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Introduction: How to Make a Mario Power Star Plush

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Hello again! This is a guide on how to make a plush power star from Mario. I've added a little pocket at the back but you don't have to. The main star is made of polar fleece (gold/bright yellow) but the eyes are felt (black and white). That's basically all you need apart from a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, with thread and a method of drawing on fabric (don't use a marker as it will show through). 

Also, this is an entry for the game life2 challenge, so if you liked it, I'd really appreciate a vote!  :D  (Top right corner)

Step 1: Template, Sketch On, Cut Out.

I basically just got a picture of a power star from the web and made it as big as possible on an A4 word document, but I will include a template for those who want it precise. I cut out the template and drew around it on the fleece with sewing chalk/pencil ( I had to cut two centimeters extra so that when completed, it would fit). I also sketched a pocket but as I don't have a template for that, you can make it as big as you like. Cut all that out.

Step 2: A Bit More Cutting, and Some Sewing Then You're Done!

Cut out the eyes from black felt. I measured them from the template then cut out black felt that size and shape. I did the same with the white felt pupils. Sew the pocket on. I hemmed mine, then pinned and sewed it in to place. Flip the two sides of your star so they face each other (facing inward). Sew every side EXCEPT  â€‹the space between the bottom two points (it's clearer in the pic). Then stuff your star so that he is nice and fat! I used some fiber-filler I had in the cupboard, used for making plushes. Make sure that it is firmly stuffed or you will have a flimsy star :( . The pin the un-sewed sides with a little bit folded in, so it is neat. Sew that neatly up (as best you can). Unless I have forgotten something, which I probably have, you are FINISHED! I made a small egg from felt and slid that into the pocket.  
<  I I  >           (bad star)
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    THAT'S AWESOME! I love it when I can post something helpful! Congrats, it looks great!

    Absolutely AWESOME!!! I just have one question... Would you be able to make a Mario Mushroom Plushie? Cuz that would be amasing.

    This looks so cute and soft! I don't want to sound ignorant, but what is the story with the egg?

    (Have you entered this into the Game.Life 2 Challenge yet? You should!)

    4 replies

    Oh, sorry. I don't blame you. My best friend is OBSESSED with yoshi, and it would be a bit hard to make a yoshi, so I made him a messenger star, who we pretended was delivering a yoshi egg.....a bit of fun really.

    And no I haven't yet but I will soon. Also I am amazed to get a comment from someone so respected on the site. Thanks again!

    Hey guys it me HMice's best friend and yeah i do love Yoshi, he is so cool and was given it because I am so cool! LOL

    I tried to PM you, but the button wouldn't load so I'll paste it here:

    WOW! Your following me? But your so amazing and I'm .... not. Still, I take this as a GREAT compliment and hope I can make you feel fulfilled in subscribing to me!

    Even if you follow EVERYONE, I'm still amazed.....

    I think your stuff is too! I'm not a very good sewer and I just love this star! I can't wait to see what else you've got!

    This is very cute! You can also make a star from the ledgendary Starfy this way can't you? I love that game just as much as I do Mario!

    1 reply

    I must admit, I didn't know who Starfy was but I looked it up so....

    Anyway, you would have to change the eyes to include the blue bits and, instead of having straight arms and legs, you would have to puff them out to make them more rounded. But still, yes, it's possible.

    Please vote! But.....I don't want to hold you against your will.....

    Vote if you like it!