Step 4: Paint the Ghosts

Now it's time to paint the ghosts.

You can use a primer, but I got a good result without it. Cover both the inside and the outside of the shades with at least two layers of paint.

Make sure that your paint shop is really opaque, otherwise you will see every minor imperfection shine through.
<p>Will acrylic paint work on these?</p>
To be honest, I know next to nothing about paint. I used some generic spray paint. I assume that is acrylic paint, but I'm not sure.
Don't the halogen's get awfully hot? Did the bottles melt?
It depends on the lamp you use. With lamp from IKEA is used, the halogen bulbs already have metal shades with a plastic housing. I never had problems with the bottles melting, but YMMV with bare halogen bulbs.
Wow!! That's realy awesom! What a great idea! I'm olso going to make these! <br>Thanks for sharing !
Its SOOOOOO cute!<br><br>(And adorable!)
Nice idea! <br>Also cut a pie from a yellow plastic ball and make the protagonist!
So cute! This would look great in a kids' room!
Nice and easy!<br><br>Thanks for sharing.
I agree. I like the idea and you present it very clearly. You did a great job.
Fantastic, I love it!
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

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