Step 8: How to use your belt in an emergency

Picture of How to use your belt in an emergency
To utilise your cord in an emergency simply untie the overhand knot on the end of your cord. 

Undo the loops around the buckle ( keep the buckle for attracting attention)
Pull the length of cord back through the first 4 loops to release your working end

Pull hard on the working end and the whole belt will begin to unravel. From start to finish you can undo the entire belt in about 20 seconds (a painful thought when you realise how long it took to make)

Alternatively if you have a knife or a pair of scissors simply cut where shown, remove the end with the  buckle and pull on the cord you cut to unravel.

Dont forget to use your emergency whistle to attract help if you need it!
Paracord is fantastic stuff but its no substitute for another pair of helping hands!

JosephG110 months ago

Will this weave work with a standard belt buckle like a braided leather belt? Thanks.

elliemae611 year ago

Great instructions. Thinking of adapting to make a 4" wide guitar strap. I will need to have multiple colors (making for a friend). For survival purposes just fusing together the different colors would not be strong enough. What would you recommend?? Fusing and then stitching with micro cord?? Please advise. Thank you. and Thank you for the inspiration!!

earltroske2 years ago
I thought that was a well detailed instruction. The pictures were complete and had useful explanations. Great instructions. I actually feel confident that I could repeat this.