Introduction: How to Make a Perler Bead Peace Sign

Follow these simple steps to make your very own peace sign! :)

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies needed.

Step 2: Starting Your Project

Start making the outside circle in the pattern shown below: clear sparkly green, white, lime green, white, clear sparkly green, white, lime green, white... and so on.

Step 3: Finish the Circle

Go all the way around the outside edge using the same pattern.

Step 4: Start Making the Peace Sign.

Make a vertical line in the center.

Step 5: Finish the Peace Sign.

Finish the peace sign as shown below.

Step 6: Getting Ready to Iron.

Put the special paper on top of your project.  Note:keep the project on the peg board!

Step 7: Iron

Iron your project in a circular motion.

Step 8: Done

Wait until its cooled and do what you want with it. Feel free to make any changes you want like changing the size or color. Try attaching it to a necklace. Have fun making yours!


SwimmingRox (author)2010-08-17

Thanks I didn't know what it was called I thought it was freezer paper.

craig3 (author)2010-08-17

Also, if you run out of "special paper", its just baking paper, so you can always buy much much more if you need it. Just don't use wax paper

gaildorothy (author)2011-11-21

what is the form ur using to place the beads?

gaildorothy (author)2011-11-21

is the special paper u r using parchment paper????

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