Picture of How to make a Ring out of Aluminium Foil
Hello and welcome to my first Instructable.
[14.12.2007, 09:35 PM]
Umm... After trying and failing to make a Ring out of a Coin, i decided to do something other. Then i got a idea. I gotta make one out of Foil!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is:

- Scissor
- LOTS of Aluminium Foil
- Scotch Tape

You can use Superglue too instead of Scotch Tape.

Step 2: Cutting and Folding the Foil

Picture of Cutting and Folding the Foil
Cut the Foil in a rectangle and make sure that the Foil fits on your hand.
Then fold the Foil a little (2,5 - 5 mm) and fold it again, and again, and again...

Step 3: Taping together

Picture of Taping together
...After you got a "ribbon". Now fold it around on your Finger and mark the place, where the beginning meets the Foil. Now take some Scotch Tape and tape them together. Cut the other End off. Now you should have a nice ring, but i gonna make a "jewel" for my Ring.

Step 4: Optional Jewel / Done!

Picture of Optional Jewel / Done!
When you want to make a "Jewel", tear a little bit of foil off and roll it to a ball. You can paint it if you want :). Then take a little bit Tape and put the Ball on. Then tape it on the Ring. Now you're done with your ring _

Have fun with your new ring _
neverknow7 years ago
that looks nifty, but i cant see it very well.
Doesn't you camera have a macro setting ?? !!
do u think that foreal
krodriguez24 years ago
i think its lame but i also think it came out very well
metaknight2550 (author) 6 years ago
i have no ideas for a new instructable T_T
Orro6 years ago
Hi Why don't you use a blowtorch. Just burn the ring when done. Thanks Orro
agis686 years ago
Nice ring for poor people with pure heart....:)))
amakerguy6 years ago
Looks ok. Wouldn't it get crushed.
looks cool, but the pictures are blurry a bit i think its your camera, my dads camera does the same thing
You need to use the "macro" setting on the camera. Look for a little flower, that is the universal symbol for it.
metaknight2550 (author)  xrobevansx7 years ago
Thanks for the tip! My Olympus Camera is bad... >_<