How to make a REALLY powerful rubber band gun

Picture of How to make a REALLY powerful rubber band gun
My friend and I made a rubber band gun. Unfortunatly his Mum threw it away before I took any pictures, so I had to make artists impretions. Beware, this is REALLY powerful (I dented a car window!).
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Step 1: What you will need...

Picture of What you will need...
You will need...

1 recangular, thin piece of wood (approx. 1.7m)
Lots of thick rubber bands (you tie 2 togeather)
Lots of small rubber bands
colthes peg

Step 2: The notch

Picture of The notch
Saw a notch in one end of your wood. Make sure the wood doesn't overhang the notch.

Step 3: The Trigger

Picture of The Trigger
Place your clothes peg on the wood (with the notch), making sure it is square, and attach it to your wood with your small rubber bands (THIS HAS GOT TO BE STRONG as it will be under great stress).

Step 4: The Ammo

Picture of The Ammo
Now you use the thick rubber bands. Tie 2 togeather, put one end of the rubber band in the notch, and put the other end in the clothes peg.

Step 5: You're Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you're done! You can have fun with this BUT BE CAREFUL, this can hurt!!!!!
BatchDesigner8 months ago

DAYUM, and i thought my rubberband sniper that broke thru thin glass at 1/2 ft. away was powerful enough... this broke it from 2 feet away!!!!

bwells23 years ago
Could you set it up as a dart shooter
wonderdog014 years ago
looks awesome
nox10105 years ago
Wow, brings back memories, used make these when i were a kid, i'm 34 now!! I used to do the nail the trigger peg to the piece of wood trick too, and the metal spring on the rubber bands
Mr.A-Z5 years ago
You dented a car glass window?
bylerfamily6 years ago
Nice! I have a lot of rubber band guns made this way.
buster276 years ago
you dented a glass window? good though ill try it tommorow.
JG96 (author) 7 years ago
Oh yeah, since the original got confiscated i'm building a better shotgun version. Look out car windows!!!
JG96 (author) 7 years ago
It doesn't really dent it, but makes a mark on it which has gone in a bit. Got into so much trouble with that!! And no, I'm not Uncle Charlie.
my uncle taught me how to make this... you dont happen to be uncle charlie, do u? we put a nail thru the peg to secure it, then took the metal spring out of another clothes peg and attached it to the rubber band, makes it alot more dangerous i got the rubber band metal part stuck in a tree trunk good instructable
bigfootduck7 years ago
Take a picture of the window. I have never seen dented glass! lol
joehadac7 years ago
how do u dent a window?