This instructable will show you how to make a platonic solid bike light fixture for a Bontrager "Glo" bike light. 
This project began as a way to meld my passion for biking, geometry, and art. I remixed a platonic solid design created by WilliamAAdams from thingiverse to create the fixtures.

The light will now light the road (creating a geometric shadow of the platonic solid in the light), make the fixture glow(making the rider/bike more visible), and it will look cool(c'mon, platonic solids are AWESOME).

This is a remix of WilliamAAdams' thingiverse- full credit is given to WilliamAAdams for his platonic solid design that I remixed.
For this instructable, I will show you how to create a fixture with a hexahedron, but you can use these same steps to do the Dodecahedron or tetrahedron designs from WilliamAAdams to create a set of fixtures for the bike light. I've included a few photos of the other platonic solids I remixed as well.

You will need to have experience with Rhino CAD program, M3 allen set screws and nuts, a Bontrager Glo bike light, and some sort of access to a 3D printer with clear plastic.
You can find the bike light here:    http://bontrager.com/model/11364
The nuts and screws can be found at Ace Hardware or Home Depot.
Full recognition is given to WilliamAAdams for his Platonic Solids for OpenSCAD 2.0 design!

Step 1: Download the Platonic Solid .stl File From Thingiverse

First, get on your web browser, and go to www.thingiverse.com.

Next, search “Platonic Solids”, and click on the third option, labeled, “Platonic solids for OpenScad- v.0.5 by WilliamAAdams”.

Click on the link labeled, “Download This Thing!”, and download the platonic solid of your choice. As I said earlier, in this instructable I will highight how to make a hexahedron bike light fixture.

Next, open Rhinoceros CAD program, and open the .stl file you just downloaded.
My bike light is my friend indeed, so it fits haha.
The title made me giggle because it sounds like you friend-zoned your bike light...

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