Introduction: How to Make a Marshmellow Penguin Pop or Decoration

My tutorial is here:

Here are some of the things you'll need. They're also listed under my video and on my blog.
List of things you may need:
Regular size marshmallows
Black candy melts
Pop sticks
Wilton "Rainbow Chip Crunch" sprinkles
Starburst candy
Small plastic bags
Cooking oil
Piping gel

I hope you'll have a great time making these!

Sparked Ideas


randofo (author)2013-02-07

You should embed the youtube video in the explanation.

Sparked Ideas (author)randofo2013-02-08

Randofo, Did you notice the link under the photo?

randofo (author)Sparked Ideas2013-02-08

Yes, that is why I suggested that you should embed it so people can watch the video here and not have to click the link.

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