Step 3: The main barrel

Picture of The main barrel
It all starts with the barrel of the device. This measures up to a cylindrical tube 75mm outer diameter and about 300mm long. A decent bit of wall thickness helps for stiffness but isn't critical. Home drainpipes are just around the right size if you can get some. I didn't want to spend the money so had to use a toy plastic tube which I had to thicken up with several layers of newspaper and glue plastered on. I also mixed some black paint into the glue to save some painting effort later.

Everything is then built onto this barrel, starting at the front. Cut out a suitable sized piece of foam and hot glue it around the barrel to build up the shape. I used an old exercise mat about 8mm thick which was easy to cut with a scalpel but also meant it damaged easily and deforms if in contact with the glue gun nozzle, so be careful! Shaping the front piece of foam is done carefully with a scalpel, it'll get tidied up later.
rashie1234 years ago
wait...so the end of the barrel is foam?...thats kinda lame, would it be possible to harden it by covering it with wood filler...or fiberglass resin (i have a lot of that)?
never mind, im going to get a biger piece of pvc pipe and slide it over the front of the barrel in two diferent sections and sand the front one in a slope, to replace the foam at the front...
peach_fart6 years ago
dude the barrel is oval shaped, hence the oval shaped portals
REA peach_fart5 years ago
i have gmod and portal. its definitly round. try to prove me wrong.
demonicgod6 years ago