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This instructable has a video made to give you a in depth how-to. If you have any questions please refer to the video. This is a quick overview of the main steps. 

Video link: How-to-make-a-pop-up-reader

The Pop-up Reader is a way for people with a visual impairment to read a written document using their iphone.

Unfortunately due to the detailed tasks, it's not able to be constructed by someone with a visual impairment, but it can be made by a friend or helper.

You will need:
-Masking Tape
-Cardboard. Single corrugated. 4mm.
-Hot glue gun. Alternatively super glue.
-Magnets. Diamater 6mm x Height 3mm. Round.

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Step 1:

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On the second printed out A4 sheet, cut in between where the two crosses intersect horizontally on both sides of the paper.

Stick the middle sheet to the other two A4 sheets, making sure the crosses line up creating one long net.

Step 2:

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Tape the long net to the sheet of cardboard. Stick the tape on your clothes a few times to make the tape less sticky, so it doesn't tear the card on removal. 3 bits of tape on each side is enough.

Step 3:

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Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 16.07.34.png
Cut out all the black lines. (See the key on the bottom left hand side of the net)
Cut along the black lines inside the net too.

Step 4:

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Don't push the net out from the card. The next thing you need to do is push the scalpel blade through where the blue circles are to mark out the magnets.

Step 5:

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Score lines H and I. Take great care not to cut too deep and puncture the card on the back.

Step 6:

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Score the red lines for A, B, D, E, F and G and remove the inside material, again taking great care not to cut too deep and puncture the other side.

Step 7:

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Hold the blade at 10 degrees when scoring back.

Step 8:

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For C, J and K score the outside red lines as normal, but when removing the inside material hold the blade at 45 degrees to create a v cut.

Step 9:

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You can now start to remove the tape. 
Hey Jude1 year ago
Hey Ross & Co, this is an awesome project. Like the use of Coroflute!