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 This is just a simple stand made of 2 paper clips and 2 mini binder clips it can be used on the original PSP to watch movies, but is intended for the PSP Go, and to use a PS3 Controller on it (learn how to do that here).

Step 1: Gather your materials

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 These materials should just be lying around your house:
-2 normal sized paper clips
-2 mini Binder clips
-Tissues (or anything soft you are willing to cut up
I love my go!
Hacked it,and searching for something like this!
Scammah5 years ago
This could be used for lots of different gadgets.  How do you like your "GO"?
scott! (author)  Scammah5 years ago
 I really like it, but sadly I don't play it much, cause there aren't too many games at the moment, but when LBP PSP comes out ill be playn it a WHOLE LOT more
WOOT little big planet came out! too bad i'm broke and don't have much memory left
lonerayven5 years ago
More like PSP "Joke"...
Completely un-hackable and moddable.  Egh.
Cool stand.