How to Make a Real Minecraft Pickaxe ($3)





Introduction: How to Make a Real Minecraft Pickaxe ($3)

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    Thank you. I found that you instruction is very useful for me because I can use it in my minecraft video. I just started making it. Here is one of my video about Minecraft in real life, minecraft real life, realistic minecraft. In next video, I will make a pickaxe followed your guild.

    All I did was put 2 sticks and 3 cobblestones together.

    Could'ny you do this for the other tools?

    i notice your tags are spelled wrong. it's pickaxe, not picaxe

    Thanks, I'll fix it

    Hey, good 'ible. I like the masking tape stuff. I believe that I saw some company sell foam board that had a slight gridded pattern for it. I can't remember the company sadly. But I know it exists!

    they have them on i think.

    Thank you for this!
    Its alot better than 20$ online for one just like it!

    ^_^ I love minecraft and will definitely try this! i can get a lot of these supplies from my stagecraft (building, NOT acting) class.
    ?_? (ghast face)

    P.S. I cant find any blazes in the nether (the ONE i did find didnt drop anything)... any tips? i am on easy and found a nether fortress close to my portal