about 10.00$(I already had everything I needed except the dowel)

Disclaimer: use at a very slow speed or else serious injuy could happen.( I am not liable for your injuries )

Step 1: Getting Materials

1) You need a 2*4 and two smaller peices of wood equal size (I used a piece of batton from when we sided our house with board and batton)

2) A metal or wooden dowel (3/8 diameter) I used metal but if i were to redo this i would use wood cause the metal bends.(cost 2.49)

3) And a Few nails not very many about 5 or more

3/8 diameter drill bit
a vice came in handy but was not needed

Step 2: Time Too Build

Ok now connect your two pieces of wood to the 2*4 by nailing them space them. Space them aproxamently 1 foot apart depending on your prefrence mine are about 1 foot

Step 3: Drilling the Whole

Drill a Hole in both pieces of wood were the dowel will go through and make shure the rod will spin nicely in the whole

Step 4: Inserting the Dowel

Insert the dowel in the whole and make maker shure every thing is running smoothley and efficient. I would drill a hole in the dowel to insert the wire so you dont have to tape it on. (sorry I dont have a picture of this I have lost my camera and cant find it)

Step 5: Add the Drill

Add the drill so you can spin wire faster you dont need it but i find in faster

Step 6: Now Spin Baby Spin

atach wire and weave



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    I'm more interested why you have a lightbulb on a rod in the background also ty for guide!

    My advice from experience: Don't use wooden rods. Metal may bend, but wood shrinks/expands. It will be impossible to get a consistent size. Can someone please tell me, what's the best way to bend the rod for hand winding?

    lol thanks for clearing up the size of the steel rod in this i'ble! i was looking at ones for making maille and none had size listings... thanks!

    i'm starting to get into making jewery and this will definatly help so thx

    I was making maille, but some fat kid stole my leatherman that I used to cut the rings :'(

    I am currently working on some chainmail that I am making from trampoline springs. The spring metal is so tough that I have to cut it with a dremel. I was sort of wanting it to be stronger than usual and be able to with stand allot of damage probably more so than the average coil of wire. I hear that electric fence wire is good to use as well and plan on making my next project be of the electric fence wire. I also work with a leather and plate combo where I buy plates from the hardware store with precut holes and just rivet it to leather. I made a mandrel similar to the one pictured above so hopefully this next project will prove to be a good one

    Must be a pain to weave....I use a large gauge copper wire. :-)

    coat hanger is hard to weave but worth the time you spend on it because the wire is strong enough its almost never going to bend out of shape. I'm not saying it won't bend out of shape but it is some really tough and thick wire to work with. I like me some good challenges XD

    I also use 1 subject note book spiral and 3 and 5. I use a mandrel for the 1 sub that is about the same diameter as a ink cartride inside a pen.

    I seen those gloves that they use in meat packer plants made from wire sorta like that. Those gloves are suppose to be some tough stuff and knives cant cut them or any thing so I assume that might work to some degree.