Step 5: Motor

Take 4 pieces of wire, and solder them to the 4 “A & B” - holes. (or use some other
means of connecting 4 cables to the standard sized holes, one can buy all sorts of
standard sockets and pins etc.)
On the backside of the board you may find some strange plastic. This has no
use, it is just a leftover from manufacturing. (They “dip” the board in warm tin,
and parts they do not want so get tinned is sealed with this stuff) Just peal it off
when you need the holes they seal.
best of this robot <br>
How can I help you Akash...?
There's not enough information here to be an Instructable. You really need to put a lot more detail into this - For instance, the software, without which this isn't going to do a lot. If you've actually got yours working, post a video.<br> Also, your link to Tech Supplies doesn't work.&nbsp; I think you've used the old address - They've moved.<br>
It would also help if he'd used his own photos...
sorry but I don't have an camera. If u want any else help then please ask and if possible help me by sharing ur camera.
I'm on a different continent, but &quot;share a camera&quot; is the right way to go - <br><br>Borrow a mobile phone, borrow a camera, borrow an iPod, work in front of a web-cam and take screen-grabs.<br><br>Sorry, but if you have access to a computer and the internet, then you have access to some form of digital image technology.
And what about the usb chord no one share's it with his appliance and gives excuse &quot;My device contains virus&quot;
u may get it at robots.com <br>A very thanks for ur feedback <br>Good Luck
I think you just copy pasted the pictures from somewhere else.
yes because I do not have a camera
Use a mobile camera<br>

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