In this tutorial these steps will guide you how to make a cheap and easy homemade minecraft prop.

You will need:
Paper (Any type)

I also suggest to use thick cardboard. Takes longer to cut but feels more cooler.

Step 1: How to Make an Easy Homemade MineCraft Prop (cheap)

You will need a printer with all the ink usable, otherwise you would have black and white props or incorrectly coloured props that ruins the picture.

Step 2: How to Make an Easy Homemade MineCraft Prop (cheap)

If you are using cardboard from a box like me, cut it into a small flat surface big enough for your picture. If your box is small, You do what I do. You must cut all the sides off and glue them altogether to make one flat area for you to glue your picture onto.

Step 3: How to Make an Easy Homemade MineCraft Prop (cheap)

Now on a computer or laptop, go to Google Images (click here) and search for your MineCraft Item Name (eg: 'Minecraft Golden Apple' or 'Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe') 

Step 4: How to Make an Easy Homemade MineCraft Prop (cheap)

Try and look for the best type of item with a white background also make sure its the default texture if you want. (eg: Some golden apple textures on Google images have the texture of the Apple to be coloured gold but has no light reflection on the apple.) 

Step 5: How to Make an Easy Homemade MineCraft Prop (cheap)

When you have found your picture you may print it. I suggest using Paint.net or other programs for it to print because Paint.net has printer options to show you how big or small you want your picture to be. First time I printed it was very tiny about 2 inches so I used paint.net and it worked like a charm. Also if you want you can print a second copy of the picture at the same size if you want your prop double sided.

Step 6: How to Make an Easy Homemade MineCraft Prop (cheap)

After printing at the correct size, Cut the pickaxe out of of the paper. If you wanted to print out a pickaxe or something with lots of corners it would be hard to do, but it would be sort of worth it when its finished. After you have finished cutting out the paper, you have to start cutting out the cardboard in the shape of the item. Once that is done, you would have to glue it on. I suggest using strong glue or PVA glue to keep it holding for a long time. After you have done that, your good to go!

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