How to make a Pocket Sized Colloidal Silver Generator.

First I would like to give a bit of material on colloidal silver, but due to the controversial nature of this substance, I am not allowed to state what is said about colloidal silver. Liability issues and the terms of service agreement. Thank You for pointing that out Kiteman.

The only personal claim I will make is that it works for me, and I feel the need to help others find it also.

I will say that, from the first comments, research it thoroughly, YOURSELF.

This is an Instructable on how to make a colloidal silver generator that can slip into your pocket and make your own colloidal silver on the run. Plus it is inexpensive, and gives a good product that is inexpensive.

I will suggest that anyone interested in using colloidal silver to research the topic thoroughly, consult a physician, and read all the good and bad things before you make up your own mind.

I have entered a couple of links here - they are not the end authorities on the subject. Their credabilities may be flawed, for some - but it is a start.

Use at your own risk and good health to you if you chosse it, or not. (Pro) (Con) (Blueman - there do not seem to be many.) ( Part 1 of 13 - try to watch all if you can.)
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This comment is about Kiteman below seeing if we know what ozone generators do, as well, and implying that ozone is bad for well as one other person stating they smoke and drink and are fine, so does that mean theyre both good for you.

A) Studies on SMOG which supposedly "proved" that ozone was bad, are simply WRONG. Ozone is a form of oxygen, and this same substance after it rains, is what keeps our planet sterile and not being overgrown with mold everytime it gets wet. OZONE in smog is one of a dozen different constituents, and to say because the toxins in smog make us ill, ozone must be the bad one of the bunch, is BUNK science. Ozone is medically proven to sterilize bacteria and our bodies use 4 lbs of oxygen versus 2 pounds of food per day; which is more important?

B) Alcohol kills many many germs. Alcohol in moderation is indeed, GOOD FOR YOU.

C) Studies on smoking, have included the 2000-3000 ADDITIVE chemicals that cigarettes are laden with - they are DIRTY TAINTED STUDIES.

D) Nicotine, when burned("oxidized"), is NO LONGER NICOTINE. It is NICOTINIC ACID, which is the pharmaceutical source of VITAMIN B. Nicotinic acid is GOOD FOR YOU. Nicotine levels, nicotine studies etc are therefore all BUNK as well -- it is not the nicotine but rather the 2000 EXTRA CHEMICALS which cause the ADDICTION. If you smoke ORGANIC ADDITIVE FREE cigs you will notice in one month that the awful craving has VANISHED. You must roll your own tho, as the most famous organic brand recently bought out by the virginia monopolies, now impregnates the PAPERS used in the pre-rolled versions, to "honestly" (not) state that the TOBACCO is additive free (whilst you smoke chemicals via the papers unbeknownst!)--

E) the nicotine studies only apply to people sucking, eating, or snuffing tobacco UNBURNT. Nicotine again, simply DOES NOT SURVIVE burning intact, and changes into NICOTINIC ACID, aka Vitamin B.

:) A Mensan Science Lover who doesnt watch Brainwash TV of any sort.
The french did a study that concluded smoking pure tobacco wasn't so bad, it was the additives that kill you.
Kiteman Mach52 years ago
[citation needed]
Sir they've done independent studies on Ozone. The fact is that it is highly oxidizing and can cause cellar death. The genetic fallacy you use is just wrong. Oxygen isn't automatically safe. further just because something has one good quality doesn't mean it is good for you. Molten iron protects us from the solar wind, doesn't mean you should take it internally.
KellyCraig4 months ago

It is, perhaps, ironic that certain posters purport to be knowledgeable in things colloidal and ozone, then nay say any use of either.

As several note, contact between silver and bacterial can be devastating to the bacteria. The same can be said about ozone. Important is how these things are used.

A friend dealt with a foot fungus he acquired during the Korean war. For decades, doctors sought to keep it in check with antibiotics. However, those attempts were not always successful. I brewed a quart of silver water for him and suggested he soak his feet in it. He said it was the first thing that had worked for him.

Obviously, he did not drink the silver, but merely soaked his feet in it.

I do not buy claims we need to drink silver. I cannot find any material indicating the heavy metal silver is something we need to ingest. I do, however, find companies researching how to treat colloidal silver so it will not be affected by stomach acids. I do find major companies using silver in their front loaders to reduce mold and bacteria. In short, while some applications are a bad idea, others appear not to be.

I do have an ozone generator (actually, several I picked up at yard sales for around ten bucks each). I do not use one to "make the air I breath better" by running it with me and others in the house. When running it, I also consider its affect on rubber and plastics.

I've used a cover over the output of a generator to concentrate the ozone (a cottage cheese container), then ran a hose from it through a lid and to the bottom of a gallon jar. Another hose in the jar lid, which did not touch the water, was attached to a [$2.00, yard sale] neblulizer [which had the hose switched to the vacuum side of the pump] to put a light vacuum on the jar so the ozone would draw through it.

This also makes a good foot soak, or can just be a means of killing bacterial in the water. Of course, so can the sun's UV rays.

How long do you leave the batteries in at a time?

Will this silver wire be adequate?

akinich9 months ago
Hey i would like to know if this is possible for other metals such as copper itself ?
Tim Temple11 months ago
ebay is a regular source of silver wire at decent prices.
strmrnnr (author) 5 years ago
I took out the claims: The following is a partial list of the more than 650 diseases that colloidal silver has been reputed to be successful against: acne, AIDS, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete's foot, bladder inflammation, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils, burns, cancer, candida, cholera, colitis, conjunctivitis, cystitis, dermatitis, diabetes, dysentery, eczema, fibrositis, gastritis, gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, keratitis, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, lymphangitis, Lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, neurasthenia, parasitic infections: viral, fungal and bacterial pneumonia, pleurisy, prostate, pruritus ani, psoriasis, purulent opthalmia, rhinitis, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth, and throat, seborrhea, septicemia, shingles, skin cancer, staphylococcus and streptococcus infections, stomach flu, syphilis, thyroid, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, toxemia, trachoma, all forms of virus, warts, whooping cough, yeast infection, stomach ulcer, canine parovirus and other veterinary uses, and fungal and viral attacks on plants. If you are still pessimistic about it, try it on an old plant that is diseased. Just don't buy it if you have the material to make it. It costs way to much money to buy it.
Two points:

> "reputed" is only close to "proof" if you rip a lot of pages out of the dictionary.

> testing it on a plant isn't even in the earliest stages of a medical trial - if you drink something because it's good for the roses, then there are miracle cures oozing out of compost heaps across the world.
Why not see what is said by the US Paternt Office who patented this device.
try reading this if you can: But first remember if it is stated as a cure they would take this off the market because your friend FDA will not be getting the billions of dollars they strive so hard to get by keeping us well..  Actually you are worth money sick than well so we are not allowed to get will or they will lose theri allowances.
Also the Doctors (and i worked for many) Want to keep us "managably ill"   If we get better they lose customers.

As far as the blue thing, There are millions of people who take it in proper amounts and have only had good things happen, me included, I no longer have lupus.
Colloidal Silver is an antibiotic, if those people that turned blue abused the product, it is not supposed to be taken everyday for years.  That is what they said they did, and they rubbed it on the skin at the same time.

I wonder what would happen to you if you took a real antibiotic every day for ten or more years double and triple the dose ?  I think you probably die, I would rather be blue than DEAD.
The Patent Office will patent anything - it does not have to actually work (they patented a faster-than-light space ship powered by diodes for goodness' sake!)

How long did you have to take the silver before the lupus cleared up?

What other treatments were you also taking?

The comment about "managably ill" clearly shows where you are coming from here - I dare say your CS materials are filed next to the documentation for the 300mpg carburettor and the HHO Overunity generator...

Why do you care or are you just someone that likes to argue.  This conversation is over. I will ignore any further replies from you.
Thanks you
I assume you'll read this: Since you asked questions, I presume you want answers.

I care because I object to people being taken in by woowoo.  Must be something to do with me being a science teacher.
strmrnnr (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
If you are  science teacher you should have the facility and equipment to test this on your own. And i say on your own because if you tell your co workers they will likely try to stop you, as you are me.

Take the time and try it in a petri dish and prove without a doubt to yourself. Also, remember to try and not sub-consciously sabotage your own experiments. Give it an honest go. Please.
Please pay attention:

I have never stated that this method will not work to produce colloidal silver.

What I have been doing is pointing out the established facts: colloidal silver has no medical benefits, and instead causes cumulative, irreparable damage.

I also have particular problems with the wording of the last main paragraph of your write-up; you tell people to research the subject before putting their health at risk, then you tell them not to trust the people who know (and have properly checked) the facts of the matter.

The colloidal silver nonsense is a prime example of one of the more physically dangerous conspiracy myths.   I'll bet you have a Hulda zapper and an ozone generator as well...

Skylarrew Kiteman11 months ago
Not that it matters to you, but you seem interested in all the machines but hell bent on repressing this machine. I have all the proof it works as for years I hada condition that would not heal, well,after using this the doctor says its gone. proof enough for me.
Kiteman Skylarrew11 months ago
I'm not repressing anything. If I were, I would use my position to have these projects removed from the site.

All I am doing is making sure that wild, unsubstantiated medical claims do not go unchallenged.

You say you have proof, but one person getting better from an un-named condition is not proof of anything.

Colloidal silver has been tested, properly, and found to have not effect on the human body. Techniques which produce silver oxide in the mix turn you blue, but methods that produce genuine nano-scale pure silver do not even do that - the particles pass fight through the body, affecting nothing, and not being absorbed. It really is money down the drain, via your intestines.

Do you have any curiosity as to whether it actually kills bacteria and viruses? And does so safely? Obviously you like to experiment....

Here's a website to show CS's safety:
Oh, I know that silver kills bacteria and viruses, but its on direct contact with the micro-organism.

Drinking a suspension of the colloidal form will, at best, harm a small proportion of your natural intestinal fauna. It will have absolutely no effect on infections in any other part of the body.

The many claims of its effectiveness against diseases are only verifiable in vitro, when the microbes can be forced into direct physical contact with the particles of silver, much as they are in open wounds covered by silver-impregnated band-aids, or sweaty skin dressed in silver-impregnated clothing.

As for your quoted website, it represents a body with no official recognition that I can find, and the way it deals with dose-levels is highly suspect, swapping around between milligrams, ppm and "drops" willy-nilly, attempting to gloss over the fact that, if you stick with the original EPA-defined RfD of 5E-3 mg/kg/day means that any dose over half a milligram is considered unsafe for consumption by an average-sized human.

It also [falsely] implies that there is no "cut-and-dried" upper level at which silver ingestion becomes toxic, when in fact the data says there is no lower limit, meaning that there is, according to the EPA, no safe dose of metallic colloidal silver.

I'm no fan of taking silver colloid internally myself, but I have to point out that the limitation of it only killing things with which it has direct contact is true of any such compound, including antibiotics. The question then is whether or not it's absorbed and circulated, which, if it wasn't, it wouldn't turn you blue in cases of high doses of large particles... So it will likely have at least some effect on blood infections, the question being whether it produces a significant effect before or after the dosage reaches toxic levels.

The safety of ingesting silver seems to depend quite a lot on particle size and composition. Silver nitrates are both highly toxic and potentially explosive, while silver oxide and silver iodide have quite low toxicity and are eliminated from the body over time. Silver compounds are used in treatment of heavy metal poisoning because they displace the more toxic elements back into the bloodstream where the body can eliminate them and then are gradually eliminated themselves.

I'm not finding any studies with results about silver ions (which is what this machine should make if properly current-limited, see some of the other comments) but silver ionization is one of the methods used by NASA for water purification due to high effectiveness and safety and low weight... So it should be safe to drink, and monatomic ions should be small enough to be eliminated from the body and not build up in the skin. So it's unlikely that you'll kill or brain-damage yourself with this thing -- it just might or might not actually cure any diseases for you. If you've got something that's "incurable" though, it might be worth a shot.
"Colloidal silver" is not "silver ions".

Colloidal silver is a suspension of fine, but solid particles. Ions are found in solution, with a partner, negative ion (typically nitrate).

They are very different substances, and have different effects on the body - silver nitrate is corrosive and toxic, extremely destructive of mucous membranes. If consumed in trace, non-corrosive amounts, it results in the development of argyria much more quickly than colloidal silver.

That is all essentially correct, but there is a bit of fuzziness to it.

This rig here is essentially a low amperage electroplater. When you hook up the power, positively charged silver ions get ripped off of one electrode, migrate through the water, and deposit themselves on the other electrode. Due to the size of the container and the speed at which the ions can travel through the water, silver will slowly build up in the water to a certain level depending on voltage, volume, etc. If you then remove the electrodes, you will be left with positively charged silver ions in the water.

Said ions will immediately start looking for something from which they can beg, borrow, or steal an electron, which is why it is very important to use the purest possible water if you're planning to drink it (or at least water where the impurities are known), and also to know what your own internal chemistry is likely to be. If there are nitrates in the water, or in your system, you are quite likely to end up forming silver nitrate (which, as you said, is horribly bad for you internally.)

Barring a high concentration of nitrates somewhere, the most likely things for it to latch-on to in the body would be chlorine, oxygen, and iodine. Silver in these forms is much less toxic than silver nitrate, and tends to migrate out of the body over time. Given that NASA uses a similar system for water sterilization in space, it's reasonable to assume that drinking a reasonable quantity, properly made, would likely have no ill effects. I would be a little sceptical about using precisely the rig shown here were I planning to take it internally, as the water comes out looking a little cloudy, which would indicate to me that the particle size is probably a little large. As one of the other commentators said, control of the current to keep the particle size down as small as possible is a must.

True silver colloid is, as you said, merely very finely ground silver that stays in suspension due to Brownian motion. Its toxicity likely depends mostly on particle size. Large enough to not be absorbed = no significant problem. Small enough to pass through the circulatory system without getting stuck anywhere = no significant problem. Something in between = you look like a smurf and possibly have silver start dropping out of solution in your joints and nervous system. Given that there are radiation therapy enhancements in development that basically pair finely ground silver or gold with an antibody that sticks to the target cells to increase energy absorption, and that the metal passes out of the body again once expended, it is reasonable to think that properly sized silver colloid is probably not a significant health risk if used in a reasonable quantity.

As for effectiveness, the two sides to the research that I can find are basically those who claim it cures just about everything with no side-effects whatsoever and that anyone saying otherwise is obviously a drug company shill, and the ones who claim that it is always poisonous and will kill you and anybody saying otherwise is a crank. Both sides seem to have the primary goal of proving the other side wrong, and neither side seems interested in figuring out the truth. Which I find to be rather sad all things considered.
strmrnnr (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Then there is no problem. This is not for you. Don't drink it and let others make up their own minds.
As long as they don't have to wait until they have turned irreversibly blue to decide it doesn't work. And please, don't make an ozone-generator your next project.
I hope you get to read this, There is oine in a million chance to turn blue, and that is if you drink gallons of this stuff. and no one does.
Check proper medical websites (as well as chemical hazard websites).

Argyria is a very real, cumulative, irreversible hazard of consuming colloidal silver.

There is no peer-reviewed evidence for medical benefits from drinking colloidal silver.

You haven't supported these claims, rather acknowledged that they have been made (by colloidal-silver quacks selling this stuff). While you perceive a personal benefit, you've not said "it cured-" "my () has gone" or similar. What you did do was also list reputed / reported detrimental effects to balance this, and you still advise seeking the opinion of a medical professional.

For some gullible people who will hand over money for any "miracle cure" finding "collodial-silver" here will at least give them a reasonably balanced view.

But all that aside, the Instructable is about making colloidal-silver, swigging it isn't the only use and the actual make should be appraised rather than your reasons for doing so.

___ lemonie5 years ago
this time i agree with lemonie
jestick2 years ago
It can be hard to get to the truth about these things. If you have done the research you know the truth. But when you are just starting out and you see an argument like this, it can be tough.

Here are some tips for getting to the truth. My answers are given as indications but you should seek your own.

1. Follow the money. Who gains/loses if you use colloidal silver

Big drug companies stand to lose out if the claims are true. Colloidal silver is superior to antibiotics since it kills fungus and viruses as well as bacterial, and it is not possible for them to become resistant.

2. Is the material in use in other products considered safe

Anti-microbial chopping boards, medical bandages, water purification systems. CDC does not list silver as toxic.

3. What do people who actually have argyria (blue skin) say

Interview on youtube the famous papa smurf still uses colloidal silver, and accepts he misused it to cause the problem. As stated elsewhere, use pure water and current limiting diode and this will never be a problem. IF you make it with tap water., use only for disinfection, not bodily use.

4. What risks are associated with short term use for experimentation

None recorded. Turning blue takes a long time even with the impure product. Trying some for a cold, burn or infection carries little or no risk.

5. Do you actually know someone who has used it.

Always good to connect with real people. The internet is OK, but the real world is well,... real.
pwag13 years ago
OK, I'll weigh in. To start, I've been studying and Using "colloidal silver" for about twelve years now. I just checked my "Silver" file on my computer. It is 98.5MB and holds 702 files. Most of those are medical reports on uses of silver. Stuff like these:

And you especially might find this interesting:

Silver kills most but not all pathogens. Period. Exactly "how" isn't really known for all pathogens and probably varies depending on the type and size of the silver particles. Here's a report where and how silver kills E-Coli:

Contrary to what you see all over the internet and from hundreds of providers, most "colloidal silver" is actually ionic silver which is AG+ silver ions. True colloidal silver is very small AG particles. When AG+ silver mixes with bodily fluids most of it is fairly quickly turned into AgCl, silver chloride. However, silver salts are anti-pathogenic too. Silver nitrate (AgNO3) is still put it the eyes of almost all babies born in the USA. In many states its statutory law, although other antibiotics like erythromycin are now being used.

After 12 years, I can't say whether AG or AG+ silver works better. In almost all "colloidal silver" products you are getting both. The "ionic silver" is 95-98% ions with the balance being elemental silver and real colloidal silver is about the opposite. If it is worth anything, most medical products say that they are generating AG+ particles. I suspect that both kill pathogens but may be doing it in different ways. It also worth noting that almost all the medical reports don't actually say what type of silver is being used and especially what the particle size is either. I've even had some personal communications with a few of the authors and they still couldn't say. Additionally, most medical reports are using "in vitro" (petri dish) testing and don't really know what is happening "in vivo" (inside the body) or if the results are even applicable.

The FDA and all sorts of people always say if you use colloidal silver you will get Argyria. Possible but very rare. Contrary to a lot of posters AND medical reports, one gets Argyria by ingesting a lot of too large of silver particles. When the particle size is too much larger than a red blood cell (about 10 micron) the large particles get stuck in the small capillaries in the outer skin. There they interact with light and turn black which then causes the skin to take on a bluish-grey tint, depending one one's complexion.

As far as I know, its irreversible, despite all the hocus-pocus "metal detoxification" claims but is fairly benign. For those into the Gothic scene it might even be desirable. However, keep the particle size small and you'll never get it regardless of how much colloidal silver you take as the stuf just passes through you. Most of the more recent cases are from people who were improperly home-brewing CS and then drinking a lot of sludge.

Why do you want to have CS? The movie Contagion is out. Go see it. While fictional it is actually very possible. The viral community is scared shitless that someday H5N1,(Bird Flu) which is hard to catch but is still killing a bit over 50% of those that do catch it will recombine with a highly contagious flu like H1N1. If the resultant new flu strain contains H5N1's lethality and H1N1's contagiousness, then Contagion will be a reality.

Modern medicine as no cure for a virus. However, you might find this VERY INTERESTING:

We personally use colloidal silver and have for a long time bt take it only as needed. My wife is a teacher and catches every cold and flu running around. Unlike me who rarely gets either and then has few serious symptoms when I do, a cold would knock her out of work for 1-2 weeks. Now, taking CS, she doesn't miss work and is generally "cured" in 3-5 days. Our 24 year old son caught the nasty strain of E-COli. He was hospitalized and the doctors actually told us he would probably die but if he did survive he would probably lose his kidneys. We checked him out, took him home, and poured six bottles of CS into him. A week later he was completely cured with no side effects. The doctors were amazed. My oldest son caught some flu a few years back before the Swine Flu "scare" He had a 105F fever and was in bad shape. One 8oz bottle "cured' him completely in two days.

The stuff works great on diaper rashes and conjunctivitis too.

Anecdotal? Yes, but remember medicine has no cures for some pathogens. They just go through the motions so you think modern medicine is doing something but when you pin them to the wall they have to admit that they don't actually have a cure. They are basically doing things to help your body's defenses take care of the alien invaders.

BTW, if the scenario even 1/1000 like in Contagion happens, (Look up the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic) the hospitals will be overwhelmed and you are on your on. For such things you want to have some CS around (Also get real black licorice - it contains an anti-viral compound).

If you make your own (basic instructions are all over the internet) here are a few tips that are often left out:

1. Use as pure as water as possible. Tap water contains chlorine and other crap. If you don't have a water distiller, you'll have to buy some pure water. That is NOT the same as buying bottled water. Look for laboratory grade or deionized water. About $50/G. Or get a distiller, about $100 for a cheap one. This is the one I have and was the best price I found (a few years ago):

BTW, all the ones around at much higher prices that look like this one are this one. They all come out of the same Korean factory.

I double distill bottled water for having "relatively" pure water to make CS. You have to use some of your distilled water to clean out the water chamber of the distiller before the second distilling of the already distilled water. If you've never distilled water, you'll be surprised at the crud in the water.

2. Pure water won't conduct electricity. Add a little CS from a previous "brew" to the water so it will start conducting electricity for the electrolysis process. Do NOT add salt or anything besides other CS.

3. Use as pure of silver as you can get/afford for the electrodes. Remember, whatever is in the silver will end up in the water which will end up in your body. That includes lead and cadmium. Most people selling silver allegedly more than 99.99% pure (also referred to as ".9999" or "four nines") are probably lying through their teeth. Ask for a copy of the assay. Even then.... You can, however, get that pure of silver from the mint. A US Silver Eagle and a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf are 99.99% pure silver. If you can't believe the US government who can you believe? Well, accept for their lies on Social Security and a bunch of other things but that's another story. Use them as-is or cut into strips. BTW, you can also suck on a silver coin like a lozenge. The acid in your mouth leaches some of the silver off. Keep one around for emergencies.

Electrolysis of pure water with a silver electrode strips ions of silver from the POSITIVE electrode and places them in solution. Being positively charged, they are attracted to the cathode or NEGATIVE electrode. That one can be stainless steel instead of silver. Ideally most ions will remain in solution but some make it to the cathode, which must be cleaned after use, of the soft deposit of silver.

4. If you don't want to be making BIG silver particles, you have to limit the DC current. A smaller current over longer time is better. Track down about a 1mA current limiting diode (CLD), like a1N5296.
Mouser Electronics carries them.

The CLD is installed reverse biased (backwards relative to a normal diode). If you don't know which way it is supposed to go, put a DC ammeter in series to measure the current flow with the anode and cathode leads connected to the silver rods shorted together. To do this, and check the proper functioning of the CLD, you need a meter that can measure at least down to 0.1mA (100uA) increments. Many low cost 3 ½ digit multimeters have a 200mA DC range which is adequate as they display 199.9 mA full scale. Since you may not know what you are doing, or for good general design principals, it is prudent to also put a 1000 ohm current limiting resistor (the wattage is basically irrelevant) in series with the CLD so that you don't accidentally burn out the CLD by forward biasing (i.e. installing it backwards) or blow the fuse in the multimeter when the leads are shorted. When the CS brew leads are shorted together, you will see the meter reading the approximate value of the CLD, +/-10%, if it is installed correctly. If it reads [[source voltage – 1.2]/ 1000] it is in backwards.

5. Use a glass jar (Pyrex!) to brew the CS in. And keep it covered so stuff in the air doesn't fall into the water. If you want to get real serious use a laboratory magnetic stirrer too. Check Ebay. I bought an old one for $40.

6. Knowing when the "brew" is ready is a bit tougher. If you are making really small particles forget the "Tyndal Effect" and it doesn't "tel" you concentration anyway. Correctly brewed, most of the particles should be smaller than the wavelength of the light and thus you will see nothing. The best way is to use a Pure Water Tester, such as the Hanna HI 98308, that will measure parts per million.

Hope this helps.

jestick pwag12 years ago
You HOPE this helps! Best posting I have ever read on practical colloidal silver making. Knew a lot of it, but never seen it all on one place. The current limiting diode was new to me.

I want to make a pocket maker for travel, the block plus current limiting diode will be perfect.

Just the thing for sterilizing a glass of local water in some part of the developing (or developed) world.

Excellent post.
Tim Temple2 years ago
The way to be safe is just stick with distilled water and pure silver. Here's a site to show how to be safe:
pwag13 years ago
In addition to my previous comments, somebody took issue with something I had to say over on a somewhat related thread. I posted a lengthy rebuttal which readers of this thread might find informative or at least interesting. See:
pwag13 years ago
I should have added, if you brew your own CS, and want to be absolutely sure you aren't making big particles that could give you Argryia, filter the brewed results through a maximum 1 - 10 micron absolute filter.

Use a gravity filter. Check:
misry3 years ago
Hi ,

I am really concerned about colloidal silver , i had found this blog

what is your opinion ?

lucek misry3 years ago
It's a marketing page. Look for actual work on the chemical. There is little to no benefit(that is no well controlled study has ever found a difference from controls), and there is risk.
This is a really good page showing the horrors of colloidal silver:. :

Your directions are very, very good. You NEVER want to add salt of any sort to form silver chloride, and your directions are ace. You also dont want to be misled by "longer/bigger is better" - when the colloidal particles get too big, thats when argyria can happen, because theyre too big to be of any use in the body. The timing is important and many people give simple ways of testing "finishedness" like using a regular bulb flashlight and seeing if the beam thru the jar of colloid now forms a pointed end (conical) at the far end; another way is to buy a simple laser (pen) from radio shack,and keep looking thru the jar periodically at the beam (beam across, you perpendicular) until the beam goes from very faint to very defined; the particles in the water at right concentration will make either "light" beam more visible and signal that the mixture is done. A third good indicator is a slightly yellow tint to the water - but never milky, black, or gray - those should be tossed and start over.
The "in vivo" medical studies and chemistry speculation, that because silver ions meet chlorides in the body and therefore become "silver chloride", are done on paper and not in the real world. (User of same, feel great and have chronic infection - no evidence like using it). They have failed to add in the fact that all chronic infections cause a state of abnormal acidity in the body , and are assuming the prototype of "a healthy body, ph 7" in their speculations.

We have a lot to learn of WHY this works (if we need to know at all)...and the simple fact that it does, and has been known of for thousands of years, cannot be defeated by a greedy bunch of information-hogging jerks out to make bucks.

GOOD FOR YOU for sharing this page with those who havent found this yet. We only get one life, and that is a sacred thing to preserve for us who are not bacterially well. (comments - mercury?some people just like to argue and even a monkey can do that with a blue poker chip and a vending machine-see chimpanzee studies of the 1960s.).
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