Picture of How to make a Portal Gun
This is how I went about making my own Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

Ever wanted to run around a death chamber in an orange jumpsuit but never had the means to think with portals? Well now you can give it a go; perhaps. This is just one of the examples I hope to use to get into the Props and Special Effects industry *wink wink*. Rate it if you like it please.

Step 1: Starting steps

Picture of Starting steps
To start this, I needed to do some research to get some good views of the Portal Gun other than the POV postion behind the device. These three pictures taken from the internet were the best examples I could find to get an idea of what the whole gun looks like. The first image is an artist's impression which is fairly accurate so I used it as my scale drawing.

Assuming the gun would be approximately 500mm in length, I scaled the first image up in Microsoft Word and then just drew lines to find measurements to get an accurate model. Then using the other screen shots, fill in the details.
Rikoj025 months ago


lanewma6 months ago
If it is okay with you Mr. is it okay you give me the portal gun you have right now?
woweee14 years ago
This cakes no lie!
lanewma woweee16 months ago
The cake is a lie!
tomn1 woweee111 months ago

right its not #minecraftFTW

The cake itself isn't a lie. its a lie that GLaDOS will give you the cake
cool as hell i made mine with your desine exept with pvc insted of wood it cam out perfectly

Nice! this must have given you a lot of lemons. but when a project gives you lemons don't make lemonade! burn somebody's house down! WITH THE LEMONS!!!!!!!!!

I agree with ya. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade, make life take the lemons back, get mad, I don't want your damn lemons what am I supposed to do with these!?!? I demand to see life's manager, make life rue the day and thought it could give Lance Newman lemons, do you know who I am?!? I'm the man that's going to burn your house down, with the lemons, I'm going to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How much did this cost?
chiok (author)  Im_A_Person1 year ago
£10-ish? A lot of it comes from found materials like the can, paint and foam. The main purchases were the chicken wire for the shell and the tubes for the body. It's really more or a Blue Peter scrap build than a professional prop. Make the best with what you have.
robert22342 years ago
the cake is not a lie but on portal 2 it is
Son, you made a nice Gun! Your use of metal mesh (metal Lathe) was brilliant! I'm thinking you may want to use 'Bondo' instead of paper mache in the future. With a bit of practice and experimentation, you'll find you get a much more durable part and a smoother paint surface using bondo. Also head over to your local DIY Center and check out the ABS and PVC Plumbing pipes and fittings...Study them and mess around with them a bit! Awesome amount of possibilities! All and all. pretty nice!
i want it
can i buy?
This is awesome! Here's mine:
portal gun and stand.JPGportal gun first person.JPG
thank you for making the aperture extra-compact hand-held portal device
At this point i'd recommend putting Bondo on there ,bondo is amazing for this type of work. you can sand it to be incredibly smooth then all you need to do is prime and paint it.
Looks like a camera I'll make this and fit a camera inside.:)
mborley3 years ago
I'm not boing rude but the white bits are not smooth so u could use some white flexable fome ?or something like that
numpska3 years ago
Just wanted to say thanks for this tutorial. I made my own portal gun following your instructions and it turned out pretty good. Keep on making tutorials like this one. Detailed pictures of my portal gun can be found here: http://terno.1g.fi/kuvat/Aperture+Science+Handheld+Portal+Device+DIY/
William9304 years ago
what is the clear plastic cylinder made of?
Umm... Plastic?
what do you mean? is it not plastic?
What he meant was that you said- "What is the clear PLASTIC thing MADE OF" which made no sense, because you just said the answer. It's like saying "Hey, what's your name, Joe?" I'm just stating that, I'm not trying to be rude in any way.
I meant like a water bottle, a sheet of plastic rolled up, etc
OH, O.K, sorry.
chiok (author)  William9304 years ago
A sheet of clear polypropylene (PP). 700 microns thick I think. Available in places like Paperchase or in the packaging of large gifts, like a large photo frame or an ornamental duck.
ahmad2117 chiok4 years ago
can i use a plastic bottle instead?
chiok (author)  ahmad21174 years ago
Absolutely. It's a different material (PET, or HDPE) but it does the same thing, it's clear plastic. If you're happy with it, then go for it.

Interestingly, bottles made from PET like soda bottles, can be used to purify water if the bottle is clean and the filled bottles are left in the sun. Called "Solar Water Disinfection".
Aperture4 years ago
This is confidential information. We will be needing your version of the Portal Device...... Please.
No Please donate your handheld portal device to Black mesa East to help us defeat the combine. (a large reward of your choice will be provided, versus the cake of aperature which is obviously a lie)

zhill3 years ago
could i posibly buy one from u i would pay well
hampst5 years ago
Can you upload a picture of the gun held in your hands? I want to see how big it is in relation to a person
chiok (author)  hampst5 years ago
I'm afraid not, it's in irreparable condition now.  It was 500mm in length, which in retrospect is too large.  Resizing the original reference image to 400mm in length would probably yield a more suitable size for a person of Chell's size.
imrobot chiok5 years ago
oh no!  what happened?
i don`t care
who cares?
Chuck Norris.
Xfrim hampst4 years ago
good idea
EnigmaMax5 years ago
this was a triumph.
Im making a note here:HUGE SUCCSESS
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Aperture Science.
We do what we must because we can.
For the good of all of us.
Kryo5 kill35255 years ago
Except the ones who are dead!
But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.
And as science gets done,
and we make a neat gun... for the people who are still alive
Kryo5 JerBear5 years ago

Im not even angry
I'm being so sincere right now
even though you broke my heart and killed me...
and tore me to pieces.
and threw every piece into a fire.
As i burned it hurt because...
I'm being so sincere, right now.
it rely works
jscrimale4 years ago
what are the claws made of card board right?
rashie1234 years ago
werekitty134 years ago
This is awesome. I really, really want one now... If only we could make it work.
jb carter4 years ago
when you make a mistake will you have 2 start allover again 2 make it perfect?
netnerd014 years ago
Just a quick question.
How exactly is the front casing part (the white bit) held on?
chiok (author)  netnerd014 years ago
Hot glue, lots and lots of hot glue. MIG welding of the craft world.
Voltagecaek4 years ago
What are the sizes on the arms?
Wally_Z4 years ago
Wouldn't it be cool if it had a trigger and when you presssed the trigger the LED in the front part changed to orange and when you pressed it again it changed color to blue and then again orange?
SHIFT!4 years ago
This is awesome, I'll have to make this my new summer project!
bader4634 years ago
is not download
nice device.
diabel4 years ago
The portal gun shuld be more smooth and not so square.
CRISTI20074 years ago
mikeyberman6 years ago
That is sooo amazing. You are the god of nerds.
I'm wondering if that would be an insult or a compliment to him?
That'd be a compliment. A real nerd appreciates his nerdiness.
chiok (author)  mikeyberman6 years ago
I don't even own the game, but thanks for the concern :-).
I own the game but can't play it because i dont have the requirements on my computer, my brother does but he is really protective of his computer and will never let me play. Sad face.
: (
Indeed, thank you for sharing in my sad-faceness.
u have a 360? it may not be the same but its on there.
it's also on ps3
what game is this from?
this is the longest line of replys i have ever seen!
LoLing Hard OwT Woop wooP
"There was even going to be a party for you. A big party that all your friends were invited to. I invited your best friend the companion cube. Of course, he couldn't come because you MURDERED HIM. All your other friends couldn't come either because you don't have any other friends because of how unlikable you are. Unlikable, it says so here in your personnel file: Unlikable. Liked by no one. A bitter, unlikable loner whose passing shall not be mourned. SHALL. NOT. BE. MOURNED. That's exactly what it says. Very formal. Very official. It also says you're adopted, so that's funny too."
Remember when the platform was moving over the fire pit and I was all like "Goodbye!" and you where like "NO WAI!" remember? That was great...
The cake is a lie! (well sort of-you get a picture of a cake at the end of the game)
yup, the cake IS a lie
massive chain of posts
It's a series of tubes!
I wonder if the posts ever stop getting smaller?
 It is now
Yep, Totaly
 My bad, I misread your statement, they might I'm not really sure
i guess they do (stop getting shorter that is)
Just want to say I'm GLaD about this new model and love it. By the way, I have a surprise for you. (no seriously, i just wanted to continue the comment streak)
It appears so, I think we killed the magic. :"(
Nope, still getting smaller :D
apparently so
Keep it going people, how short can we get this thing?
I agree and that is why i am continuing this trend.
This is quite crazy.
HA! It's so short now my name doesn't fit. :D
you guys dont have the longest, the DIY guitar graphics one has 3 pages of replies from a single comment. hahaha
darn it your right
 IT's now short enough that I don't think anyone can see the reply button
i can see the reply button
teeny tiny
tiny post
kdude63 13378074 years ago
Again. Epic Win. Quotes are fun. Especially from Portal! :D
Epic win.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
It's on Orange Box, though....
im in ur commentz sharin ur sadfacies! :(
d2j5 duck-lemon6 years ago
if you have internet on your computer you can play a flash version of the game, its not the same though but it dues kill time = D
d2j5 d2j56 years ago
i ment does not dues
U r missing good experience. :(
but if they're not a nerd it would be an insult
yes taht is true mikeyberman....i love being a nerd too =P
i think im going to use fix all or some kind of filler instead of manila or tape....it just seems like it would be cooler solid...
hampst5 years ago
instead of making a grove and a hole, i drew a line and a circle with a black sharpie. lol.
plopkoekje5 years ago
NOw it's longer :P ( little bit late ) I'm gonna make that thing dud...at least try it :P
wouldn't it be easer if you just got a .mdl viewer and looked at the world modle of it? thats what im going to do
aaron778555 years ago
08techgrad5 years ago
I'd like to see a steampunk version of the aperture gun.  Shouldn't be too tricky if one uses the current design as a template.
Chromatica5 years ago
 Just beat the game and the ending is so funny(during the credits).
mohawk935 years ago
what is the equation you use to get how long is should be. like how manny mm per inch
Uhh...can someone tell me how long it should be for a 4ft 10inch person?
my parents are gonna try to make me one for my birthday.(Yes i know...im really short... :*(  )
chiok (author)  Duct Tape Dude5 years ago
 Back of an envelope calculations would suggest an overall length of about 395mm for someone of your stature.  So resize the reference photo I posted in Step 1 so that it's 395mm in length, then take measurements from that.
Ok thx!! alredy started makin' it
whats a sweet capsule?

sry for all the comments, im going to try and make this for next Halloween...thought I'd get a head start ;)
Yeah...same here...this year I was going to be Master Cheif from the halo trilogy but then a friend showed me the Orange Box and I was too preocupied with portal and Half-Life 2. (didn't really enjoy team fortress 2...)
were u going to do that painfully hard-to-make fiberglass resin 'chief costume?
Yeah....it started to get too hard...and the helmet felt like Android Hell ^^
chiok (author)  xXnocturnusXx5 years ago
The sweet capsule was a plastic container for mints made by a British company formally known as Trebor.  Essentially, it was just a plastic capsule that was the right size and shape.  You're looking for a short cylinder with two hemispheres at either end.  You could sculpt one yourself that is half a cylinder and a quarter of a sphere at one end to get the same shape.  But it is up for interpretation.
mentenpool5 years ago

hampst5 years ago
i couldn't get the straight pieces to glue down... and i was impatient, i admit that now. So, for what ever reason, i used electrical tape XP
peach_fart6 years ago
dude the barrel is oval shaped, hence the oval shaped portals
actually I think its round too. Its propably a ball of energy when it comes out and it spreads on the wall hence the oval shaped portals.
that would make circle portals
"...It spreads on the wall hence the oval shaped portals"
drip some water on paper and it will make a circle. and anyway, its just a game.
It's still a physics-based game, and real physics should be applicable to it.
I agree it is just a game I dont know why people camp out in front of best buy to buy these games... but If you drop water on a piece of paper it will shape itself like an oval after it spreads.
I can make it into a dragon for all that matters. There is no restriction on shape in the code itself. They made it oval purposely
REA peach_fart5 years ago
i have gmod and portal. its definitly round. try to prove me wrong.
Open the source SDK and open the portal gun model in hlmv and come back. I'm pretty sure it's round because it would take extra work to make to make the cylinder the barrel it's based on an ovoid. But in the game code itself the portal is just a oval shaped render-target camera pointed to the other side and the border is just a sprite with some particles drawn around it. The shape does not rely on the model, If you are crafty enough you can switch out the portal gun model for the Half Life 2 Pistol and it wouldn't make a difference since Portal and Half Life 2 run on the same engine. In code the weapons are very flexible to avoid errors. I'm a bit of a Source Engine freak. I Practically live in the Source Engine's API.
Why don't you just look at yourself in a portal? No one else has noticed the mirror effect you get when you put 2 portals right next to each other? You look face one, and just look at the other and it's a front image of yourself.
There is a cheat code where you can put the portals on top of each other. It makes a mirror and you can see yourself (and the gun).
If you listen to the commentaries they tell you why. It's because what you see in the portal is actually a virtual camera in the other one(yes I listened to them).
wtf?!?!? it happened again! i got someone elses comment in my email! whats going on?
comments people make to other people keep in popping up in my email its stupid.
chiok (author)  peach_fart6 years ago
If someone makes a comment in your "thread" of conversation, you will receive a notification if you opt to have one for new comments. Your comment on 27/11/08 is the first in this thread, so any replies in it go to your email. You could turn the notifications off, but then you won't know when someone replies to you.
27/11/08? theres more than 12 months in a year?
Not everyone goes by the mm/dd/yy.
it was a joke.
Oh...well...then...haha. Good one! :D
i mean like someone called person replies to someone called someone i sometimes get that in my email.
Haha :P
garys mod?! cant you spawn such thing in GM?!
yes. you can spawn props, entities, weapons and npcs in gmod.
Yes, render target camera is basically a camera and monitor.. If you open up the Source SDK in steam then go to the model viewer you can look at the model up close like the modeling program used to create the model.
chiok (author)  Marche6 years ago
An interesting idea. All the images I have suggest a circular cross section but the only thing I have which shows the front is an animated gif from the game which shows a circular front barrel. It all goes oval after that though.
Marche chiok6 years ago
Look at my above post. I'm just posting this so you get the email to look at it. I don't own portal but it's a hell of a lot more work to turn a cylinder into a oval type thing and have it make sense or look even. Valve wouldn't do anymore than what's necessary. in HL2 or Portal open up the console and chanve the cheats CVAR on with this: "sv_cheats 1" Then aim at the ground and type "prop_physics_create models/weapons/v_crossbow.mdl" And see the result.
its the crossbow that you hold. everything is there except the other side and your arms stop at your elbows. i looked at this in garrys mod by spawning in the hl or hl2 weapons folders. click on browse and look through.
There is no point in making the engine render something you can't see. That's the main reason we don't have a Gordan Freeman model.
Gordan FREEman!
i looked at a pepakura file ripped from the game and it was an oval. you can check the barrel with pepakura.
chiok (author)  peach_fart6 years ago
Now I will admit, that is one cool Pepakura file there. Wouldn't wanna make it though, looks damn fiddly. Does look a tad oval though, not nearly as oval as the portals, but a bit I will accept.
Marche chiok6 years ago
That is WAY better than converting it into a third party 3d program.
I don't own portal so could you take a screenshot of the barrel for me?
i saw my avatar in that pic.
Chromatica5 years ago
I feel stupid for asking this but is this from Half-life.
Nope. It's from the videogame 'Portal'.

Have a look at this.
Ahhh... Thanks
wait...so the end of the barrel is foam?...thats kinda lame, would it be possible to harden it by covering it with wood filler...or fiberglass resin (i have a lot of that)?
never mind, im going to get a biger piece of pvc pipe and slide it over the front of the barrel in two diferent sections and sand the front one in a slope, to replace the foam at the front...
ah, ok thanks.
wouldn't the folder plastic be kinda flimsy?
chiok (author)  xXnocturnusXx5 years ago

It's technically 700micron polypropylene sheet.  It's not very rigid, no, but the skeleton structure underneath supports it and gives all the strength you need.  Like sheet steel over an aircraft fuselage.

This is awesome...but I'm still confused on what you used for the hook/arm things that come out of the front....and do you think fiberglass resin would work better for the outer shells?
chiok (author)  xXnocturnusXx5 years ago
The hooks are essentially four bits, two long bits of 5mm pine wood cut and trimmed to shape to make the arm.  Then two more triangle shaped bits stuck to the end of the arm to taper like a beak.  Then fill in the gaps and paint.  Repeat twice more.

As for fibreglassing the shells, you'd still need to make a cage to put the fibreglass on, but you can smooth and fill in the shell much easier and get a much smoother shell than with papier mache.  The other option would be to carve it out of pink/green insulation foam or polystyrene and seal with filler.
trace20095 years ago
I loooovvvee it I hope its not expensive
sir-zeke6 years ago
really nice! 4.5
Moennet6 years ago
Try using a white LED (they are the brightest) and put some orange or blue plastic in front of it. _
Hill06 years ago
Amazing, Im definitely gonna dot his on woodwork class (Lol i meant the wood parts)
Wow. This will be the most awesome thing ever to own. I mean... If it actually shot portals. Make one In America, one in Australia. Yay!
cillen6 years ago
What does OD And ID stand for?
t-ram cillen6 years ago
outer diameter an inner diameter
youn_link6 years ago
this is funny to do.
U2rocks!6 years ago
do not look directly at the operational end of the device; and most importantly do not... ;)
Ferret746 years ago
Now your thinking with portals!
combine this with the collider handgun
and a class "w" laser the type where you can see the beam

ultimate geek weapon eva!!!
Kaiven6 years ago
Sure there won't be another type of "Black Mesa Incident"?
I will personally cause it, if needed!
Don't start that...
stock up on crowbars
And gravity guns.
yes in fact, the aperature scince center should try to combine the results of black mesa and the aperature science center of research facility... $$ \_/ -my death will be short and sweet... death by chocolate-
demonicgod6 years ago
demonicgod6 years ago
DUED UR A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LITERALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BuilderLoon6 years ago
ahhh But does it work? Lol J/K
Capt. Fat6 years ago
Does i shoot anything?
Sun Gear6 years ago
very cool. I'd suggest posting the templets for the big shell (in the back) on here so people can print, and cut them out.
chiok (author)  Sun Gear6 years ago
Well, a "please" wouldn't go amiss :-P I'll see if I can find the patterns and put them up.
Sun Gear chiok6 years ago
oh, sorry.
chiok (author)  Sun Gear6 years ago
Just looking for a "please", j/k. Apparently it turns out I already did upload the patterns I used on Step 11. You could crop them and print them onto the required size of paper to get the shape I used. Not to say it's accurate, I eyeballed it mostly.
Sun Gear chiok6 years ago
thats the best way to go when yo only have a few images...or soothing like that.
puzzlefreak6 years ago
If you can follow this, there will be cake.
shteef6 years ago
nice mix of skills used, try a bit of bondo(filler rather than paper macha, it sets much quicker and can be sanded smoother. Great end result though. if you have no luck with getting a job prop making try model making for large electrical or design companies.
chiok (author)  shteef6 years ago
Thanks alot. Yeah, I've since discovered the processes of fibreglassing and body filler for a much smoother effect. This has more of a "home-made" charm I feel. No luck with prop work yet, but I keep trying. It's difficult to get experience without a job to get experience to get a job.
afatflatcat6 years ago
you could maybe put blue and orange LED lights in the hole in the shell. HOok them up to 2 push buttons on seperate circuits and you could go have some cake.
duck-lemon6 years ago
Yeah.. Yep... I'm going to go start this now. Here's hoping it'll be as good as yours.
what is up with the cake thing?
you'd have to have played through the game to understand. trust me, it's hilarious.
what game?
Portal, it's part of the orange box disc, along w/ Half-life 2, Half-life 2: episode 1, Half-life 2: episode 2, and Team Fortress 2. It is on PS3 (WOOT!) and 360 (BLEGH!). each of the games included can also be purchased separately on PC.
360 pwns
yeah, pwns your mom.
*sticks tongue out and makes obnoxious, immature noise*
you can buy them together for the pc. . .
oh, really? huh, i didn't know that. i just saw them separately at Target and figured that was the only way they came. i'll trust you though, since i don't even play games on my PC.
yeah, you can buy them together as the orange box for the pc, it came out for the pc first.
are they any good? ...not exactly the point of instructables but wtv for some reason i trust the opinion of an instructable member more than a review site or anything like that
oh, definitely! the half-lives are cool and have amazing, (if sometimes creepy), story and gameplay, and have best and most innovative gun ever, the gravity gun! the only flaw i can find in these games is that the controls could be slightly better, but that is no reason to not play them. Portal, (my personal favorite of the box), is also slightly creepy at times, hilarious, and requires much abstract and outside-the-box style thinking. Team fortress 2 is just plain, online fun with specific character types so that you can find and fit your style of play. both portal and half-life have great graphics. team fortress 2 has totally cartoony graphics, but its obviously what they were aiming for and it works, i mean, like, they pulled it off well. i would definitely recommend the orange box to any gamer. P.S: thx for trusting an instructables member instead of a review site or the like. not that review sites are bad, its just that this community is much better. Good choice!
yeah, but if you have a choice between getting Team Fortress 2 for the consoles and getting it for a pc, (if you have a decent one) then i would chose pc if i were you because there are things like unlockable weapons for the pc. Here is a list of the differences across the different platforms.
and free online play
that too.
hmm, interesting. thx 4 telling me!
Eh, I prefer PC. I have made many mods for HL2. Nothing is more satisfying than unleashing a cloud of 500 combine orbs onto a group of zombies!
same the only games I play are online... my computer isnt really what you would consider fast...
Yeah Valve is awesome
its a lie.
Portal is a game by Valve (yeah, the awesome folks who did half life 1 & 2, and the orange box, and team fortress...) its a puzzle game and in it you are a person whose pretty much being tested, like an animal, to make a portal gun. at the beginning of tthe first level the computer says "if you survive, you will be provided with cake and free counseling" but, since you never do that in the game, people came up with the phrase "the cake is a lie" Hope that answers your question.
xenor dashman946 years ago
There is one place in the game where one of the previous test subjects scrawled "The cake is a lie!" on a wall. It's kinda hidden behind one of the wall mechanisms, but not difficult to locate if you're curious.
Default1176 years ago
You could use bondo and sand it for the "shell". You could also vacuum-form plastic on it to make it hard and shiny.
RenDuH6 years ago
Oh. My. God. This is the BEST THING EVER!...........or maybe I'm just too much of a dork....nah. Portal is one of the best games ever created, and this is freaking sweet. The cake is a lie.
red-king RenDuH6 years ago
portal is freaking awesome. i completed it 18 times already... i just can't stop playing it!
mg0930mg6 years ago
Was this the one from indymogul. Either way, it is awesome. I think you were in their your fx this week. Ah well!
chiok (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
No unfortunately, another fellow made his own version of the Portal Gun for Your FX for portal-like effects. But I've seen some people link this instructible to IndyMogul. I like IndyMogul alot, so I'm glad that this is mentioned over there. Thanks alot!
zorro846 years ago
Good job bro, exelente trabajo hermano.
Kiwieatyou6 years ago
very detailed instructable. I like the portal gun you created, it looks almost the same as the one in the game. good job :).
Potatoesgod6 years ago
This is seriously the coolest thing Ive seen in some time. I really am going to have give making it a try.
chiok (author)  Potatoesgod6 years ago
Glad all you guys like it, these sorts of comments make me enthusiastic about sharing and collaborating. Please do have a go at making one, there aren't enough around. Really should get around to making a proper stand for it.
jirus956 years ago
ultrauber6 years ago
That is too perfect....I wish I was patient enough to do this!
ReoTheYokel6 years ago
Wow, does it work? Hehehehe. Nice work, I like it.
REA6 years ago
you should make the turret next! and maybe the companion cube!
melaniek6 years ago
super sweeeeeet ;) science got done.... and you made a neat gun!!!
Wra1th136 years ago
all, we need is a turret, and we have a portal group!
Andhrimnir6 years ago
very nice ASHPD. I loved the game and this thing brought a smile to my face. Gives me a sick idea for a halloween costume :) overall great instructions. 5/5
shylock6 years ago
Oval or round who cares - it looks sweet!
Theory56 years ago
THE CAKE IS A LIE! Lol That is really nice. Keep up the good work! If you are going to do more portal projects i suggest that desktop computer that you find in all the offices, or maybe one of the "minds" of glaDOS Portal was one of the weirdest games I have ever played and I want them to make another one.
Theory5 Theory56 years ago
I am sorry, one more thing: You will be baked, and then there will be cake
Navmz Theory56 years ago
easy baked?
nah that cheap "made from scratch" cake batter crap.
they are currently making a portal 2 and soon they are bringing out some extra levels for portal one on xbox live as DLC. :) can't wait!!!!
bounty10126 years ago
Hey maybe instead of paper mache you could do clay or white playdo (the kind that doesnt crack).
Spint6 years ago
For the good of all of us, Except the ones who are dead.
Now theres no since crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying till you run out of cake!
And the science gets done and you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive.
-deep base- dumdedumdedum... I'm not even angry, I'm being so sincere right now.
Navmz Modarius6 years ago
even though you broke my heart and killed me,
King Crab Navmz6 years ago
And tore me to pieces, And threw every piece into a fire.
and as they burned it hurt becaus I was so happy for you!
now these points of data make a beautiful line and we're out of beta we're releasing on time
so I'm GLaD I got burned think of all the things we learned for the people who are still alive
go ahead and leave me I think I prefer to stay inside
maybe you'll find someone else to help you maybe black mesa
that was a joke, Ha ha, fat chance.
Anyway this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist
Look at me still talking when there's science to do When I look out there it makes me glad i'm not you
delphi Eric956 years ago
ive got experiments to run, and theres research to be done, for the people who are still alive
and i assure you i am still alive I'm doing science and im still alive I feel FANTASTIC and i'm still alive and while you're dying i'll be still alive and when you're dead i will be still alive still alive still alive THANKYOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN THIS ENRICHMENT CENTER ACTIVITY
Jesus Christ
Right, Stop it, stop it. Its absolutely silly. Lets get some more sensible humor in here.
That was a joke, Ha ha, shat pants.
Lawl I dont think its shat pants XD
Navmz King Crab6 years ago
maybe you'll find someone else to help you mabye black mesa
That was a joke, HAHA, fat chance.
Anyway this cake is great, its so delicious and moist.
look at me still talking when there's science to do when I look out there it makes me GLaD I'm not you
is that person in your picture michael jackson?
killer776 years ago
nicely done
Gakki6 years ago
You coud shape alot of this in foam first and then fiber glass it. Pvc is really cheap (at least here it is)and would make a much better barrel.
chiok (author)  Gakki6 years ago
You're right, lots of improvements can be made with better tools and materials, so I expect better models to be popping up now. Unfortunately things like HDPE or fibreglass or a hot-wire cutter weren't readily available around me so I made do with what I had. Looking back I can see lots of improvements to be made.
Gakki chiok6 years ago
It is a very good starting place though.
This gun is freaking sweet. But I was wondering could you add an orange and a blue light to it? THE CAKE IS A LIE!
fearghus6 years ago
Excellent work, really! The only beef that I have is that the white parts don't have the characteristic sheen that the steam engine gives them. Perhaps you could epoxy or spray-paint them... I really don't know, I'm not good at that sort of thing, but it would look perfect if you could give it a more smooth, solid-looking white-part.
chiok (author)  fearghus6 years ago
You're not wrong. I was hoping the gloss paint would give that smooth plastic sheen but my shell wasn't smooth enough itself. I've learnt that resin and body filler would have done a much better job than the Polyfilla I already had. I'm learning so much :-)
shazer176 years ago
i have "the cake is a lie" engraved on my ipod :P. this is awesome!!!! i love creative brains! you have one! :)
the cake is not a lie!, the cake is not a lie!
ZHE CAKE IZ A LIE XD type in "cake" on portal flash version console
I saw that just today. Its kind of odd. try to type in GLaDOS surprisingly look what comes up
the cake is a lie because it is pie XD
I wonder what the cake is a lie is supposed to stand for?
maybe it stands for CAKE IS A LIE!

it's actually pie XD
yes lawl

lol lawl is not a operatable command or file

I wonder what kind of crack the maker has been doing?
the fun kind that causes your spelling xp to decrease XD
Gakki Pumpkin$6 years ago
It means that there is no cake, because it is a lie.
duck-lemon6 years ago
brilliant! good work 5/5 and vote
gunner6 years ago
but theres no sence crying over every mistake you just keep on trying till you run out of cake and the science gets done a nd you make a mean come for the people who are still alive
JerBear6 years ago
but yeah, you didn't show the handle on the underside of the white shell, that is sometimes seen in close-up screen shots of the game... but yeah, good job!
zxzxzxzx6 years ago
ne eli boş adamlarsınız ya
xwx6 years ago
dude this rocks can you make a video to show it off?
Pumpkin$6 years ago

ok you are a lie much like the cake there is no actual boss battle it's just an extremely awkward sound puzzle
I'm not a lie
the cake is
it's really a pie

baked into a pie you shall be
(the cake is in fact a lie XD) gigity Xp
sirbliss6 years ago
Aperture Science, We do what we must, because we can.
For the good of all of us except the ones who are dead
But theres no since crying over every mistake. you just keep on trying till you run out of cake!
the cake is not a lie! the cake is not a lie!
and the science gets done And you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive
JerBear santy226 years ago
still aliive stiiill aliive.
my favorite part XD people sing this over PSN live (what I've deemed PS3 live") that is before they kill me for my demolition kit (in battlefield bad company)
coming soon space-time distortion peripheral
m55speed6 years ago
it's cool stuff you have done
F1X0R6 years ago
This is full of awsome and win! Never again will I have to use the stairs to get my food!
yes and infinite loops WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Nice work! Can it be worn?
Gakki6 years ago
Still, it is very pretty and a pretty good costume piece.
JerBear6 years ago
thank you! i was looking for a way to make one of those for ages.
bounty10126 years ago
we need to mod it so that it shoots a big rubber ball.
Shagglepuff6 years ago
Great! Next step: make it work..
_Fate_6 years ago
There once was a buggy AI Who decided her subject should die. When the plot was uncovered, The subjected discovered That sadly the cake was a lie. now i need a wcc..... <3<3<3
qwerty6136 years ago
Awesome, I am so making one for halloween! Except I'm going to run some el wire down the tube to the opening, with two triggers inside.
im going to make this and if i cant see my self though another portal you fail
even if you broke my heart and killed me...=D
Kaiven6 years ago
Spint6 years ago
Great Instructable by the way, +5/5.
SpazzBot6 years ago
Quick Question. How do you hold it? Could you provide some straight from the back shots? I'm a little confused. Awesome job by the way!!
chiok (author)  SpazzBot6 years ago
Oh yeah, I didn't take any as it didn't seem that interesting, but now that you mention it. It's very boring back there. There's a 165mm wooden broom stick screwed vertically into the inside of the paint can as a simple handle. In retrospect, the model is a bit long in the back end.
JoeStrout6 years ago
OK, I give... what's a portal gun, what's a death chamber, and what does it mean to "think with portals"? If these are video game references, it'd be helpful if you'd point that out (and say which one) for those of us who don't play it...
chiok (author)  JoeStrout6 years ago
Apologies for the missed references. This is all from a game released by Valve called "Portal" which came packaged with Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 as "The Orange Box". It's been regarded as one of the finest games made, despite only taking a couple of hours to finish.
The game is "Portal" it's a strategy game that involves opening portals to make it through a maze.
Just answome
graymalking6 years ago
Beautiful! :D +fav
darth2o6 years ago
Very nice, maybe I will make it sometime. Any chance of a Gravity gun?
Dorkfish926 years ago
No way! Awesome instructable! Aperture Science...
GibbonsRock6 years ago
There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... There is no cake... The cake is a lie! Oh, and: sweet instructible!
warri6 years ago
After your gone I will be still alive... very nice!!!
plusbryan6 years ago
Gosh, I really want that for Halloween!
UberPug6 years ago
you forgot to add blue and orange leds in the tube
and why is that important? it's so amazing!
jeymeowmix6 years ago
very cool looking

"remember, you will be baked and then there will be cake"
That's amazing. Some lights would be nice for functionality but the model and look is spot on! Thank you very much! You deserve a medal doc!
shooby6 years ago
Quality construction, nice job.
Ian.G6 years ago
nice but you could have sanded it smooth,other that than 5/5
Scottanon6 years ago
Either put a projector inside that projects alternating blue and orange "portal" slides onto a wall, or a paint ball marker that shoots orange then blue paintballs. Oh and of course it has to play the gun sound when you shoot it. Easy ;). Seriously though, best instructable I've seen in ages. 10 outa 10 man.
MrCakes146 years ago
Most excellent! Very detailed model. and, in keeping with the portal quotes: "We were even going to invite your friend Companion Cube, but he couldn't come, because you murdered him." - G.L.A.D.O.S.
fazizal6 years ago
wow 5/5 an exat replica does it do any thing? The cake is a lie...
"The cake is a lie" after the credits there is cake!
chiok (author)  fazizal6 years ago
Unfortunately no. I will try to do the light-up mechanism when I get the LEDs and a three way switch. Or the flame thrower.
Tombini6 years ago
Great, very well done! 4.5/5 :) PS "I don't blame you" Portal turret
Rob K6 years ago
Freaking awesome. 5/5 The cake is a lie.
gmjhowe6 years ago
Nice work! great use of techniques *absorbs techniques*
Well done - i have a feeling i will probably see this around on the nets!

The cake is a lie...
FONtheCON6 years ago
that's insane. "Ew, what's wrong with your legs?"
MKohen6 years ago
Very well done.
Very Nice. I love that game