How to Make a Mario Power Star Plush





Introduction: How to Make a Mario Power Star Plush

Hello again! This is a guide on how to make a plush power star from Mario. I've added a little pocket at the back but you don't have to. The main star is made of polar fleece (gold/bright yellow) but the eyes are felt (black and white). That's basically all you need apart from a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, with thread and a method of drawing on fabric (don't use a marker as it will show through). 

Also, this is an entry for the game life2 challenge, so if you liked it, I'd really appreciate a vote!  :D  (Top right corner)

Step 1: Template, Sketch On, Cut Out.

I basically just got a picture of a power star from the web and made it as big as possible on an A4 word document, but I will include a template for those who want it precise. I cut out the template and drew around it on the fleece with sewing chalk/pencil ( I had to cut two centimeters extra so that when completed, it would fit). I also sketched a pocket but as I don't have a template for that, you can make it as big as you like. Cut all that out.

Step 2: A Bit More Cutting, and Some Sewing Then You're Done!

Cut out the eyes from black felt. I measured them from the template then cut out black felt that size and shape. I did the same with the white felt pupils. Sew the pocket on. I hemmed mine, then pinned and sewed it in to place. Flip the two sides of your star so they face each other (facing inward). Sew every side EXCEPT  â€‹the space between the bottom two points (it's clearer in the pic). Then stuff your star so that he is nice and fat! I used some fiber-filler I had in the cupboard, used for making plushes. Make sure that it is firmly stuffed or you will have a flimsy star :( . The pin the un-sewed sides with a little bit folded in, so it is neat. Sew that neatly up (as best you can). Unless I have forgotten something, which I probably have, you are FINISHED! I made a small egg from felt and slid that into the pocket.  
<  I I  >           (bad star)
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BTW, thanks to yuor instructible, this was my tree topper this year:


THAT'S AWESOME! I love it when I can post something helpful! Congrats, it looks great!

Absolutely AWESOME!!! I just have one question... Would you be able to make a Mario Mushroom Plushie? Cuz that would be amasing.

Wow look at how many views you got! You should be very proud! He is adorable!

WOW! 1,311 veiws!
4 1/2 stars!!!

This is very cute! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! :D

This looks so cute and soft! I don't want to sound ignorant, but what is the story with the egg?

(Have you entered this into the Game.Life 2 Challenge yet? You should!)

Oh, sorry. I don't blame you. My best friend is OBSESSED with yoshi, and it would be a bit hard to make a yoshi, so I made him a messenger star, who we pretended was delivering a yoshi egg.....a bit of fun really.

And no I haven't yet but I will soon. Also I am amazed to get a comment from someone so respected on the site. Thanks again!

Hey guys it me HMice's best friend and yeah i do love Yoshi, he is so cool and was given it because I am so cool! LOL