Picture of How to make a One Shoulder Romper Dress

This is another trendy look for the summer and spring, an easy chic romper Dress! You can dressed up with a pair of high heels and a stylish handpurse that goes with the color or dressed down with sandals and belt.

Cost: I spend about 10 $ making this Dress.
Feel free to ask if there is something unclear! :)

Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
  1. Fabric: Lycra.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Sewing Machine.
  4. Elastic Band.
  5. Chalk

As you can see, I don't say how much fabric you need, it depends of which size are you. :)

hzxasdf1 year ago


I've never used Lycra before, but it's something I will have to try now. Looks fabulous!
Moramsey4 years ago
great video. thank you
rsaez4 years ago
idola te adoro eres genial te felicito besos bye
EbiRamen9894 years ago
Thanks for sharing yet another easy and beautiful tutorial!