Picture of How to make a Portal Gun.
This is how i made my portal gun for halloween 2011.

it is one of many way that you can make a portal gun. i made it this way because my experiances with these materials were higher than any other method. 

Ive entered this to the Hurricane Lasers Contest, if you like it enough could you please vote for me at the top of this page.. Thank you in advance. :D
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Blue insulation foam for the main shells of the gun.

the barrel and body were made from PVC pipes at 110mm and 70mm  and one clear 65mm tube. also a solid clear acrylic rod at 20mm

plastic acrylic sheet for detailing parts.

three black cables (thick electrical cable is fine) and wire to put inside.  or three wire core foam wrapping strips (like the hair curling things. i found mind at a general store or DIY store)

for the electronics i had two bright blue LEDs and two red LEDs (shoud be orange but i didnt have any) a three way switch, an assortment of wire and a 9volt battery.

emulsion paint, filler primer spray paint, plastic primer spray paint, lots of white spray paint and black spray paint.

car body filler (most commonly called bondo) i used P38 polyester filler.

Glue! lots of glue ranging from two part epoxie and super glue.

also masking tape.

Step 2: Tools.

Picture of Tools.
the tools used for this project were:

belt sander, jigsaw, hacksaw blade and lots of craft knifes.

losts of different grade sand paper: corse to very fine.

soldering iron for the wiring.

lots of clamps.
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OMG This is awesome. I really want to do this for my halloween costume next year. :)
backwards lamb (author)  tardismaster10 days ago
thanks. if you do make it post photos i would love to see it :)
AngelF21 month ago


AngelF21 month ago


tbh-11381 year ago

Do not look directly into the operational end of the device.

Exactly what I thought haha

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(removed by author or community request)

Oh, how we laughed and laughed. Except I wasn't laughing.

tbh-1138 tbh-11389 months ago


KylerM7 months ago

have any extra foam left?

KylerM KylerM7 months ago

If not, what thickness was the foam? Do you think perhaps you could find me a link? Thanks.

Zappzipper KylerM4 months ago

or hotglue 2-3 foam boards tougther either way works

backwards lamb (author)  Zappzipper3 months ago

well i think the issue is that they cant find the foam. and you cant really use foam board as it has two layers of thin card/paper on either side and you would need a lot of layers. this foam was around 100mm wide, so that would be 20 layers of 5mm foam board or 10 10mm boards not so simple.

backwards lamb (author)  KylerM4 months ago

sorry i forgot to reply. yes i have foam left but not for you sorry. it costs money im not going to just give it away. but just google Styrofoam or search on ebay. its real easy to find.

can you teach to put it together please!

GeekKiD20039 months ago

Hey, backwards lamb! Cool prop! Maybe I'll try to make one! :)

backwards lamb (author)  GeekKiD20039 months ago

do it, give it a go. If you do share a picture so we can see :)

How thick was the Blue foam you used?
How long should the shells be? Also, how long is the portal gun itself?
sirchewy11 year ago
Why pay for neca's is you can do your own.
backwards lamb (author)  sirchewy11 year ago
indeed! also i made this well before the official one from Neca came out.
Chldnr1 year ago
Hello. Do you mind Telling the Dimensions of the shells?
Ernext2 years ago
AWESOME! this is a really good work, I love it
janafekin2 years ago
how much would it cost to make if you didn't Have any of the parts already?
backwards lamb (author)  janafekin2 years ago
i honestly couldn't tell you im afraid. as i did have nearly all the stuff or got it from friends as scrap i dont know how much the parts would cost. sorry
wait sorry, where did you buy the acrylic hook connecters?
backwards lamb (author)  Fastndfurious2 years ago
Which parts do you mean? The tabs that have a hole through where the front claws connect to with a bolt? If yes, I made them out of acrylic sheet cut out on a laser cutter
How did you make the claws on the front?
backwards lamb (author)  Fastndfurious2 years ago
They were made from acrylic sheet cut out on a laser cutter.
imdabest2 years ago
this is so awesome
backwards lamb (author)  imdabest2 years ago
Thank you.
How much did this cost you to make?
backwards lamb (author)  1_Steve_Jobs2 years ago
im affraid i dont know. i made it a year ago and also used lots of things that i already had in stock
nerd122 years ago
i really like the look of the main shells. they look just glossy enough. one question though, how strong is the foam? also, is it very porous like other foams?
i have never used insulation foam so if it is easy i just might start.
backwards lamb (author)  nerd122 years ago
The foam isn't too porous. It's a very hard dense foam. Closed cell I think is a word used to describe it sometimes.

It's a very easy material to work with. You can get good results with it if you spend time on it.
Please can anyone tell me where you got the foam from?
backwards lamb (author)  generaldidsy2 years ago
i got this foam from ebay, but model shops and DIY shops have it.
baterman2 years ago
How or where did you get your Logos?
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