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    um... am I the only one looking at a blank page?

    What happened?

    intrsting idea

    I tried to sell beer to minors, BIG MISTAKE. Don't trust midget cops.

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    Oh my gosh! i love your sugar shot idea!. ive been making them all day. i have, Cinnamon toast flavor vannilla flavors, Original cinnamon flavour and mild cinnamon flavor :D I crush it on a cutting board with a hammer.

    I truly don't know.

    How do you grind it up fine? i cant think of a way

    It's not illegal. Check out microcenter, they have a bunch of linux discs for a buck each.

    something that really helps is if you are the only one that actually know's how to cook in you're school at school and class parties bring some homemade food if people like it and ask you to bring some more tell them know if they are serious they will start begging that is when you sell

    Back in junior high, my friend made a tiny batch of chocolate chip cookies to take in his lunch once and made the mistake of sharing a few. Next thing he knew, everyone wanted some (secret: hint of creme de menthe). He made it a business to bring several tupperware full every Friday, and made one or two hundred bucks a week.

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    I did the very same with candy bars back in my freshmen year of high school. As a fundraiser each student was assigned a box of chocolate for the seniors' prom. I sold out by the second day mainly from my last class of the day which had mostly seniors. It worked out well since they were all hungry and had money. After I sold the 'mandatory' candy, I secretly refilled with candy bars with a bulk pack from Walmart. Each box had about $20 in profits. In the end I made around $100 but quickly burned out from recovering loaned money from deadbeat candy eaters.

    Awesome! Is 'creme de menthe' like minty?

    As a matter of fact, yes, although I'm pretty sure the cheap stuff contains no actual mint or other plant material of any kind.

    um yea im pretty sure creme de menth is alchahol

    The good stuff has alcohol in it, but the cheap stuff doesn't. Kinda like "vanilla extract" may or may not actually have vanilla, or alcohol.

    Cool. Wer're gonna be growing some peppermint leaf in our garden this year; maybe I'll smash it up and put it in some cookies.