This is for 16 bit mushrooms. Might work with others.

P.S. Mah First Instructable.

Step 1: Start Coloring

 Open Gimp or Photoshop and use Magic Wand or Fuzzy Select tool and fill all spaces that have the same color with a different color.

Then repeat on all colors.

step 1:
open gimp or phptoshop.

Step 2: Select It

 Use the magic wand or Fuzzy Select to Hi-Light the LIGHT RED area.

Step 3: Chose a Color to Begin

 Pick the color to replace the light red. this is going to be a 1up.

Step 4: Coninuing on and On.

 Just repeat on all colors going darker or lighter as the color says.

Step 5: DONE!!!!!

 YAY! I swear this is what i made!

Step 6: What I Did.


What will You do? Post in comments what you did!
the purple one rules! <br>
Mac is the best! it doesn't crash every 5 minutes!
( ;
the purple one's the best
<p>Cool. Reds my favorite :)</p>
Here is an easier technique for gimp, that will have many different results.<br /> <br /> Select the coloured bit with the colour selection tool<br /> press the &quot;colours&quot; tab at the top<br /> choose colour balance<br /> adgust the sliders<br /> <br /> done!<br />
&nbsp;How did you do that?
&nbsp;I would have never guessed.

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