It's Christmas Time! I love this time of year and its hard not to make something to give to someone else. Sadly nativities are becoming harder and harder to find. Well the inability of finding something in a store can't stop an Instructables member. Here is what I did to make my own nativity stable.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Method to apply paint or stain to wood (paint brush, sponge brush, old rag, hands)...
...and a place to hold it (paint bucket, plate etc.)

Paint  or stain
wood, the amount depends on the size you want your stable to be
Twine, the natural fiber stuff is the best
Moss, preferably from the store but if you want to dry your one feel free to do so! I'm afraid I cant help you with that though
newspaper for protecting the surface you are working on

That's about it! lets get started

Nicely done, do you have it set up with the little figurines in it?
No, sorry. This is a gift for someone else who needed a stable so I wasn't able to take any pictures with the figurines in it. If I make this again I'll post a picture with the figurines.

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Bio: I enjoy electronics and like to build things through whatever medium I need to in order to get to an end.
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