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Now you can enter the new exciting world of nanotechnolgy by creating your own nanocritter.
With just some scratch paper a pencil, two dots a ca[tion (and a litte wit) your ready to go.

Note:Digital NanoCritters can be made with Mspaint and printed out to the size of a postcard,
     (6in X 4in) perfect for snailmail to friends


ac1D (author)2011-06-13

I am wordless.

twturley47 (author)ac1D2011-06-14

Thanks for the comment, I tried to add a nano that i did last night to the comment field but it seams to be on the fritz.. "T"

ac1D (author)twturley472011-06-15

But it don't beat my nano.. it's playing hide'n seek, try to find him :-)

i_am_vindicated (author)2011-06-13


You are to kind. Thanks "T"

l8nite (author)2011-06-13

thats taking minimalist art to the extreme but they r kinda of cute

twturley47 (author)l8nite2011-06-14

Thanks for the kind response, This is my first instructable still new to the format.
Nanocritters is from my fascination with Nanotechnology and they make me laff.
I have about a 100 or so of these and hope to have them all on nanocritters,com soon.

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