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um... am I the only one looking at a blank page?
dombeef4 years ago
What happened?
glandu4 years ago
intrsting idea
wolfy027 years ago
I tried to sell beer to minors, BIG MISTAKE. Don't trust midget cops.
glandu wolfy024 years ago
Screamo4 years ago
Oh my gosh! i love your sugar shot idea!. ive been making them all day. i have, Cinnamon toast flavor vannilla flavors, Original cinnamon flavour and mild cinnamon flavor :D I crush it on a cutting board with a hammer.
couldn't you use that cotton cand sugar stuff for the pixie stix?
xACIDITYx (author)  watermelonhead7 years ago
I truly don't know.
How do you grind it up fine? i cant think of a way
yes u can i know i did
It's not illegal. Check out microcenter, they have a bunch of linux discs for a buck each.
ElvenChild4 years ago
something that really helps is if you are the only one that actually know's how to cook in you're school at school and class parties bring some homemade food if people like it and ask you to bring some more tell them know if they are serious they will start begging that is when you sell
Rishnai7 years ago
Back in junior high, my friend made a tiny batch of chocolate chip cookies to take in his lunch once and made the mistake of sharing a few. Next thing he knew, everyone wanted some (secret: hint of creme de menthe). He made it a business to bring several tupperware full every Friday, and made one or two hundred bucks a week.
I did the very same with candy bars back in my freshmen year of high school. As a fundraiser each student was assigned a box of chocolate for the seniors' prom. I sold out by the second day mainly from my last class of the day which had mostly seniors. It worked out well since they were all hungry and had money. After I sold the 'mandatory' candy, I secretly refilled with candy bars with a bulk pack from Walmart. Each box had about $20 in profits. In the end I made around $100 but quickly burned out from recovering loaned money from deadbeat candy eaters.
xACIDITYx (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Awesome! Is 'creme de menthe' like minty?
As a matter of fact, yes, although I'm pretty sure the cheap stuff contains no actual mint or other plant material of any kind.
um yea im pretty sure creme de menth is alchahol
The good stuff has alcohol in it, but the cheap stuff doesn't. Kinda like "vanilla extract" may or may not actually have vanilla, or alcohol.
xACIDITYx (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Cool. Wer're gonna be growing some peppermint leaf in our garden this year; maybe I'll smash it up and put it in some cookies.
Sounds great. I betcha it would make good tea, too.
xACIDITYx (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Yeah, I wonder how some peppermint would taste in Iced tea? *Goes to make batch of iced tea with peppermint extract in it*
Dude, that's awesome... Making money like that could put you through college.
Yeah, it could. Mwahahahaha!
kpmedia21125 years ago
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apssavidge5 years ago
dude i got drunk off of the extract
apssavidge5 years ago
this is awesome!!! you could also get into bets. once i got 20$ for not tlking for 3 days
There are a few places online that work check out this blog:
Colonel885 years ago
the number one problem for me is to WHOM to sell it and HOW. Craiglist?
nerfkid4275 years ago
check out mine I made 300 some bucks off this stuff and my stuff i sell
adens266 years ago
thanks for the ideas...but WHERE do you sell things, and to WHOM? selling stuff at our school isn't allowed. I need to make some money quickly for a trip I am taking, any ideas??
skuitarman6 years ago
you wants some crack!, ugh i mean sugar.
tengaman6 years ago
a great thing to sell is rip rolls they are like fruit roll ups with sugar on steroids kids love emm they are like 75 cents at right aid i sold for like 5 bucks they sell best at first and lst period first cause people need to wake up and last period cause people are falling asleep
How much do you think that I should sell them for? Cause I have big medium and small ones.
cman236 years ago
could you use a food saver incited of a lighter
xACIDITYx (author)  cman236 years ago
I'm not sure, but a lighter is cheaper.
If it's GNU/GPL then your allowed to sell it, as long as you provide a copy of the licence and who made the software. In fact, it states: "Free as in free to change, not as in free beer."
A good service to offer is to learn HTML and CSS, then charge people for your services as a web-designer. A little PHP wouldn't hurt either.
getthim6 years ago
can u please respond on ratio
getthim6 years ago
what ratio would you do for sugar : extract
grams : drops
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