So if you just want to make a newspaper shoe... then this is your exit...


For those wanting to carry on you will need to construct your template just to make sure it all fits together... I used little pieces of ducttape to hold the seams in place...

If it's not right here make your changes before you move on
<p>How much weight do you think it can hold? Will this work for a thinner heel too? So scared it breaks. :O</p>
Hiya Lyn, this was used as an ornamental prop, i wouldn't reccomend wearing it.it would probably hold a small child?you might just need to put some support in the heel, or perhaps make it abit thicker (layer the plastic?) <br> <br>sorry i couldnt help more
thanks alot needed the instructions for my daughters project
Let me see a picture when you have made one :D
I can't believe you got such great results from such cheap materials. It's really inspiring.
I think I just got lucky :-)k
Thanks :)
Yo, Biggs (I say that in all Star Wars lovingness...), <br><br>Great tutorial! Wanted to let you know that I reposted this article on my site, www.propfreaks.com. I'm attempting to put a blog and web tv series together about great prop builders, collectors, lovers, etc...<br><br>So, anyway check it out and &quot;like&quot; us! <br><br>Thanks again - great work. <br><br>- @propfreaks
Thanks Prop freaks... Let me have a direct link to the article and i'll take a look :) ... It's prop making time of the year here for me... Since the budget is so tight most of the hard to find or expensive items are made of cardboard etc...<br><br>I'bles due to be uploaded (when i get time):<br><br>Builders hod<br>Mjolnir Thor hammer<br>Prop cocktail drinks <br>Prop cakes<br>and a 1950's type press camera....
Silly question, but are they wearable?
not in the current state, but i suppose if you strengthened the heel somehow, added a thicker sole, used different glue, then yes maybe.<br><br>Your best bet is probably to use a thicker plastic and heat form them using some sort of template.<br><br>
This instructable is so cool! Everytime I think I've seen it all on this site, something like this pops up! I cannot wait to make this with my daughter - she is a Cinderella freak as well as a great-geek! (what better combination could you ask for!) Thank you for this instructable! I love, love it! <br><br>Oh, and to those who popped in with the history of the 'real' Cinderella fur vs glass shoe/slipper - hey, I loved the info! There was no dissing that I saw; I'm always happy to learn bits of info like that (call me Cliff, er, Cliffette?) and I only think it adds to the fun, I don't think it takes anything away from it. Some people are rude when making those comments, I don't see that here.<br><br>Anyway again, GREAT instructable!!!!
Thanks let me asee what you come up with
Impressive! Probably more comfy than glass,too!
hehehe i doubt that
very cool. I thought you were going to vacuum mold it around the real shoe somehow. I like the way you did it. <br>I wonder if you could make these wearable somehow. <br><br>And now you have a glass slipper for other prop masters to beg, borrow, or steal. :)
hehehe aren't others so lucky? ;)<br><br>I don't have a vacuum forming device... I would love one though, as it would make things like Easter and such very easy (custom Easter eggs and such)<br><br>As for making it wearable, if you used a strong perspex and perhaps heat formed it then you would be along the right lines...
cinderella (cendrillon in french) had no glass slipper but a fur slipper, the mistake come from a bad translation beetwen &quot;verre&quot; (glass in french) and &quot;vaire&quot; (old and forgotten way to say fur in french), the two words are prononce the same way. tjhe original text is &quot;vaire&quot; and not &quot;verre&quot;.<br>
okay, I for one, love to hear about the ways words have been mistranslated and then passed along. I do not take it as a 'diss' of the project, which is mahvellous, Darling! really so good.At first I thought the shoe was huge - not sure why- which seemed humourous, but it appears it's shoe-sized. grand.<br><br>I like the idea of a fur shoe, also, and we should not resist the truth, but embrace it. :-)<br><br>this is quite a bit off-topic perhaps, though it circles around; but &quot;okay&quot;<br>comes from the french aux quais , which is what would be said about goods that were good to ship: meaning &quot;to the quay&quot;<br><br>i would say this project is OKAY!<br><br>
I don't see why that's relevant here? Most people know Cinderella and the glass slipper and so that is what I made, it is also what I was asked to make on my Prop list <br><br>Should that then not be... &quot;hey Biggsy, nice I'ble you have got here [insert some constructive criticism here]&quot;<br><br>
It's a fairy tale, and being a kind of folk art if it changes in popular use than it's a new version. You can't have a &quot;wrong&quot; version of a folk story.
I suggest you read it again and point out to me where Micaours says this version is &quot;wrong&quot;. It is only stated that this version came from a misconception in history.
There's nothing negative in micaours comment at all, nothing that says that this is wrong or somehow inappropriate. He/she is merely stating a fact, whether or not you choose you take it as a negative comment is entirely up to you.<br><br>It is a fact relating to the fairy tale the shoes you made is from and hence i can't see how much more relevant it could be. For one i found it interesting as i didn't know it in the first place.<br><br>When that is said - that's some very nice looking shoes.
http://www.snopes.com/language/misxlate/slippers.asp <br> <br>Here is the real scoop on YOUR fairytale :)
Pretentious much?<br>
Love this! As far as comment on fur/glass slipper... Does it really matter? I mean really... It's a fairy tale.. Just say AWESOME job Biggsy and move on.
Thanks matey :D
You just totally made my day (to make costumes/props with little or no budget)... I'm just trying to figure out how to make them wearable (briefly, of course)... How sturdy is the vamp, roughly? Perhaps using a lucite block for the heel, it could be worn? Awesome, 'ible!!!
well, If you perhaps had a proper shoe template then you could get the right size, maybe if you used a perspex sheet and heat moulded it?... I'm not sure mate... they're not very strong at all, but well im glad you liked it :)
Amazing. Gus and Jaq would be so proud =) <br>For those who don't know, Gus and Jaq are Cinderella's mice =)
lol glad you like ti
Really great &amp; awesome !
hehe thanks
Wow, with the hot glue that looks great!<br /><br />I was wondering if you were going to heat-shrink the pretzel tin over your shoe mold, but this looks much easier.
I suppose if you had a vacuum shrink machine that would work also.,.. but there would still be some seam glueing... I don't have access to one of those machines so this was CERTAINLY alot easier
The swirled effect helps to hide any possible overgluing on the edges. <br>Very nice looking Cinderella slipper!
Yeah, it doesn't hurt to trim the edges though
So creative! :D
Thanks Jo :)
Thanks :) It's amazing what abit of plastic and a glue gun can create :D
Yeah, I know.
I think we've all got to give you your props for this one, Biggsy! You've taken a big step, sister, in the fabrication biz!
Bah dum dum tish *air drums* Props... props... hehehehe<br><br>Anyway I'm glad you liked it

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