How to Make a Mini Pocket Gun Cannon





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Pocket Gun Cannon

In this video, I will show you how to make a mini, portable pocket  gun cannon!!



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idea time... get a broken airsoft gun take out receiver look down barrel u will find a metal tube take this cannon glue sponge around inside front of cannon leaving 6 mm of space in the center of the cannon cut down a nail with a 6 mm head so when uncocked barely reached end of metal tube cut notch just big enough for the red peice to fit into on the side of the cannon when its cocked now cut of a peice of a pen tube just as wide as the sponge glue the outside of the pentube peice slide it into the center of the cannon now glue the head of the cut nail onto the metal peice inside the cannon strap the cannon down to the airsoft gun right where the receiver was now u got your self a home made single shot .22 (a .22 fits perfectly into a 6 mm tube)

I need this in text. my pc sound is broken.

looks pretty cool

what video editor did u use ???? respond asap

mozzle toff!

A quicker and stronger substitute for the wood and epoxy stopper at the end would have been a hose ring. Not bad otherwise.

That's a good idea! thanks!