I wanted to make chainmail and i needed a Mandrel and there were no instructables for a mandrel. The overall cost should be about 10.00$(I already had everything I needed except the dowel)

Disclaimer: use at a very slow speed or else serious injuy could happen.( I am not liable for your injuries )
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Step 1: Getting Materials

1) You need a 2*4 and two smaller peices of wood equal size (I used a piece of batton from when we sided our house with board and batton)

2) A metal or wooden dowel (3/8 diameter) I used metal but if i were to redo this i would use wood cause the metal bends.(cost 2.49)

3) And a Few nails not very many about 5 or more

3/8 diameter drill bit
a vice came in handy but was not needed

Step 2: Time too build

Ok now connect your two pieces of wood to the 2*4 by nailing them space them. Space them aproxamently 1 foot apart depending on your prefrence mine are about 1 foot

Step 3: Drilling The Whole

Drill a Hole in both pieces of wood were the dowel will go through and make shure the rod will spin nicely in the whole

Step 4: Inserting the Dowel

Insert the dowel in the whole and make maker shure every thing is running smoothley and efficient. I would drill a hole in the dowel to insert the wire so you dont have to tape it on. (sorry I dont have a picture of this I have lost my camera and cant find it)

Step 6: Now Spin Baby Spin

Picture of Now Spin Baby Spin
atach wire and weave