This instructable will show you how to make a platonic solid bike light fixture for a Bontrager "Glo" bike light. 
This project began as a way to meld my passion for biking, geometry, and art. I remixed a platonic solid design created by WilliamAAdams from thingiverse to create the fixtures.

The light will now light the road (creating a geometric shadow of the platonic solid in the light), make the fixture glow(making the rider/bike more visible), and it will look cool(c'mon, platonic solids are AWESOME).

This is a remix of WilliamAAdams' thingiverse- full credit is given to WilliamAAdams for his platonic solid design that I remixed.
For this instructable, I will show you how to create a fixture with a hexahedron, but you can use these same steps to do the Dodecahedron or tetrahedron designs from WilliamAAdams to create a set of fixtures for the bike light. I've included a few photos of the other platonic solids I remixed as well.

You will need to have experience with Rhino CAD program, M3 allen set screws and nuts, a Bontrager Glo bike light, and some sort of access to a 3D printer with clear plastic.
You can find the bike light here:    http://bontrager.com/model/11364
The nuts and screws can be found at Ace Hardware or Home Depot.
Full recognition is given to WilliamAAdams for his Platonic Solids for OpenSCAD 2.0 design!

Step 1: Download the Platonic solid .stl file from Thingiverse

Picture of Download the Platonic solid .stl file from Thingiverse
Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 1.38.52 PM.png
First, get on your web browser, and go to www.thingiverse.com.

Next, search “Platonic Solids”, and click on the third option, labeled, “Platonic solids for OpenScad- v.0.5 by WilliamAAdams”.

Click on the link labeled, “Download This Thing!”, and download the platonic solid of your choice. As I said earlier, in this instructable I will highight how to make a hexahedron bike light fixture.

Next, open Rhinoceros CAD program, and open the .stl file you just downloaded.
BradNiedt (author) 2 years ago
My bike light is my friend indeed, so it fits haha.
jongscx2 years ago
The title made me giggle because it sounds like you friend-zoned your bike light...