This is a great  blanket that will keep you warm and folds into a pillow as well! Great for car rides, daycare, home, and stadium games of all kind. 

Step 1: Materials

- 2 yards of print flannel
- 2 yards of solid fleece
- scissors
- tape measure
-matching thread
-sewin machine
<p>i don t want to upgrade i just want to download it and i can t</p>
<p>made these years ago, when my kids were small (they are in their 20's now!) I recently was looking thru pictures and saw one I had made...got my brain rolling! I NEED to make these again!</p>
<p>Is it possible to make a quillow with an actual pillow inside? If so, how much does the pattern change and what size does the pillow need to be? I want it for traveling, but do not want to lose the pillow when I unfold it.</p>
Nice idea! I always like to keep a rug in the car, and a cushion looks neat as well as being practical:)

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