How to Make a Money Muncher From an Old Tennis Ball





Introduction: How to Make a Money Muncher From an Old Tennis Ball

This project was created as a fun way to save money and create a new use for old tennis balls.  Being a very simple project that uses minimal resources, it is a great project for anyone with a tennis ball and a bit of an imagination. 

What you will need:
-Tennis Ball
-Ziptie (or something similar that is stiff but bendable)
-X-ACTO knife

You can also watch the quick tutorial and check out how much fun this project can be here: 

Step 1: The Mouth

Step1: Cut a slot in the tennis ball in the shape of a smile using an X-ACTO knife.

Step 2: The Eyes

Step2: Draw eyes with marker.  Squeeze ball on sides and watch what happens!

*Warning, may cause sudden conversations between you and your Money Muncher...

Step 3: Draw Mouth

Step 3: Draw mouth over cut slot.

Step 4: Zip Tie Part 1

Step4: Cut small slot at top and squeeze ball to insert zip tie.

Step 5: Zip Tie Part 2

Step5: Cut another small slot and squeeze ball to insert other end of zip tie.

Step 6: Insert Money and Use!

Step 6: Squeeze to insert money and use!  Post your unique Money Muncher here:



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    I love these and am anxious to make a bunch with the zip-tie handles, but the weight of the coins would make the ball come loose from the zip tie.

    What keeps the zip ties from sliding back out of the cuts you made in the ball? Evidently, the ends are not threaded and 'zipped' - correct?

    Thanks, -Sprout

    They are zipped on the inside. You cut the holes from the outside, but you feed the zip tie from the inside out, then back in and zip it.

    you can take me anywhere!!!

    cute for kids (and adults) hilarious, loved the ending

    amazing, and the last minute of the video is pure awesome.
    great job on a fun project!

    Hi Mike, Great meeting you this weekend at Maker Faire!!! :-)

    So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching!