When I failed on making the British Airways B747-400 Canon Creative Park Papercraft I tried to do I tried making my own. This one is my fourth B747(not including the British Airways B747-400 Canon Creative Park Papercraft). Almost all of the paper airliners I built are Boeing 747. The only paper airliner I built which is not a Boeing 747 is my Mcdonnell Douglas DC-10 and my Concorde. This 747 is my 747-300.

Step 1: You Will Need:

5 papers(you might want a construction paper or colored paper)

Color pens

Black Marker


Tissue(if you don't want to use your fingers for scraping glue)

Looks cool
<p>wow that was epic</p>

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Bio: I quit roblox. I'm a Robloxian who loves aviation and intrested in papercraft making.
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