video How to make a Real Minecraft Pickaxe ($3)
Just watch, rate, and hopefully subscribe!
overblast6 days ago

All I did was put 2 sticks and 3 cobblestones together.

mich19993 years ago
Could'ny you do this for the other tools?
milkywaybar3 years ago
i notice your tags are spelled wrong. it's pickaxe, not picaxe
bagrisham (author)  milkywaybar3 years ago
Thanks, I'll fix it
Iridium73 years ago
Hey, good 'ible. I like the masking tape stuff. I believe that I saw some company sell foam board that had a slight gridded pattern for it. I can't remember the company sadly. But I know it exists!
they have them on www.thinkgeek.com i think.
auntmana3 years ago
Thank you for this!
Its alot better than 20$ online for one just like it!
jmiester3 years ago
^_^ I love minecraft and will definitely try this! i can get a lot of these supplies from my stagecraft (building, NOT acting) class.
?_? (ghast face)

P.S. I cant find any blazes in the nether (the ONE i did find didnt drop anything)... any tips? i am on easy and found a nether fortress close to my portal
you should set it to hard
acoleman33 years ago
ever thought of using a yardstick like you get from the paint dept at any major diy for the "pixel" layout? another suggestion, when you cut, why not go from the pick out instead of towards it so in case you slip, youre not going to slice into it. of course, you cant really avoid it where the head meets the handle but it'll help everywhere else.

i so gotta make one of these for my gf....shes a hard core minecrafter. so thanks for the gift idea! oh yeah....im subscribing.
bagrisham (author)  acoleman33 years ago
Thanks. I realy apreciate it, and I'm thinking about making some more minecraft stuff.
Kryptonite3 years ago
Nice video, it's a great way to document.

I would suggest having a tripod set up between your hands so it's easier to focus on what you're doing instead of the back of your head, and some lighting would help your videos to no end.

Good build, keep up the good work! I'm certainly impressed.
bagrisham (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
Thanks for the help and the comment. I will try to use a better angle for the tripod next time. I also just posted another video.