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Hi! Today we will learn how to make s'mores out of clay. Here are the materials:  Tan clay, Brown clay,white clay,blade,toothbrush and/or tiny ball of tinfoil.  Here are the optional materials: Rolling pin, flower cookie cutter, chalk pastels (brown,yellow) and eyepin/headpin. So lets get started!  ( I forgot to add the blade to the picture!)

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So first we are going to condition all of our clay. This will make the clay easier to work with. Now we are going to take our tan and roll it into a ball. Now flatten the ball and shape it like a square so it looks like the picture. Then use the toothbrush to texture it and use your blade to make indents. If you have pastels dont forget to shade it! 

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Now we take our white clay and roll it into a ball. Now roll it sideways a tiny bit so it looks like a log. Flatten the top and bottom to give it more shape. Keep flattening the top and bottom until you get a marshmellow look. If you want you can make the face out of clay.

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If you have a flower cookie cutter follow these steps. First you roll out the brown clay with your rolling pin or pasta machine. Next use the cutter and cut out the flower shape. If you dont have one, you can flatten a thin piece of brown clay and pull the edges so it looks like a flower. 

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First, place the clay marshmellow on the tan flattened square. Next place the flower shape on top of it. If you want to you can put an eyepin. Bake your creation at 275 for 15 min. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions ask me in the comments below.                                                                                                                                 -TheCraftperson


TheCraftyperson (author)2012-07-10

I'm new so this isn't the best. But if you would like I could make more detailed/advanced polymer clay how-to's. I'm making a gift for Mothers day. Or just a gift for a girl in general! I could make some mario-themed things. If you have any suggestions on what I should make, please comment. (You will get credit for your idea if i use it)

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