How to Make a PVC Christmas Tree and PVC Christmas Ornament


Introduction: How to Make a PVC Christmas Tree and PVC Christmas Ornament

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How to make a PVC Christmas Tree and PVC Christmas Ornament

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With the Christmas season almost here, I wanted to show you how to make a PVC Christmas Tree that you can hang on the wall. This is a great Christmas tree to put up at work or home and only required one nail to display. This is a great space saver if you live in an apartment or very small house.

Also I show you how to make a PVC Snowman to hang on your PVC Christmas tree or about anywhere for that matter.



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    Great Idea! There is a company called Formufit. They sell PVC in a variety of colors & clear. Pipe lengths are only 5’ but they go up to 2” thick. You can get all the fittings AND fittings like plates so you can screw the PVC in making table legs. And fittings to add wheels. Of course the prices are a little higher than regular PVC but you never have to repaint. Your design would be cool to use in the yard as well. Wrapping lights all around.

    Hopefully we can share were to buy supplies but check out! U will go nuts with design ideas. I’m going to use some red and black to build shelves over my workb

    With just a few extra pieces at the base, this could be a free standing tree.

    I think I'm going to adapt this for making a jewelry display to use at my Flea Market booth.

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    Ooh, good idea! Thanks for the instructable, SpecificLove!