How to Make a Real Minecraft Torch





Introduction: How to Make a Real Minecraft Torch

How to make a real life Torch from the popular PC and soon to be console game "MineCraft". The build for me didn't cost anything to build but if you don't have any of the supplies, it will cost around 3-5 dollars. Please leave a comment about what you would like to see me build and I'll see you next week when I build a cheap light reflector.



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    nice torch I hope to make it soon?

    Not bad! That's a pretty nice torch.

    Ha! It's works!

    I have not tried to make this yet but you could try to thin out the very top, put some crinkled tinfoil around a small LED light rigged to stay lit, and it might give off some light. (Tinfoil so it has a little bit of a shadowy light about it instead of a full of blaze of light.) Maybe you could make Glowstone... I would personally love that.

    Suggestion: Score the inside of the 4x8 in foam board and slice out angled sections (50 degrees or so is preferred) from each of the scored sections, do not puncture all the way through. Do the same to the outside edges. Put hot-glue lightly down the interior folds and a slightly heavier segment down the one where the two ends meet. This can be done for the top/bottom as well and makes the edges meet up much nicer.

    Just vewed your videos for the first time and I think you ROCK!!! We are going to make your torch and we also watched your pick axe video and we are going to try that also. Thak you :-) KEEP POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May I make a suggestion? The image of the instructable is not what the end result looks like. Try to use an image of what you have made next time.

    Stick a lot of glow-in-the-dark and replace that other paint so you can prevent creepers or zombies or skeletons or spiders or even spider jockeys.XD

    my ds can't p:ay vids so i'll have to use the computer