Picture of How to make a Paper Crane!!!
Ok, this paper crane has 2 major steps that are really hard. But bear with me and if you have some problems or questions just leave me a comment and I'll answer them. (*0*)

Step 1:

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Fold your square paper like a triangle like so.
Joel Teo2 months ago

i managed to fold it thanks for the guide. needed to make 5 for my son's art class tomorrow.

I tried it. I did it perfectly all the way through until I got to step 4. How can you fold that without making it completely like a kite? It only went like a kite for me.

It is shown step by step. It is good.
nzguro4 years ago
i don't now how to make all of it.
nlueth0913 (author)  nzguro4 years ago
Sorry, I've been busy for a while so i was unable to answer some of my comments..... sorry....
nzguro4 years ago
i love you.
nickz4 years ago
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nickz4 years ago
i don't know how to make it very good :(
Kiteman5 years ago
You should use the final image as your introduction image as well, instead of the scan of the instructions you followed.
nlueth0913 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks for the advise!