How to Make a PCB Method 2





Introduction: How to Make a PCB Method 2

This method is a lot easier than the other one i made and a lot quicker.
All you need is:
- sand paper (fine grit preferred) I used P400
- 0.8mm drill bit
- drill
- ammonium persulphate
- water
- dalo pen (etch resistant pen)

Step 1: PCB Size, Drilling and Drawing Up

Firstly and most importantly, you need the PCB and the circuit diagram. Using the circuit diagram as a reference, select the size of the PCB that you want to use for the project. Once you have selected the size, tape the circuit diagram onto the PCB and using a 0.8mm drill bit, drill holes into the circuit board in their designated places, of course. Take of the circuit diagram but do not throw it away unless you have a copy. Once you have done that, using P400 sand paper, just smooth the PCB by rubbing the sand paper softly. When you are content with the smoothness (i.e. no bumps where you drilled the holes) copy the circuit diagram onto the PCB using an etch resistant pen (Dalo pen).

Step 2: Ammonium Persulphate

Once you have copied your tracks onto the PCB, let the ink of the dalo pen dry fully before you place the PCB into a solution of ammonium persulphate and warm water to allow for the ammonium persulphate to etch the PCB. After the PCB has been fully etched, take it out of the solution and place in cold water and just to be on the safe side I would recommend gloves for this. You can touch it after its been in the water. Before you start soldering, you should gently rub the PCB with the P400 sandpaper again to get rid of the Dalo pen ink. If you have followed these steps correctly, you should not have any unwanted connections or missing joints/tracks. If so you can scratch the unwanted connections and join the missing connections. If everything is done properly you can start soldering.



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    Nice one, thank you!

    After the iron,under the copper it's all black, is it possible that my
    iron is too hot, the iron settings is before steam. What do you suggest?
    thank you!|