How to make a Minecraft Portal to the Nether

Picture of How to make a Minecraft Portal to the Nether
I know that a lot of people love Minecraft but have no idea how to make a Nether portal! Here's how to!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
*14 Obsidian blocks

*Flint and Steel

Step 2: How to make!

Picture of How to make!
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* Make a frame with Obsidian 4 long and 5 high 

*take your flint and steel and light the Obsidian

*a blue inside should appear walk through that and your in the nether 
pcanywii4 days ago
It doesn't work
Waffles01199 months ago
Does it work in PE?
Ypu can use 10 obsidian instead of 14, the corners can be whatever block you want :)

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