How to Make a Molten Tava Flaming Mixed Drink


Introduction: How to Make a Molten Tava Flaming Mixed Drink

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A Molten Tava is a flaming low calorie (lower calorie) flaming beverage that looks cool, and tastes good. The name is supposed to sound like "Molten Lava".

Don't make if you are under the drinking age in your location. Drink responsibly, and don't spill this while it is flaming, it is a real pain to put out.

You need:


Floating rum: we used Bacardi 151

Vodka: we used Skyy

12oz double or tumbler

Step 1: Tava

Add 6 oz of Tava

Step 2: Vodka

Add 2oz of vodka

Step 3: Rum Float

Using a bar spoon or a metal tablespoon, add the rum float

Step 4: Ignite

Light it up using a long lighter or a flint. To extinguish, just cover the entire cup.



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