So, this is an I'ble in two parts really... The Boom mic on a pole, and the sound box that goes round your kneck. This is another prop I have made for this years Gangshow, and I hope that somewhere along the line it may help someone as part of a costume or whatever...

As with all my I'bles I don't *really* plan what I'm going to make... I just form and idea and roll with it... I have never made one before, nor seen one up close... but well... from what I imagine one to look like, I think I come pretty close... all in all I think this project cost me no more than £5 as I had most of the junk already in my house to build it from...

Anyway, enough of me rambling on... let's get started eh?

~* I'm entering this into the Epilog Challenge as I would LOVE a laser cutter, it would make, making props ALOT easier*~

Step 1: Ingredients

Since this is in two parts I'll break it down for you into head and box... I'm sure you can work out which is which
  • Scissors/ Knife
  • Two plastic bottles
  • Cardboard
  • Glue/ Glue gun
  • Pen/ Pencil
  • Various old wires ( I used the connectors off an old pair of headphones, and some off a broken pair of speakers
  • Duct tape (quack quack)
  • Grey fur ( I bought 1 meter... but only used maybe a 1/4 of it
  • Long pole, I used a clothes prop, which I spray painted but a long dowl would probably suffice
Not sure as to why there is a Loo roll in the main picture... I can't remember EVER using it... oh well hehe

  • Scissors/ Knife
  • Black webbing
  • Cardboard
  • Chunky pair of headphones
  • Head phone Jack (one of those ones thich converts the thick jack into a thin one... you can get them in £Land for...wait for it.... £1)
  • Black paint
  • Marker pen
<p>I am 100% building one of these for a Ghostwatch costume this con season.</p>

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Bio: I'm an un-repentant mess creator... I'll turn my hand to anything and providing i get my fingers back... I'm happy.
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