um... am I the only one looking at a blank page?
dombeef4 years ago
What happened?
glandu4 years ago
intrsting idea
wolfy027 years ago
I tried to sell beer to minors, BIG MISTAKE. Don't trust midget cops.
glandu wolfy024 years ago
Screamo4 years ago
Oh my gosh! i love your sugar shot idea!. ive been making them all day. i have, Cinnamon toast flavor vannilla flavors, Original cinnamon flavour and mild cinnamon flavor :D I crush it on a cutting board with a hammer.
couldn't you use that cotton cand sugar stuff for the pixie stix?
xACIDITYx (author)  watermelonhead7 years ago
I truly don't know.
How do you grind it up fine? i cant think of a way
yes u can i know i did
It's not illegal. Check out microcenter, they have a bunch of linux discs for a buck each.
ElvenChild4 years ago
something that really helps is if you are the only one that actually know's how to cook in you're school at school and class parties bring some homemade food if people like it and ask you to bring some more tell them know if they are serious they will start begging that is when you sell
Rishnai7 years ago
Back in junior high, my friend made a tiny batch of chocolate chip cookies to take in his lunch once and made the mistake of sharing a few. Next thing he knew, everyone wanted some (secret: hint of creme de menthe). He made it a business to bring several tupperware full every Friday, and made one or two hundred bucks a week.
I did the very same with candy bars back in my freshmen year of high school. As a fundraiser each student was assigned a box of chocolate for the seniors' prom. I sold out by the second day mainly from my last class of the day which had mostly seniors. It worked out well since they were all hungry and had money. After I sold the 'mandatory' candy, I secretly refilled with candy bars with a bulk pack from Walmart. Each box had about $20 in profits. In the end I made around $100 but quickly burned out from recovering loaned money from deadbeat candy eaters.
xACIDITYx (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Awesome! Is 'creme de menthe' like minty?
As a matter of fact, yes, although I'm pretty sure the cheap stuff contains no actual mint or other plant material of any kind.
um yea im pretty sure creme de menth is alchahol
The good stuff has alcohol in it, but the cheap stuff doesn't. Kinda like "vanilla extract" may or may not actually have vanilla, or alcohol.
xACIDITYx (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Cool. Wer're gonna be growing some peppermint leaf in our garden this year; maybe I'll smash it up and put it in some cookies.
Sounds great. I betcha it would make good tea, too.
xACIDITYx (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Yeah, I wonder how some peppermint would taste in Iced tea? *Goes to make batch of iced tea with peppermint extract in it*
Dude, that's awesome... Making money like that could put you through college.
Yeah, it could. Mwahahahaha!
kpmedia21125 years ago
Other way to earn money to sell your experience or ideas or knowledge on any field is cashmyfiles.com, Some guy just wrote his experience in marketing and now he is selling his experience for mony.
apssavidge5 years ago
dude i got drunk off of the extract
apssavidge5 years ago
this is awesome!!! you could also get into bets. once i got 20$ for not tlking for 3 days
There are a few places online that work check out this blog:
Colonel885 years ago
the number one problem for me is to WHOM to sell it and HOW. Craiglist?
nerfkid4275 years ago
check out mine I made 300 some bucks off this stuff and my stuff i sell
adens266 years ago
thanks for the ideas...but WHERE do you sell things, and to WHOM? selling stuff at our school isn't allowed. I need to make some money quickly for a trip I am taking, any ideas??
skuitarman6 years ago
you wants some crack!, ugh i mean sugar.
tengaman6 years ago
a great thing to sell is rip rolls they are like fruit roll ups with sugar on steroids kids love emm they are like 75 cents at right aid i sold for like 5 bucks they sell best at first and lst period first cause people need to wake up and last period cause people are falling asleep
How much do you think that I should sell them for? Cause I have big medium and small ones.
cman236 years ago
could you use a food saver incited of a lighter
xACIDITYx (author)  cman236 years ago
I'm not sure, but a lighter is cheaper.
If it's GNU/GPL then your allowed to sell it, as long as you provide a copy of the licence and who made the software. In fact, it states: "Free as in free to change, not as in free beer."
A good service to offer is to learn HTML and CSS, then charge people for your services as a web-designer. A little PHP wouldn't hurt either.
getthim6 years ago
can u please respond on ratio
getthim6 years ago
what ratio would you do for sugar : extract
grams : drops
halberd5186 years ago
The soda thing works great. i go to walmart or costco and buy a 24 pack for like 6 bucks. once you have a bit of money, buy a pack or so of each type of soda, get a bunch of ice chests full of ice, and go set up at a park or school where they have kids soccer games going on all day. im 17 so i sit on the tailgate of my truck and sells sodas and water bottles for a buck allll day. if its hot you can make a few hundred per weekend. happy selling!
cloot1006 years ago
Well are you talking about dough or food?
cloot1006 years ago
I like Pepsi!! Maybe root beer..
gametycoon6 years ago
I was just thinking about this. I didint have any flavor extracts so i wipped up some lemonade, poured it in there, sealed it and popped it into the freezer. Its like an ice pop. You can sell them at yard sales, if you have a cooler. Please respond.
xACIDITYx (author)  gametycoon6 years ago
Good idea!
dodo916 years ago
i got caught trying to sell v-wad battle packs. i got R.P.C' ed and almost suspended. you can also sell fire beads. here in las vegas, where i live, you can find some neighboorhoods that a plant that has hard pods when fully grown. they are tan in color. if you break them open, you can find a read seed. if yourub it fast against brick, it will get so hot you can SEVERLY burn someone. everyone wants to get there hands on them. i sell them a quarter a bead.
My friends ubsessed to fish so he breeds em' I sell em' 60$ so far
paperman56 years ago
MOOLA... but its debate-able
COOL haha
storm7686 years ago
yo my friend yeah he made a money thing like this and he put a pic of money then at the 2 step he said GET A JOB PPL!!! LOL!!!
+ another great way 2 make money is mowing lawns
unknown246 years ago
i love the pixie stick!
would you recommend any extracts or flavours in particular? reply please =)
oh and nice instructable!
xACIDITYx (author)  originalwynne6 years ago
Personally, I found that a lot of people like Orange, Vanilla, and root beer flavoured ones, as well as peppermint. I also found that mixing orange and vanilla flavouring tasted quite good, and a lot of people like it. By far, the most popular was, at least in my school, Peppermint and Vanilla.
awsome thanks! and just one more question, where abouts in a supermarket would i get extracts?
Cookery section, or a specialist bake shop. Get the food quality stuff, obviously, don't buy from candle stalls or the massage section!
Try a health food store or a pharmacy.
xACIDITYx (author)  originalwynne6 years ago
I *think* they're near the herbs and whatnot, like the little tins of oregano. I'm not sure, though.
lil jon1686 years ago
the pixie stick thing is kinda stupid because if u got caught think" white powder + straw = well u can figure the rest out
yourcat7 years ago
Could you please read the GPL?
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
Nope. It's fine. You're selling the flash drive to your friends and giving them some software you forgot to take off.
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
I spelled it right. FORGOT. Are you dislexic by chance?
Nonono... I mean, you DIDN'T exactly just forget to take the software off, you are advertising that this has The GIMP or whatever on it, so you're getting extra money for it. I don't know about anyone else, but this sure sounds to ME like selling free software, even if it's just as a combo package or something.
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
I'm selling the FlashDrive, but it has other programs on it. It's not illegal if I'm giving them the programs for free, but charging for the flash drive.
But would anyone buy the flash drive for that price if it didn't have The GIMP?
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
I never told you a price.
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
The price is up to you.
Okay, two simple questions: 1. How much do you pay for the flash drives? 2. How much do you sell them for?
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
It's all up to you.
Okay, do you think that if I bought a $20 flash drive, put The GIMP on it, and sold it for $30 without telling anyone The GIMP was on it, how many customers do you think I would get? Now let's say I raise the price to $40 but also start telling people what's on it. Where do you think I get more customers?
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
I'm not giving you any prices.
I'm not ASKING for any prices.
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
Well, I'm not giving you them. It's up to you what you sell them at. You can overprice it, underprice it, I don't care.
The question was "Where do you think I get more customers?". Nothing to do with pricing.
I recently bought a sound card and it came with Audacity......
Speechless ?
No, just annoyed with everyone trying to sell free stuff.
Well your smart so you wont buy it right..... There you go..... I don't have to worry about people trying to sell me stuff because nobody nose what it is...... You could ask anyone at my school what open source is and they would say "I dunno"
Oh no, they aren't getting a good modern education, etc. etc. :D
Dude I live in the "ghetto" not something I'm proud of.NOt all the kids come to school Everyday......
I'm just joking around.
rofl we should make the worlds longest instructable reply list...
guys keep it going
Now only like 3 words fit per line. This is the longest I've seen.
It's boring, really.
hmmm... I think we might have done it already....
Read the link earlier it is free as in free speech. Meaning bundling it with something as a bonus is fine
Yeah, I saw that, I didn't know that, etc.
read subsection "High or low fees, and the GNU GPL" of my link above. You can hassle them by making them send you the source code. If they say free audacity on the box then they cannot charge you for it. Audicity is released under the GNU GPL.
Really? Wow... It bugs me moreso when a company (like, say, a sound card manufacturer) does something like that. I guess in such a case people just need to be well enough informed to know that, helloooo.... it's a FREE program... No offense to you or anything little chef. :] Often the general public doesn't care enough to do their homework...
yeah at the time I didn't realize that Audacity was open source but... I didn't buy the product for the audio editor but for the card itself.... on sale....
Of course. It's odd that a mentality promoting things like the sale and bundling of open source software with products can be seen from places like manufacturers... That's pretty low. :-/
I mean it wasnt like the bigest picture on the box it wasnt like


oh yeah and you get a pci sound card....

It was really just a little sticker.
Haha, I like the explanation! Now, If some video card manufacturers would start more openly supporting and expanding their hardware to improve compatibility with open source technology like Linux and/or Blender 3D WHILE observing the correct licenses... wow that would be awesome. ;-)
You've got me there. Unfortunately I'm running ATI... :[
=SMART= Zlwilly7 years ago
wow these comments have gone so far right!!!
Zlwilly yourcat7 years ago
Were this IRC, I would have posted that on bash. Wow. I can see where both of you are coming from though, no worries.
yourcat Zlwilly7 years ago
What's bash?
Zlwilly yourcat7 years ago
Bash.org : It's a place where lots of funny, often pointless quotes and conversations, ( or ones that just run really long in this case), are posted to provide hilarity for those lucky enough to stumble upon it. I peruse it fairly often, there's some pretty funny stuff on there.
yourcat Zlwilly7 years ago
Yep, this deserves to be there then. :D
then yourcat7 years ago
1. I'd go with a 1 GB flash drive 2. I'd sell it for like $20-$30 (You can get the 1 GB drives for only $10)
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat6 years ago
Thanks to 'perlpower' i can now supply you with your pwnage.
I know it's been a while but read this http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html
GNU encourages charging for distribution of free software.
xACIDITYx (author)  perlpower6 years ago
Wow, Nice find! You see that Yourcat? Eat it. It's delicious.
Well I think that this can be considered illegal, but programs like GIMP are freeware, so it's not like it's taking away from something... You could always put a link to downloading GIMP onto the flashdrive or something... You could even save something like a walkthrough to a video game, or a list of stuff to do when you're bored.... Please take anything illegal off of here, and just use other ideas... This is a great instructable, and I'd hate for it to get shutdown.
xACIDITYx (author)  A good name7 years ago
It's illegal like a works bomb, which is on here. This is how to make a quick buck at school. Nobody's gonna get busted for selling a flash drive at school a couple of times.
See, that's like saying a thirty year old man raping a 12 year old is okay as long as it doesn't happen again... I know that's stepping it up compared to selling freeware, but just face it, it's against the law.
yeah you really overstepped it there.....This info is for a 12 year old who wants to make money at their school...... Yeah but if you did get caught the person who's selling freeware will probably just get a lecture and a fine...... But the Pervert who.... will probably get life..
And it also depends on how you market it. Small manufactures are starting to include oss with their products and there still AlIVE
I don't understand what is wrong with selling open-source software... I mean, I realize if ALL you're selling is the software, then it's illegal, but if you sell the software with something else, such as a CD or a flashdrive, and advertise it as a CD or flashdrive, then it should be fine. You can mention that the price is higher because of the time it took to download the software onto the hardware, in which case, you're charging an 'inconvenience fee' as I like to call it.
What are they gonna do send you to the headmaster ? LOL
xACIDITYx (author)  littlechef377 years ago
I'm sowwy eric...
you don't have to, just charge for the distribution of the software, like shipping and handling
It actually allows anyone to charge for distribution of the software.... how do you think all these linux on CD places get by?
what is the exact name of the flavorings you use for the pixie stix? I just want to know what it is called so I can find it. what section would it be in?
i would just use juice packets with the correct amount of sugar. i did this something like this once. i uced lemonade. it was sour. so, you can sya there sour (insert flavor here) pixie stixs.
xACIDITYx (author)  pindalanderz6 years ago
read: I *think* they're near the herbs and whatnot, like the little tins of oregano. I'm not sure, though.
thepepper946 years ago
@ my old school gum went for up to 20 dollars per PIECE. That's how desperate they'd get.
thats crazy! but cool nice going
I wasn't involved. I had just watched it happen. Although once i charged them 50 c a piece.
haha, thats great
dodo916 years ago
it would get hard if you add food coloring, wouldnt it?
xACIDITYx (author)  dodo916 years ago
I'm not sure.
Gamer9176 years ago
i know a cheap and easy way of customizing tech decks
Dr.Bill6 years ago
When I was in 7th grade I used to sell cinnamon toothpicks. All I did was put 250 picks in a short drink glass, pour in cinnamon oil, fill with water, and freeze in a frost free freezer to remove the ice. AS ice dried oil was deposited and soaked into the wood real good. 5 picks for a quarter wrapped in tinfoil.
Nice! You should make an instructable for those.
pyromaniac26 years ago
need to buy pyrotenic things,airsoft guns,bbs,and fishing line Mwahahahahaha!
pyromaniac26 years ago
great idea i'm in need of some money and could use this ithank u
pyroelfears6 years ago
to make the pixie stick sour( or if the sugar just doesn't taste like the extract like raspberry extract) add citric acid. you can buy this at drug stores in the vitamin isle or where i got mines at Whole Foods.
kirahitler96 years ago
this is am amazing!! i never could have imagined how easy it is to make pixie sticks!! the soda was a nice call too.
A good name6 years ago
Oi! So this means that we in fact can sell GIMP... I wonder where I can get free games though...
Obediah6 years ago
I totally did this through Junior High and High School. Sold gum and later blowpops and candy bars. Made about $15 a day which is HUGE in the 80's for a teenager. I wish i had invested all of that money instead of spending it on albums. TIP in LA go to the TOY district, great stuff to resell for Very low prices. Good work you will go far.
The Ownist6 years ago
I tried this and it works great! but i have one suggestion- to make it come out of the straw easier you may want to puree or plend the sugar first.
xACIDITYx (author)  The Ownist6 years ago
Yeah, blending it's a good idea! Or pound it in one of those... oh... bowls, with the smashy thing.... that doctors use to smash stuff...
mortar and pestle?
xACIDITYx (author)  PhotoshopMan6 years ago
aliebee6 years ago
wow. ithink i will start to sell cheap gum packets.
volquete6 years ago
At my grocery store you can buy this really good Mexican sodas for 69 cents. If you have them at your store (in the foreign foods isle) but a bunch and sell them for $2-$4.if people question the price, say they cost more because they're from Mexico. Think about it:
5 sodas=$3.45
Sell them for $2=$10-price of sodas=$6.55
After selling $5 sodas, your profits are $6.55!
If you are talking about Jarritos...I LOVE those! They are made with real sugar (not HFCS) and bottled in glass...yum!
i know...they are really good! i'm gonna start selling them too my classmates for $2 if they want. i know 1 that will.
Awesome instructable now I can make enough money that i can save up to split the price of rock band 4 the Wii w/ my bro (comes out June 22nd) W00T !!!
i got that its a really cool game.
yea, but it gets boring after a while...(think only being allowed to play with your mom and never getting to play the songs you like...)
that's rubbish... My wee brother makes about fifty quid a week on selling food, he just buys at the supermarket in multipacks, he has the corner shop out priced and it's all down to the fact that the government drive for healthy food, they put awful granola crap in the vending machines, he doesn't sell unhealthy food specifically and he even carries several health bars... I on the other hand sold stolen programs etc. and copy cds and DVDs then again before the update on servers the techie gave me 20gb of space on the school network as long as I got him his movies...
Where does he sell this (eg school), and how old is he? Selling stolen programs? Copies of cds and DVDs? Epic! I do too. Hehe, your computer techie dude must be pretty cool if he did that, if any of the teachers at my school knew, they'd throw a hissy fit!
Well it was there for the taking and his area had bad connection problems so I got him movies in return for space... The programs thing was easy as cake, he only sells food but he makes a killing...
xACIDITYx (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
well, i had you up until fifty quid. I'll guess that's a form of money, but i have no clue if that's a lot. lol
Fifty quid is is fifty pounds sterling, equivalent to about 100 dollars at the moment
xACIDITYx (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
wow. I would do that if i lived in town. Dang rural areas.
Kryptonite6 years ago
omg, beef jerkey! yum!
Kryptonite6 years ago
Is this basicly just sugar, in a stick? Wow, that'd be such an easy profit!
great Instructable. I'm making a notebook that has stuff like this and other *cough-cough* useful things in it and I'm totally putting this stuff in it.
I believe that you need to change this because selling open source is against the license unless you have modified it of added some thing to it (hint) add like 20-50 reference photos.
two out of the four ways to 'make a quick buck" are illegal
shhh, we're gonna let that go. yay anonymity of the internet, right? and a caring brother (Skate, thanks man).
xACIDITYx (author)  instructa-lad7 years ago
If nothing else, aren't you worried at all about getting caught?
xACIDITYx (author)  yourcat7 years ago
you can sweets or hubba bubba off ebay n sell them
kingmik7 years ago
Dude great ideas but where i'm at i'm not the most liked or trusted. i'm known to be hte smartest and arogant. so i can do technology. but noone will buy from me do you think i should hire a runner who every buy from and give him 10% of the prophet or something to get ppl to buy.
dude I'm just like that none trusts me so i had to pay someone to sell stuff for me which in tthe end was awesome cuz they got caught and i didnt
lol wow. i'm known as a con artist so when i do something they don't trust me til i'm done.and noone sell for me cause they will know how much they made and want extras.
dude that has to suck but my school is huge so i payed a senior to do it it cost about 20 to 25 % but i still made a good $5 off of each thing
lol wanna hear my funny part. I'm a senior and I can't sell nuttin at my school if it not administrators it a snitch if not a snitch is a person who wanna make me mad.and none the seniors really liked or trusted
kingmik kingmik7 years ago
sorry for so many mistakes. i was in a rush.
brian2507 years ago
I taped a buck to an arrow once and fired it into the air that was the quickest buck i ever made but didnt do it too many times as it hurts the wallet.
hackerlife7 years ago
My friend and I would hack or sell hacked psps. This was good, but we didnt have much customers, and we could only charge about $20 per hack, but it was ok, because it took like minutes of out time ( we used a pandora's battery, which cost like $70) and some kids kept bricking them so we'd re-hack them for like $5
z3r0 hackerlife7 years ago
You know you can make a pandora's battery for free right? I do the same thing except I charge $10 and a lot of people come to me for hacking.
hackerlife z3r07 years ago
ya but we had to buy a battery and a mem stick. but free to make otherwise.
Post Script7 years ago
I tried making the pixie sticks with my friend and the sugar tasted awesome, but the funnel was too small. Fortunately, we found a couple of those big Wendy's straws laying around and we used them. great Instructable.
xACIDITYx (author)  Post Script7 years ago
Thank you very much! It makes me feel good when people actually, and successfully, follow my directions with good outcomes.
lil jon1687 years ago
look buy an elcheapo flash drive for like $10 tell them that it costlike 30 and sell for 25
casey321b7 years ago
you could sell halo CE that would make some money... also what is a V-wad battle pack?
V-wads are pieces of paper shaped as v's and are used as bullets
dude you rule!
balisticjoe7 years ago
I had an idea to go to super markets that you have to pay money to use the carriages. then you offer to take peoples carts for them and take the quarter.
elderbear7 years ago
GIMP Thought used to require starving your brain of oxygen for about four and a half minutes. The more recent version work very well and are very powerful. That puts the cost of GIMP, with nearly the power of Photoshop, at the $30 you'll spend for a good book on how to use it.
Sunny1246137 years ago
This is great! now if I can convince my mom if I could make a small pixie stick stand... and if I were you I would make people buy them from me for 2.50 see the profit!!
DJ Radio7 years ago
xACIDITYx (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
That was a rap song. Don't blame me, the teachers were playing the song, and I couldn't help it!
yea thats a 50 cent song and its an awesome song
Kait9997 years ago
this is the best money instructable i have ever seen, nice job
xACIDITYx (author)  Kait9997 years ago
I3uckwheat7 years ago
you forgot rigged bets, ductape wallets...
those fart bombs bags, switchblade combs, magic tricks, all things that i have sold good. but yeah, bets work good too. i like this instructible. makes some good points. never even thought of the software.
Man, I wish I'd thought of Step 2 when I was in High School. The art teacher, did, though. She must have made a small fortune.
Camisado7 years ago
Oh, and another tip, sell concealable weapons. Kids 'll go crazy for those! I once managed to re-sell my 5$ Pocketknife for 20 bucks!
xACIDITYx (author)  Camisado7 years ago
Not a good idea, now a days. At my old school, they had metal detectors.
well buy something better i know i secret on weapons that can pass by metal detectors but i might or might not tell xD
do you live in the ghetto?
xACIDITYx (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
No. Ask your mom, she knows where I live.
thats super mature...
Well.... Do it after school! If you are picked up by car, put the knife in the car, and ask your friend to go to your car in the parking lot, and do the business there! I managed to make 98$ selling knives and kunais using that method....
Camisado7 years ago
Meh.... good job. I like it.
Xellers7 years ago
You know, instructables is for people who want to do things themselves to save money, or make commercially unavailable products, and you're doing just the opposite. Of course, you do provide some good ideas for making things yourself, but seriously, this is like an anti-instructable.
xACIDITYx (author)  Xellers7 years ago
No, Instructables is about DIY and HOW-TO. This, my good friend, is HOW-TO. That last comment isn't productive in any way.
I guess that's true...
Tamaresque7 years ago
O.K., so I'm an oldie, but why would anyone buy a plastic straw with some sugar in it when you get them for free in any coffee shop?
xACIDITYx (author)  Tamaresque7 years ago
hernanai7 years ago
Hmm... Where in Houston do you live... It sounds like you live on the West side just outside the 610 loop... Although I may be mistakened...
xACIDITYx (author)  hernanai7 years ago
Me? I'm not in Texas at all. I'm in PA.
Hmm... I thought I read something about Houston and how "something" (shop/store/outlet) is just outside of town...

*** Googled: "Houston, PA" ***

(LOL... I get it now... Houston,PA) Dude, my mistake, whenever I hear Houston I think Texas...
"She gets her stones from a special market in Houston because it is close by."
xACIDITYx (author)  hernanai7 years ago
Oh, that wasn't me, that was Craz Meanman's collaborating step. Sorry, I'm actually in Butler, PA.
TheDunkis7 years ago
Man a new kid came earlier on this year during school who joined our social group and knew how to make simple pen shooters that were very powerful. He had quite a few and sold them each with prices from $2-5. The best part is all you need is the knowledge because what he did after running out of materials was just ask for them to bring in all the materials needed and he would make it. He still got at least $2 everytime and made a quick profit off of knowledge alone!
VogelYogel7 years ago
Great idea. Use instructables to compile a bunch of smaller ideas that make money! Practical, very practical.
It isn't illegal to sell games with a freeware license, as long as you give them the source code or make sure they can always get it.
xACIDITYx (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
coolz7 years ago
now the druggies sell crack with flavor and color
IDEA: Download a bunch of flash games and make a game portal cd or memory stick..... Maybe ask around see what your friends favorite games are..... And include them.... Considering most schools block almost every game website. This may sell well. I might even try it myself.... MUHUHAHAHAHA
xACIDITYx (author)  littlechef377 years ago
Yeah, That would work! Genius!
I am hoping for about 4-5$ a piece.... cds (for me ) are about 78 cents a piece.. leaving a bit better than a 4 dollar paycheck for me x15........
xACIDITYx (author)  littlechef377 years ago
hey can u post links to all the other stuff that u can put on a cd/ flash drive? oh by the way great instructable!
xACIDITYx (author)  rockendrumer7 years ago
Thanks! I'll see what I can do.
which dollar store do u go to?!?!
xACIDITYx (author)  rockendrumer7 years ago
Any of them. All of them should have this kind of stuff.
i made a lot of money selling 2 sided pens which i made and found out from INSTRUCTABLES :)
Orr-Wat7 years ago
nice instructable... i don't get what everyone's complainin about... u just need to say that ur selling the time that u spent downloading and putting the things on the flash drive... its a service, just like mowing a lawn or brushing leaves.
picbuck7 years ago
Entrepreneurship lives. Yay skate6566, yay USA!
xACIDITYx (author)  picbuck7 years ago
JeremyA7 years ago
I want to retract my previous negative statements. Although I disagree with you on this matter. More power to you and keep being creative.
JeremyA7 years ago
This poster obviously has no respect for the idea behind the GPL. I am not totally surprised at this as he is obviously young. Maybe as he gets older he will have more respect for other people's hard work. I find many of these to be rather a waste of time for money earned. Of course his parents probably paid for most of the materials. When I was in high school I sold shock tarts and starburst that I bought at Sam's club for 75 cents a pack. I paid 38 cents and brought home 30 dollars gross per day. I generally sold them before class started and a few of my teachers even let me do it as long as I gave them a pack as kick back. I also sold Jolt cola which you can't get were I live for a dollar a can during summer school (voluntary summer school not obligatory). All I am saying is that I am surprised that any of these Ideas are getting any of the huplah that they are.
xACIDITYx (author)  JeremyA7 years ago
...This poster obviously has no respect for the idea behind the GPL. I am not totally surprised at this as he is obviously young...."
I get the idea, but you're not gonna get in trouble or legally fined if you're selling 2 or 3 in school to some of your little buddies. I don't think you get that this is how to make more money for lunch so you can get a soda instead of a chocolate milk, for example. You're not making millions of dollars off of this; you might actually make 5 dollars.
Im not concerned with you getting in trouble. You wont most likely. I am just responding to the people on here who are tearing you appart for this. By the way look how much time and effort you are putting into all of this for such a lousy return. You are wasting your time. You would be better off mowing yards or raking leaves, or like I mentioned before selling candy. You do all this work for a few bucks a week. I was making 30 dollars a day. Think harder and the money will come. On top of that have you ever thought about taking your lunch to school. Or at least taking your own soda.
xACIDITYx (author)  JeremyA7 years ago
Whatever. I'm done talking with you people. You're not gonna get caught. You'll make money based on your pricing. I'm done with you guys. If you want to critisize, don't expect a response from me any more.
somthing about selling a powdered product in a tube in my school would not go too whell i don't think the popo or the adminastration would like me very much.
xACIDITYx (author)  somerockenguy7 years ago
I know, that's why I had to stop after a week.
I like the homade pixie sticks! nice idea
brian9503567 years ago
I had made about thirteen-dollas off of the pixistix thing in about a week. I prefer a strawberry extract., it taste like cotton candy, thats what my costumers say.
xACIDITYx (author)  brian9503567 years ago
Wow, Cool! Give it a month; your 'customers' will tell others and you may make 50 bucks in a month ;)
When I was in school, the Nokia 3210 had just came out. It was one of the first phones ever that you could make your own ringtones on. If anyone here remembered them, it was a struggle to make even simple songs on them, but I practised and practised and eventually if people came up to me and named a pop tune/something that I'd heard I could make it as a ringtone on their phone in front of them. I got a pound each for doing it, and it only took a few minutes at most to do when you got good at it. (I still have a lot of tracks from the late nineties written down in the composer code here on paper somewhere!)

As you were saying about the idea of making your own jewelry, a lot of people here do it and make a killing out of it. If you live inland, take a train ride to the local tourist town by the sea in the tourist season and have a stall exhibiting your local wares (we do it on car boot sales here, kind of like yard sales but multiple people- don't know what it's called in USA), it was great cash.

A site that you can get a lot of into off is http://wire-sculpture.com/wireworker.php Not only do they have a lot of guides on how to make simple but good looking wire jewelry there, but they have a free email newsletter with tips and tricks too. They also sell a load of cheap gems/supplies/tools for making jewelry as well.

(This ain't a plug, I ain't associated with them. I too wanted to make cheap cash and stumbled across the free tutorials on this site and made a quick buck selling pendants from it :D )

Great Instructable, a few good ideas for kids that want to do more than the old classic lemonade or washing people's cars (although they're still an honest easy way to get pocket money). Who knows, it may inspire some would-be entrepreneurs :D
gilihooters7 years ago
I hate to be so frank but when i was in middle school they coaght me for every thing i did(i.e. stole P.E. clothes, bull horns, very big traffic cones, seeling ireworks, etc. you name it i've done it!). These are why you or anybody else would be stuped to atempt.
xACIDITYx (author)  gilihooters7 years ago
You can't get in trouble. My school was very leanient.
dude you by a cheap toy or something then you decorate it with cheap paint and voila instant cash
Monkey T.7 years ago
yes, very much so, but this whole thing is awesome!
Monkey T.7 years ago
Dude, i just wanna say that's totally ingenious
SilentTecro7 years ago
That's absolutely illegal. Why don't you read the General Public License if you're unsure?
xACIDITYx (author)  SilentTecro7 years ago
well, on the frontpage someone wrote that selling them the flash drive with the program on it isn't illegal. Sell the Flash drive, and if *accidentally* Avast or GIMP got on it, whoops! Plus you can say that you are giving them teh program for free, but charging them for the flash drive.
Right, but then it comes down to how you market what you're selling. If you're advertising the sale of the software to get people to buy it, then you're selling illegally. But if you're only telling them that you're selling the flash drive, then why would you even bother putting free software on it?
xACIDITYx (author)  SilentTecro7 years ago
so you can charge more! If you're just selling at school, it's not going to matter!
They won't pay more unless you do mention the software on it. Which is illegal unless you say it's free, in which case they may as well download it themselves.
aye, Selling the software is highly illegal seeing how it is under a GPL, but It is not Illegal to sell the media that its on, I been selling stuff around my skool on flash drives and CDs... was caught once, they asked me if I was selling the software, I simply said no, I just selling the Media, not the software on it, I made it clear that it costs money for flash drives and CDs and even more for DVDs or even Blu-Ray .... I made a few hundred dollars doin that, ITs great

to the customer, its expesinve software, to the big guy, its free software on a paid-for medium weather it be CD DVD etc

And regardless, I've sold free software because Sometimes its just to big for them to D/L or their too lazy, or its just esier to buy it .

Well, I see skate's logic, if you actually WERE just selling the flash drive and gave the program for free, but it IS technically illegal, especially if it's mass distribution.
combot557 years ago
Bet your friend he cant eat a teaspoon of cinnamon w/o throwing up. i made $30 this way lolz!
crestind7 years ago
I wouldn't be surprised if you became a highly successful entrepreneur in a few years. Anyhow, the pixie stix idea is great! Just curious, where do you live? Those kids must be rich. Nobody at my school would do that...
Oh, and good job with the money. Perhaps you could also offer computer services to the newbies who don't know how to defragment and use disk cleanup? Computer services can probably rake in lots of cash for little work.
xACIDITYx (author)  crestind7 years ago
I've thought about that. Like keep a bunch of good programs and necessary programs on a flash drive. Have Spybot S&D installer, Quicktime installer, AVG antivirus installer, and then a Google Pack. Optionally, Launchy, Google Web Accellerator, and some parental controls software. Offer to hook up a new computer, set it up, and put some free software on it.
xACIDITYx (author)  crestind7 years ago
yeah, get a free version of Antivirus software and Antispyware on your flash drive and scan, defrag, and cleanup their computers for them.
xACIDITYx (author)  crestind7 years ago
Thanks! I did the pixie stix without my parents knowing, and they cleaned my room one night to find a 'Meth Lab'. It was a bunch of bowls full of hard sugar and straws hidden under my bed. LOL! I live in Butler PA. Before i switched to cyberschool (which is why i can't do any of this anymore) I went to the Critically acclaimed "Heroin High", Butler Junior High school. I believe it was Conan Obrien who named us that...
Ok heres What I do ...... I go to walmart buy the cheap LEXAR JD firefly flash drives and put slax on them and sell them. I am not selling SLAX but the flash drive and the convenience that it is already setup with slax and programs like firefox and.....limewire. I buy 3 drives for $19.95 and sell each one for $20.00. Formated with slax firefox and limewire. and the convenience that its all prepared
xACIDITYx (author)  littlechef377 years ago

I'll sell you the flash drive. Oh yeah, there may be some awesome programs on it; I didn't wipe it. Sorry.

Well I market it this way .... "Are you tired of windows ? Try Slax Its a free operating system *wave flashdrive* But You can buy it on a flash drive fully configured from me"........ I believe thats leagle
xACIDITYx (author)  littlechef377 years ago
Sounds legal enough to me.
xACIDITYx (author)  littlechef377 years ago
Also, where, and what for that matter, is SLAX?
Why didn't the link go through ?

.... Its right here
bbobjoefred7 years ago
sweet i made like 50 bucks who cares if its illegal ps:jking about the who cares deal
gatorfan947 years ago
I have a great idea... let's go make some stuff and sell it ilegally... then let's announce it on the internet................so imbacilic
xACIDITYx (author)  gatorfan947 years ago
Hmm... Sounds an awful lot like a lot of instructables on this site. The Works Bomb for example. Do you go around and comment unnecessarily on those instructables, too?
ker-boom1017 years ago
hey why not sell movies on cd's? you can get them from piratebay.org if u have utorrent but i am not responsible if you download a virus
don't you ever see the things at the begining of movies it says "downloading pirated movies is illeagal".
GoClick7 years ago
You're allowed to charge money to distribute GNU software...
Pumpkin$7 years ago
sabotage all of the vending machines "Increasing the demand" :( if your state still has them:( anyways then rebuy the products and resell them to "Compensate" at 2x the price.
all i do is go to mexico (i live in san diego, REAL close to the border) get some mexican candy, everyone loves it. i get a bucket for like 2 bucks and sell each candy for 75 cents, haha! each bucket has like 50 pieces of candy! thats 37.50 bucks for one bucket and if u can sell for a dollar each thats 50 bucks a bucket and one only costs 2.50 the true art of ripping people off!
inquisitive7 years ago
You forgot flavored toothpicks on your list-I had friends at school that made a killing soaking toothpicks with cinnamon oil and selling like 3 for a quarter! Don't get too crazy, but watch your truly legal dilemmas! Also, in between selling and marketing-learn something in school!
Candles7 years ago
You could make rice krispie bars and sell them, just make them and drop them in little bags to sell .

rice krispie bars
dchall87 years ago
This is GREAT! Reread the software licenses carefully, but I think it can be done if you do it right. But check. If you advertise the CD as a convenient collection of free software and be crystal clear that you are selling the CD as a service, it might be okay. Personally I think GIMP is too clumsy to use. There are other free offerings that are easier to use - think Photoshop Elements, not Photoshop Pro. You should always make money with your formula. Basically you are buying by the pound and selling by the ounce. Most of the world's successful business owners started that way. Selling sugar and salt have always been profitable. Next time you're in the grocery store, look at the spices. Look for "Lemon Pepper" and check the ingredients. Basically it is flavored salt that sells for about a dollar per ounce. Regular salt sells for less than about $0.50 per pound. You are using the same concept. Then in the same grocery store, go to the vegetables. You should be able to find small packages of sprigs of fresh herbs. One herb, rosemary, sells for about $10 per ounce. It also happens to grow like a weed in my neighborhood. My junior high had two hedges of rosemary that were 10 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 1,000 feet long. Get the idea? You don't have to live on a farm to sell produce. When I was a kid (the 50s) some of my friends had a specialty candy store in their neighborhood that sold odd kinds of candy. They bought some and brought it to school to see if it would sell. All I had ever seen was grocery store candy so those guys had a pretty good business going for three years. Another idea I saw on TV was a kid in NYC who sold fingernail polish to the girls at his school. If nothing else he knew every girl in the school. We used to have garage sales (yard sale, tag sale, rummage sale). My daughters took an ice chest full of sodas, iced them down, and sold them for a dollar (half a quid?). One of our friends makes necklaces. She has a degree in art and (duh) is very artsy. Her necklaces sell for $300 to $600 each (150 to 300 quid???). Of course she is selling them as 'one-of-a-kind' designer necklaces, but the idea is the same. She gets her stones from a special market in Houston because it is close by. She strings them on stainless steel wire and uses designer clasps. With about $20 in tools and $50 in materials, you could probably sell your first 20 custom necklaces for $10 each. See if you can find a class or at least a book. There really is an art to making them nice looking. Look for a book at your local Michaels or other hobby shop. Be sure to get some black stones for the goth crowd. As an idea for closing your candy straws, instead of holding the straw in the fire and clamping it, you might hold the end of the pliers in a flame for a minute and try squeezing the straw closed with the hot pliers. If you clamp a long straw in the middle and cut it in the middle of the melt, you can make two short straws from the one straw. Fiddle around with time in the fire to get the right temp to soften and clamp without setting it on fire or melting it completely away. Or you could put a dab of super glue in the end and clamp it with pliers and no heat. There are many Instructables that lend themselves to making money. One great one is how to build a computer. For example I just bought an HP Core 2 Quad for $1,700. After reading the Instructable I could have made it for about $900 including the 24 inch monster monitor and software. We have a wholesale flower store nearby. They have unbelievable prices. Votive candle holders are about ten cents each. A tall plastic vase is $0.50. They have great prices on silk flowers, so if you can arrange them...arranged flowers sell for $10 to $20, but probably not at school. Of you could weave them into a wreath and sell them for more. Make them in seasonal colors. The people that work there have ideas - they see it all. I've also seen a guy on the Internet somewhere who grows potted plants in his back yard and sells them on his driveway a couple times a year. Get seeds, get dirt, get pots, and water. They cost about $0.30 each and sell for a couple dollars each. Seems to me he claims to make $10,000 per sale. Of course that is his life. This is more intense but sell cookies. Find a chocolate chip cookie recipe (look on the bag of chips) or oatmeal cookie recipe (on the box). Modify the recipe with different chips, extracts other than vanilla, or even try using a different fat source (Crisco or lard instead of vegetable oil), and sell fresh baked cookies in sealed bags, 2 for a dollar. Experiment with the recipe and time it takes to bake them.
xACIDITYx (author)  dchall87 years ago
Wow. Wanna Collaborate?
Nah. I blew my wad on that message.
xACIDITYx (author)  dchall87 years ago
would you mind if i used those?
Go for it. Happy to help.
nathan421007 years ago
At my school a friend of mine stopped playing the the trumpet, so he took out the foam inside and redid the inside with some styrophome. He put a couple ice packs in there and packed it with sodas and chips. He would make about $100 a week refilling about halfway through the day. I would do it, but I hate carrying things around.
My friend sold the monster BFC's and made about 75 profit in a week
xACIDITYx (author)  TheCheese99217 years ago
Post Script7 years ago
I seriously have to make a stash of homemade pixie sticks now. just one question... how much extract or flavoring would you need for... let's say... a cup of sugar?
xACIDITYx (author)  Post Script7 years ago
Not much. It really depends on how strong you want your sugar to be. you don't need much.
thanks. now just to make millions of these and sell them, get rich, and rule the world muahahahahaha! (lol)
singingfish7 years ago
Selling free software is often fine. Under the GPL, so long as you a. include the source code, and b. don't restrict the buyers ability to distribute and sell the source code themselves then you're fine.
xACIDITYx (author)  singingfish7 years ago
ok. Thanks!
billien7 years ago
pixie stick with free complementary spit-tool inside!!! there must be another way to check the straw to make sure they are air tight, Beware of the pixie stick seller with a heavy cold... On the upside you could proberbly avoid the test completely if you caught the bubonic plague off your pixie stick:}
xACIDITYx (author)  billien7 years ago
Well, you gotta make sure it's sealed somehow. *here you go* **It has a booger on it...**
Smart Ideas for broke kids in middle schools. Kids at my middle schools made a quick buck off crack and speed.... but same idea.... kind of.... ish? Too bad people at my schools wouldn't pay jack for stuff like that. My middle school was adeptly described as: A prison on welfare... It's a brick building with barred over windows and off-white walls inside (Although they looked like dirty, grey and mustard colored; yuk.). An simple anecdote describing the type of school I had would be: Me and my friends would just pick our lockers. It was quicker than entering the 3 number combo... obviously everyone carried a weapon.... *sigh* They brought drug dogs every two weeks, left with over 20 people each time... lol, we were dumb... Sorry 'bout that, getting off track and all. Great instructable though!
xACIDITYx (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
xACIDITYx (author) 7 years ago
I was surprised when i didn't already see an instructable of this nature.
Bran7 years ago
Wow! What ever happened to real work, like mowing lawns and raking leaves?
crestind Bran7 years ago
Unfortunately, there is no longer a place for that kind of work these days. It's all about profits and the bottom line.
Bran crestind7 years ago
Profits?! Most people have a mower and other lawn tools. Landscaping requires no merchanting skills, just care. Maybe it's more of a rural thing, as city people hardly have a yard.
bumpus Bran7 years ago
that went out the door when hard work in school went out, why do you think we have 20+computers in every room. haha. but good, old fashion work, and learning the value of a dollar will, in return, grant you happiness and the knowledge of helping out your community. just like good ol' fashion BS
Bran bumpus7 years ago
just like good ol' fashion BS

mrmath7 years ago
Selling free software is almost always illegal. However, burning it to CD, or installing it to a flash drive, and then selling that service/flash drive is usually not. In otherwords, don't sell the software, sell the flash drive loaded with the software. Don't sell the software, sell the service of burning it to a cd so they don't have to download a huge file over dial up.
xACIDITYx (author)  mrmath7 years ago
Okay, cool. Thanks for clearing that up.
Smart. I like the idea of the Pixie Sticks, I didn't know how to make them, now I can. I'll make some and hopefully make some money at school. :-) Nice Instructable. +1 rating.
xACIDITYx (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks! I made over 10 bucks in a week just from selling pixie sticks.