Picture of How to make a Ring out of Aluminium Foil
Hello and welcome to my first Instructable.
[14.12.2007, 09:35 PM]
Umm... After trying and failing to make a Ring out of a Coin, i decided to do something other. Then i got a idea. I gotta make one out of Foil!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is:

- Scissor
- LOTS of Aluminium Foil
- Scotch Tape

You can use Superglue too instead of Scotch Tape.
neverknow7 years ago
that looks nifty, but i cant see it very well.
Doesn't you camera have a macro setting ?? !!
do u think that foreal
krodriguez24 years ago
i think its lame but i also think it came out very well
metaknight2550 (author) 6 years ago
i have no ideas for a new instructable T_T
Orro6 years ago
Hi Why don't you use a blowtorch. Just burn the ring when done. Thanks Orro
agis686 years ago
Nice ring for poor people with pure heart....:)))
amakerguy6 years ago
Looks ok. Wouldn't it get crushed.
looks cool, but the pictures are blurry a bit i think its your camera, my dads camera does the same thing
You need to use the "macro" setting on the camera. Look for a little flower, that is the universal symbol for it.
metaknight2550 (author)  xrobevansx7 years ago
Thanks for the tip! My Olympus Camera is bad... >_<