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How to make a mini-colored smoke bomb in 10 minutes using a pre-made colored dye smoke bomb (from Fireworks store).  Always wear safety goggles and do the experiment outside.  This is an experimental device for educational purpose only.  Do not make the mini-colored smoke bomb from any materials other than one suggested here.  Misuse of device can lead to serious injury.  Safety first and NEVER aim at any living things!

Materials used:

1) Colored Smoke Bomb Dye (purchased from Firework Store)
2) Plastic Food Wrap
3) Paper tissue
4) 3"+ Firework fuse
5) Spatula

that is absolutely awesome! also, another smoke bomb is [ the general idea] is to burn ping pong balls! I wonder if you thake the colored smoke bomb powder, and put it in a ping pong bomb, if it would change color. good job!

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