Step 6: Folding your blanket into a pillow!

Now that you have sewn your quillow together, how do you turn it into a pillow?

Well, first lay your blanket print side down. Next, fold one side over, then the next side on top.
Now, fold downwards toward the pillow pocket. It should only take three folds to get to the pocket.
Finally, grab the inside of the pillow pocket and turn blanket inside out and fluff until it looks anf feels like a pillow!

<p>i don t want to upgrade i just want to download it and i can t</p>
<p>made these years ago, when my kids were small (they are in their 20's now!) I recently was looking thru pictures and saw one I had made...got my brain rolling! I NEED to make these again!</p>
<p>Is it possible to make a quillow with an actual pillow inside? If so, how much does the pattern change and what size does the pillow need to be? I want it for traveling, but do not want to lose the pillow when I unfold it.</p>
Nice idea! I always like to keep a rug in the car, and a cushion looks neat as well as being practical:)

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