In this Instructable, you will learn how to build your own PVC chair that will be able to hold an actual person. In order to have a solid chair that will properly hold a person it is vital that all measurements are accurate and carefully cut out so that all the dimensions are correct. Also in this Instructable you will learn some basic skills from the program, Solidworks, in order to design your own model before you actually build the chair with the real parts. Constructing a model on Solidworks is beneficial because it shows you exactly how you will build your real chair. 

The following materials are needed to build the chair:
1inch PVC pipe
PVC fittings (5 different kinds)
         Cross                                  Quantity= 16
         T-outlet                               Quantity=12
         90 degree elbow              Quantity=2
         T side outlet                       Quantity=8
         90 degree side outlet       Quantity=8
         Cross- side outlet              Quantity=2
PVC cutters
Solidworks Program and computer (if you choose to design a prototype, but it's not necessary)

Step 1: Basic Solidworks Skills

Creating PVC pipe with extrude and cut:
Select a new part 
Click sketch tab in the main toolbar then click sketch button
Select the circle sketch tool
Drag the circle out from the origin Select smart dimension
Click on the outside of the circle and edit the circumference
Enter your desired circumference
Click save sketch by clicking the icon on the top right
Click on the features tab and go to extruded boss/base
Extrude the pipe to your desired length
Select the circle tool and click on the circular face of the pipe
Drag out the circle
Go to smart dimension and enter the circumference.
Save sketch by clicking on the green arrow on the top right
Click on features tab and go to extruded cut
Drag the red arrow all the way to the end of the pipe in order to cut through the whole thing
Save sketch by clicking the green arrow on the top right

Mating A Pipe With A Fitting (Mating With Axis and Inner Lip):
When you open Solidworks, select assembly
Open the fitting and the pipe
Select mate on the top toolbar
Highlight the circular circumference of the pipe and then click and highlight the inner lip, then they will automatically mate together.

These skills should help you to design a prototype, where you can see how to build the chair.

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