This project was created as a fun way to save money and create a new use for old tennis balls.  Being a very simple project that uses minimal resources, it is a great project for anyone with a tennis ball and a bit of an imagination. 

What you will need:
-Tennis Ball
-Ziptie (or something similar that is stiff but bendable)
-X-ACTO knife

You can also watch the quick tutorial and check out how much fun this project can be here: 

Step 1: The Mouth

Step1: Cut a slot in the tennis ball in the shape of a smile using an X-ACTO knife.

Step 2: The Eyes

Step2: Draw eyes with marker.  Squeeze ball on sides and watch what happens!

*Warning, may cause sudden conversations between you and your Money Muncher...

Step 3: Draw Mouth

Step 3: Draw mouth over cut slot.

Step 4: Zip Tie Part 1

Step4: Cut small slot at top and squeeze ball to insert zip tie.

Step 5: Zip Tie Part 2

Step5: Cut another small slot and squeeze ball to insert other end of zip tie.

Step 6: Insert Money and Use!

Step 6: Squeeze to insert money and use!  Post your unique Money Muncher here: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=175783536826
<p>Hi, I've added your Instructable to the <em style="">&quot;</em><em style="">10 Things YOU Can Make From an Old Tennis Ball!</em><em style="">&quot;</em> Collection</p><p>Here is the link If you are interested:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/10-Things-YOU-Can-Make-From-an-Old-Tennis-Ball/">https://www.instructables.com/id/10-Things-YOU-Can-...</a></p>
I love these and am anxious to make a bunch with the zip-tie handles, but the weight of the coins would make the ball come loose from the zip tie. <br> <br>What keeps the zip ties from sliding back out of the cuts you made in the ball? Evidently, the ends are not threaded and 'zipped' - correct? <br> <br> Thanks, -Sprout <br> <br>
They are zipped on the inside. You cut the holes from the outside, but you feed the zip tie from the inside out, then back in and zip it.
you can take me anywhere!!!
cute for kids (and adults) hilarious, loved the ending
amazing, and the last minute of the video is pure awesome.<br>great job on a fun project!
Hi Mike, Great meeting you this weekend at Maker Faire!!! :-)
So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching!
I already got a big a$$ piggy bank lol so i'm gunna use this as a dog toy :) put treats inside and throw it :D<br><br>(tho i used racquetballs i found in my garage)
how do u get the money out srry i know it sounds kindi stupid?
When you squeeze it really hard, the mouth opens wide enough to get them out. At least, that's what I did... There might be an easier way.
You are great. This is easy and useful. by the way your marketing style is best :) thanks...
wow, you're video is epic and I think that's the most original idea of saving money I've seen. Simple yet effective =)
This is perfect as a dog treat holder; I fill mine with small kibble (cat food, actually) and keep it in my jacket pocket. No more crushed kibble dust in the bottom of my pocket. I can easily squeeze it open to dispense a couple treats. I may hang it on my dog's leash next to the doo-bag holder thereby taking care of both dog input and dog output during our walks. <br>It also serves as sort of a poor man's Kong toy. My dog got hold of the &quot;Kibble Muncher&quot; and had a blast trying to get the treats out; he seemed to be performing his own Bollywood number. I wouldn't want to leave him alone with it due to safety concerns: it would not be fun to get one's tongue caught in the Muncher's mouth! <br>Excellent Instructable for a multi-purposed Muncher. Thanks!
Awesome, great idea for a new use, thanks for posting!
Fantastic! My kids will love these, and the video is incredibly entertaining! Thanks!
epic video!!!!<br>that just made my day<br>
This is a super cute idea and the video is BRILLIANT! Thanks to all who contributed- including the choreographer and camera person- you made my morning, couldn't stop smiling when I watched it!
Thanks Puzzledd!! And thanks so much for the patch, my first one! I'll send the kudos to the rest of the group :-). Glad to hear we made your morning, fun to know that the video has positively effected someone's day!
BRILLIANT!! Simple project and fun result...<br><br>Every 'ible' should end with a Bollywood dance scene!!<br><br>
......how do you get it out? because i don't think that the &quot;hammer&quot; method would work here.
According to the author, &quot;Squeeze the ball so the slot opens up and shake, or just tip and pour while squeezing. Easy to get the money it, a little tricker to get it out, which makes it a great way to SAVE money.. not spend it :-). You can also hide things in it that you don't want people to find. If you are desperate to get your money out and still have trouble, you could always just cut the slot bigger.&quot;<br><br>I'd also like to say that you can rip the tennis ball by sticking your fingers in the slot and pulling hard.
That was such fun! The video music really rocked the speakers on my computer. Loved it!
This is so adorable! Your instructable is fantastic, and I love the talking tennis ball! So CUTE! I giggled like mad!<br><br>Seriously, you need to make more instructables. This is GREAT!!
This is SO GREAT. Totally making these for stocking stuffers this year. ...I'm going to have to find a way to give one dreads for one of my friends. Save ya money, mon!
Your Instructable was EXCELLENT and I am motivated to make some for Christams presents. Your Bollywood dancing at the end at first was WHAT!!!! then I thought THIS IS GREAT!!! An inspiration to everyone!! Keep up the great work.
&quot; *Warning, may cause sudden conversations between you and your Money Muncher...&quot;<br><br>Oh yeah. I can see it talking to my dog too. :D<br><br>Nice work!
Brilliant! Not just the Money Muncher idea, but the Instructable video sets a new standard! Totally, totally awesome - think up some more just so we can see our videos!!
I agree!!!! great idea for something new for the kidlets but the video was too fun!
HAHA! Funny and clever... I'll subscribe ;D
Awwwww it reminds me of Wilson the volleyball from Castaway. :D
How do you get the money out<br>
Squeeze the ball so the slot opens up and shake, or just tip and pour while squeezing. Easy to get the money it, a little tricker to get it out, which makes it a great way to SAVE money.. not spend it :-). You can also hide things in it that you don't want people to find. If you are desperate to get your money out and still have trouble, you could always just cut the slot bigger.
Thank You I'll make one for my little cousin for Easter<br>
thats the point.
on saturday i will make it to my lovely 6 year TALA!!!!! she will love me even more for being a genuis guy!!! hehehehe
:-D Awesome!! I would love to see a picture of the creation! You can even let her decorate it and give her a couple of coins to start her saving!! If you could, post a picture here of the final projectt: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=175783536826
I like it! Simple, but useful. I love the video.
This is awesome...and the video too :)
Great fun, Will make some fore sure!
In the video...<br><br>Did I imagine it, or did the munchers <em>glow</em>?<br><br>Did you feed them throwies?
Not sure what a throwie is exactly..but I don't think so? The Money Munchers look to be glowing.. but those are actually battery operated candles glowing... to make dancing in the dark more fun to watch.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/">This is a throwie.</a>
Cool project, you video is awesome! The best project video I've seen on Instructables. Definitely fun.
<strong><font color="green">Love your ible GREAT idea. The video is so good made me laugh ;-)<br> I have to get a tennis ball now..........</font></strong>
Thanks! There are dead ones needing new life everywhere... if you have trouble finding one, I have a hopper full! ;-)

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