Picture of How to make a Mini Laser Cut Band Saw

This all started when I learned that my friend Raouf Sarwari, who has his shop down the hall from me, has a laser cutter. Brooklyn is great for cross-pollinating ideas and skills with each other. Anyhow I have always liked models and thought it would be fun to build a wood wood shop. I spoke to Raouf and he agreed and we worked together to make one for the Crest Hardware Show.  

It is an annual art show that takes place in the midst of a running hardware store. The only requirement is that the art must be hardware related. This then is our how to make a mini band saw. Since then we saw that there was a laser contest and thought we should enter it.

Since working with the laser I cannot stop thinking of ways to use it, jigs, toys, tools the list keeps growing.

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Gizmo-Guy4 months ago

Should be clearly named as a "MODEL" in the title.

Looks pretty for a toy, nice work!

Ouranos10 months ago
does it work? ;)
fred271 year ago
Whilst you've made a neat little model I must admit I was a little disappointed that it was just that. I thought from the title (and the fact it won quite an impressive prize) that you'd made a small working bandsaw.
kpomerleau1 year ago
How much for kits i would love to display these on my man toy shelves in the man cave.

wires (author)  kpomerleau1 year ago
So sorry for the delay getting back to you. I've had the Flu for the last two weeks urggg.
Thanks for your interest.
The Kits in wood or plastic are $100.00 for one and $75.00 ea. for multiples.
We have more than just the bandsaw. we also have a tablesaw, work bench, drill press, lathe and soon others maybe a radial arm saw, buzz saw or .........?
Kits come with instructions but you will have to supply your own glue and hand tools.
Again thanks for asking.
Virusvp1 year ago
How much are you willing to sell for those pre-cutt kits? Im interested in having a mini band saw around for random home and custom build projects. I dont have access to a shop or have a lot of money to throw around for huge expensive machines so it would be awesome to have. It would be easier on me to use for making straighter and cleaner cuts than I do by hand as I usually do. haha.

The world of DIY is endless!
wires (author)  Virusvp1 year ago
Hey Virusvp
Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I would be willing to sell you a kit but I need to make sure that your really not thinking of using it as a tool. I don't think the tolerances are fine enough to be suitable for active cutting. You might want to look at proxxon mini tools if you want desktop power. You might be able to use a scroll say as well.
PS I couldn't tell if you were serious regarding using it. Let me me know if you're still interested
Virusvp wires1 year ago
Well yes I was planning to use it, but as hearing from you that it wont be able to be used that well for say typical plastics and wood then I probably decide not to get it.
I feel like attaching a pulley system to one of the flywheels/gears and then connecting that to a motor so the force would equal the force of a regular band saw XD, hey i can dream.
vess000751 year ago
Please sell pre-cut kits. I work with wire and thin sheet copper and silver. A band saw would be the perfect tool for me.
Edgar1 year ago
This is a good day for Instructables watching! :)
Put it on my Blog, along with other good news for Gizmo Makers.
Keep it up!
wires (author)  Edgar1 year ago
Thanks for blogging it forward. I'm working on putting up a short video of it turning.
Edgar wires1 year ago
Warn me when it's done :)
belsey1 year ago
It's beautiful! I love that plexi table saw in the last picture too...
wires (author)  belsey1 year ago
Thanks for that I'll tell Raouf, he made it.
INTHERMA1 year ago
Simply incredible! Congrats.
bschuck1 year ago
very cool!! as Joseph Cornell said " Tiny is the last refuge of the enormous" wonderful piece, great addition to any shop!
gregario1 year ago
I would definitely be interested in seeing a shop for this, some videos of the parts working would be interesting too along with some idea of what sort of materials they could work with!
rachel1 year ago
Oh man this hits the "awesome tools" part of my brain AND the "squee so cute" part! Well done you guys. If there were a motor, would the band saw be able to cut or is the blade not strong enough?
wires (author)  rachel1 year ago
The blade is thin acetate sheet, like a notebook cover, aside from the overlap edge and as long as your only slicing butter, I see no reason why it wouldn't "cut"

Your response is precisely what made us want to make it, them.
Warlrosity1 year ago
This is great! Do they work?
wires (author)  Warlrosity1 year ago
Thanks to everyone who has liked this ible. It is really great to hear.

To answer some questions,

Yes they do "work" meaning they spin and blades move appropriately, however we haven't put motors on them to fully test them. I am thinking they would need tiny bronze bushings etc if they were to really take on a workload.

If anyone wants to make the band saw and power it up please post an instructable on it.

There is no scale to it but the band saw was designed around the idea of a 14" .
It is actually about 8" tall, sorry i have never measured it.

Again thanks
Mrballeng1 year ago
Very cool!
that is awesome! please build me a mini shop too!
wire-nut1 year ago
You can sell per-cut kits, I'm sure people will buy them. They look cool anyway, that just cool.