I was in the mood for something different , warm , filling and inexpensive, At first I was thinking about a faux philly cheese steak but I wanted to ramp up the taste so I added a packaged brown gravy.. Here's how I did it.......

Step 1: The ingredient list

Here's the stuff I used
 Minute steaks
 Green pepper
 jalapeno pepper
 white onion
 packaged gravy mix
 american cheese
 torpedo roll (or any hard roll, pita, burritto wrap etc)
<p>Ooft, looks freakin tasty! I'll be attempting this at the weekend, thank you for the upload</p>
Man, that looked like you cooked up half a box of those steaks and with the veggies all cooked down, only yielded one sandwich.&nbsp; Epic shrinkage in that stuff.&nbsp; I&nbsp; would rather use real steak instead of that processed junk.&nbsp; Yummy though. <br />
&nbsp;I prefer using thinly sliced ribeye or even deli roast beef&nbsp; also but the minute steaks where on sale. I do like keeping them in the freezer though because they do cook up quick (not really in a minute though)<br /> <br /> &nbsp; I guess pics can be misleading, I did cook up half the box but it made 4 good sized sandwichs with enough left over for another meal, maybe over rice.....
Wow.<br /> You have to be single to be making something like that.&nbsp; That almost gave me a heart attack just reading it.<br />
lol... at no point did I say it was healthy !&nbsp; But it sure TASTES good ! I eat plenty of good for you food like poultry, fish, fresh vegs&nbsp;and salad but occasionally you just have to splurge... thanks for commenting

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